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WORX kindly gave me a HydroshotTM Removable cleaning machine (type WG644). Based on the PSI (pounds per square inch) delivery of the product, WORX decided to refer to it as a “cleaning agent”. Whether you call it a detergent or a washing machine, WORX has developed an elegant wireless washing machine / spray system that offers a beautiful combination of power, performance and user-friendliness.

Note: This is the rating of the product with 2 batteries (40 volts). WORX offers a similar product in a 20 volt house.


  • PSI MAT: 450 high / 290 low
  • Maximum water consumption with high capacity: 0.9 liters per minute (GPM)
  • Battery type: Lithium ion (Li-ion)
  • Li-ion battery capacity: 2 Ah (ampere hours) for each 20 volt battery
  • Number of 20 volt batteries per unit: 2
  • Spray capsules: 00, 15025.0400
  • Maximum voltage: 40 volts DC
  • With or without cable: Wireless
  • Battery charging time (from zero to full capacity): 2 hours (although it was calculated for me after 1.5 hours.)
  • Maximum endless battery life at high power (450 psi) and 400 -stage spray pattern: 15 minutes
  • Suction lift with 20 foot hose: 5 fat
  • Weight: 6.9 lbs.
  • equipment: Search for specific items on the WORX.com website.


In this video, Jack describes the various features of the WORX Hydroshot, including the 2 battery system, the lance and the adjustable mouthpiece. It also shows the product used, both when using a garden hose and with the included hose that draws water from the bucket. Try to see what product is being used and hear Jack’s thoughts on this innovative product.


The device was delivered in a simple cardboard box which, apart from the WORX.com logo, had no markings on the box. The device was equipped with a motorized drive head, light (rod), multiple nozzles, a 20-foot suction hose, two 20-volt batteries (2 Ah), two 120-volt battery chargers, a quick-release adapter and a kit. Instructions for use and operating instructions. The packaging protected the powerful detergent well – it arrived without being cut or marked.

WORX Hydroshot products in packaging

The packaging protected the product well.


First, Power Cleaner is wireless. The device is powered by two 20 volt lithium-ion “Power Share” batteries and does not require any cables that make it a child’s play. No twisted cables, no clamping problems and no cables to roll up for storage, which makes the device very comfortable to use. Together with the wireless feature, the device is environmentally friendly. In contrast to high-pressure cleaning gasoline, no fuel is required and no carbon dioxide is released. The water shotTM is safe to use indoors without fear of hazardous fumes.

No hose connection? No problem. With the included 20-foot suction hose, you can control the device with fresh water.

By purchasing an additional set of batteries, I kept the device running by replacing one set of dead batteries for a full charge. 40 volts give the vacuum cleaner sufficient power. A single nozzle with four spray patterns makes it easy to choose the right power for the job without having to worry about losing any single / special tips.

Finally, the low profile of the unit (once the lance / rod has been removed from the motor unit) makes it easy to store.

DISPOSE Battery charger

The water shotTM comes with a dual charger. Because the device contains two 20 volt lithium ion batteries (see our article on Lithium-ion batteries,) It is wise to have a charger where you can put both batteries at once. This is especially useful for keeping the other battery pack charged. Having another set of charged batteries always on standby would save me time instead of waiting for the batteries to charge.

WORX Hydroshot dual battery charging station

The dual charger ensures that both batteries are charged and ready for use.

When you want to use the water shotTM I would certainly invest in another battery pack for a long time.


Charge the dual batteries before doing anything else. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

It is so easy to plug the charger into a 120 volt socket and slide the batteries into the charger. WORX has developed a flawless charging process. The battery can only be charged in one direction. Holding the clips on the back of the batteries prevents them from falling out of the device during use. Check that the clamps do not hold the batteries in the charger. To remove the batteries from the charger, I pushed them out of the charger without holding the clamp in the remote position.

When both indicators on the charger light up from flashing green to green, the batteries are fully charged. Time to get started!

WORX Hydroshot batteries are fully charged

When the green lights are steady, the batteries are fully charged.

FASTENING the water shotTM

First, I looked at the instructions. With a combination of easy-to-read diagrams and written chapters, excellent instructions make it easy to put together and use HydroshotTM touch of wind. So I went out. I took the motor head, the lance (the rod connected to the motor head) and the syringe nozzle. I attach the lance to the engine body by inserting it into the engine head and turning it until it snaps into place. I stick the mouthpiece in the end of the lance. It is important to insert the mouthpiece correctly and lock it. A big jerk on the mouthpiece (without releasing it) told me I did it right.

WORX Hydroshot nozzle

The mouthpiece is inserted into the end of the copper mounting of the lance.

Connect the quick connect to the garden hose

After the batteries were fully charged, I grabbed them and pocketed the rest of the system. First I connected the quick connector (included) to the end of the garden hose. You also have the option to remove the male quick connector from the bottom of the HydroshotTM so that a standard garden hose connector is screwed into the bottom of the device. After thinking about the extra work, I sat down to the adapter as it is usually easier and faster.

WORX Hydroshot female quick connect

Connect the garden hose to the HydroshotTM is as easy as adding the included hose adapter

Insert the batteries in the HydroshotTM

Then I put the batteries in the water shotTMSlides fit Power Share 20 volt Li-ion batteries on either side of the handle. Inserting both batteries is literally a breeze. I slid the batteries along the rail system (I could only move them in one direction) until I heard an audible “click” when the locking tabs collapsed and prevented the batteries from falling out. The use of two Li-Ion batteries offers longer running time for the device and the possibility of higher pressure use. The system will be a 40 volt unit, not a 20 volt unit (which WORX also offers).

Installation of the WORX Hydroshot battery

A 20 volt battery runs on rails in the battery box on the side of the HydroshotTM


After placing the female quick connector on the end of the hose, I slid it onto the male quick connector at the bottom of the HydroshotTMNow I was ready to take the water. I set the nozzle pattern to 40 degrees. I then released the air that had built up in the system with it to press the safety lock button (at the top of the lever – it’s bright orange, you can not miss it) and then gently press the activation lever (the ignition) – but only a tiny part (the first stage of the two-stage ignition). I wanted the water to come from the tip of the lance in a continuous stream without a bubble before the engine was started. Now I was ready to test the device.

WORX Hydroshot safety button

Easy to use The safety lock button is located on the top of the handle.

TWO Electrical settings

On top of the Hydroshot engine headTM There is a roller switch (directly behind the lance) that offers the possibility of an explosion with the output 290 PSI or 450 PSI.

WORX Hydroshot High Low button

With a 40 volt water jet, two power levels are normalTM


My moldy walkway was the perfect test for the water shotTMI set the nozzle to 150 Degree. I released the safety lock button and pulled the trigger on another level that turned on the unit. Only two speeds are available when you pull the trigger: water is easily injected from the nozzle or full throttle by activating the water pump. The device came to life when I pulled the ignition to the full “ON” position. Immediately I heard the engine start and a high pressure water jet came out of the nozzle. Time to put the water shotTM through his footsteps.

How did it do that?

The junction on the concrete path did not match the water shotTMI started with 290 PSI and the spray nozzle 150The facility removed the fungus but it took some time. I held the spray nozzle near the concrete surface for cleaning. I then controlled up to 450 PSI with the same spray angle. I immediately saw a difference. At higher pressures and concentrated spray angle 150The electric cleaner shot the shape of the concrete. I have tried different spray patterns from 00 up to 400My most common spray pattern (for cleaning the concrete walkway) was 150Both PSIs are useful for different applications. 290 PSI seems to be more suitable as a cleaning agent and 450 PSI works well as a powerful water jet in my opinion.

WORX Hydroshot refined concrete

In the lighter concrete I used 450 PSI pressure and a spray angle of 150

I even used 00 450 PSI cartridges for drawing faces shaped to demonstrate the power of HydroshotTM

WORX Hydroshot face

00 Spray spray really cut into the moldy sidewalk

Although WORX called the device hydroshotTM Portable Power Cleaner, I consider it to be in the lower washing machine category (but not one of those powered by a petrol engine or electric motor). With 150 Spray pattern and high power setting 450 PSI, I removed paint from the patio furniture. Conversely, the two-stage igniter allows me to pull easily without turning on the motor to spray or water plants. (400 The pattern turned out to be the most effective and least aggressive.) With a little practice, I adjusted the grip to a suitable water or wash the plants vigorously.


WORX designed HydroshotTM Devices even without a standard garden hose or water source. The device comes with a handy 20 m hose with a quick switch at one end and a water filter that floats at the other end. The user drops the container into a bucket of water, stream, water or a source of fresh water. Styrofoam – Like a float at the end of the water inlet, the inlet stays above the bottom of the well and prevents mud or sludge that accumulates on the bottom from clogging the inlet. A cage filters large debris from the inlet and a smaller sieve removes additional debris. The float, however, keeps the inlet from really fine sludge or particles that can clog the nozzle. Also available (on the 20 volt model Nothing but) is an adapter that connects a two-liter water bottle to the watercourseTM

WORX Hydroshot hose

At both ends of the 6-meter hose, Hydroshot can work where fresh water is available (except the garden hose).

I love the Hydroshot portabilityTMThe device works fine if I do not have a direct water supply. I can wash my car, my bike, my boat, my windows and my garden furniture – it does not matter if there is a garden hose nearby. The amount of water available limits the number of purifications, but Hydroshot doesTM drinks only 0.9 liters of water per minute – and that at a high setting of 450 psi. No specifications give water consumption for 290 PSI, but I imagine it will be significantly less than 450 PSI.


Two final technical comments on the 6 meter long hose. First, the hose lifts a water column from a height of only 1.5 meters. You will not work from the stairs and get to a high place with the hose. Instead, the hose provides flexibility to work within 20 feet of the water source but not hold the device higher than my shoulders. (I’m six feet tall.)

Secondly, it is useful to inflate the hose (fill it with water) before using it with HydroshotTMThe washing machine pump works more efficiently when the hose is full.

How long do the batteries last?

It depends. I have tried different scenarios. I drove the device constantly with great power at 400 Spray pattern. With this power and cartridges, the batteries took 15 minutes. But normally I would not use the water shotTM constantly. Instead, I usually worked in one area, paused, and moved to another approach corner or stopped to move an object and uncover a new area to clear. Maybe I would use it constantly when removing mold from a concrete sidewalk or cleaning a patio. But for most applications, it is the shutdown and startup process that prolongs battery life.

And let’s not forget that this is a 40 volt cordless battery powered device. Sure, if I ran the device on a car battery I would get more driving time, but how convenient is that? WORX has beautifully combined a 40 volt lithium-ion system with portable, lightweight, powerful and practical power cleaning. If I want more continuous running time for the device, I invest in the second battery set and keep them fully charged so that they can be used at the end of the first set.

WORX Hydroshot batteries in the device

Two 20-volt lithium-ion batteries in the device ensure a 40-volt high-performance device


WORX provides a three-year lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, provided that the product is registered within 30 days of purchase. Without registration, the warranty is only valid for 24 months. The warranty on the batteries is 12 months.

WORX also offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. According to its website, the refund guarantee covers all direct purchases (only from their website) less appropriate shipping and handling fees. All returns must be in the original packaging and contain all original items. Upon arrival, all items / parts will be returned and the appropriate refund will be processed.


It is always advisable to wear safety goggles with any power tool. Pressure rings are no exception. We recommend Wiley-X brandPowerful detergents can create fly ash, as well as water that sprays off your eyes. Be sure.


I really appreciate WORX HydroshotTMIt is a great, powerful cleanser with a variety of uses. At the lower end at 290 PSI and 40 spray angles0It is ideal for cleaning projects that require more washing / rinsing. But turn your child down to 450 PSI with 150 Spray pattern and I had a glorious water jet at hand – even one that removed paint from furniture.

The lightweight design of the device makes it easy to use. The four spray pattern corners in one head offer more comfort when changing positions. The hose that turns this into a fully portable system that requires only one water source (no garden hose and faucet) is a genius. And the two-stage igniter that gently waters the plants without damaging them does a good job.

If you do not need the power of a full-fledged washing machine (gas or electric) and thanks to the portability and lack of cable to get involved, you will love WORX HydroshotTM


Hydroshot Wireless with 40 Volt Lithium Ion BatteryTM available from Amazon

Additional 20 V Power Share 2.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries are also available from Amazon

You can also buy the product directly from WORXMany large box stores also sell the product.

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