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Great chainsaw for easy use with a lot of power. Best for small objects and branches with smaller diameters.

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I received a WORX 20V cordless chain saw as part of a 2-in-1 package that includes an extension rod that converts it into a chain saw rod, although the chain saw and extension rod are sold separately. This rating only applies to the chain saw. I looked at the chain saw and the extension rod in particular.


  • battery: 20 V 2.0 Ah (amps)
  • Battery charging time: 5 hours (from empty battery to fully charged battery)
  • Weight: Approximately 6.8 lbs. (with battery, but without rod and chain oil)
  • Rod length: 10 “
  • Chain speed: 12.5 fat / s.
  • Oil tank for bar and chain: 4.5 ounces
  • Rods and chain oils: Automatic


In the video I show the features of the WORX 20V wireless chainsaw and how to add a rod and chain oil. I also show the chainsaw used on some mesquite trees. A detailed description and performance of the chain story can be found here.


The WORX chain saw came in a trapezoidal box with lots of pictures on the outside that showed exactly what was inside. Delivery included a cordless chainsaw, a 20 V battery (2.0 Ah), a battery charger, an extension cord (available separately) and operating instructions for the saw and battery.

Bar and chain oil are not included; You have to buy this separately. Not sure what it is or why you need it for a wireless chainsaw? Take a look at our course

Although the saw was not housed twice in another box, it came through without bait or scratches. The original packaging was also intact.

WORX Accu-Pole chain saw packaging

The well-packed one came through without scratches

Great fit and workmanship

The fit and finish of the chain saw is great. The surface is smooth to the touch without mold or unevenness. I have reviewed other WORX products and expect this quality. You do not disappoint.

Eco-friendly design

The chain saw has handles and covers that are not only practical, but also comfortable to hold and designed to minimize fatigue on the hands and arms. The battery compartment is nicely hidden under the back handle so the battery is out of the way or stuck to the wood while cutting.

The ergonomics of a WORX wireless chain saw

All parts are seamlessly integrated into the story

Well placed oil filling neck

The oil filler cap sits on top of the saw and makes it easy to fill the rod and chain oil (see mine) Bar and chain oil video Information about what it is and why you need it). I have looked at a number of other wireless chain saws and many of them have oil filler caps on the side of the saw structure, which makes them much harder to fill. I often pour oil on the side of the saw. Not so with the WORX design.

WORX oil container with chainsaw

Do not forget to fill the rod and the chain oil reservoir before you start cutting


The saw is equipped with a practical single button to adjust the tightness of the rod and the chain CoughThis button Likewise acts as a tensioning device for the cutting chain. Instead of closing the ring on the lid and the clamping ring on the saw blade (which is found on some other wireless saws I have tried), the WORX chain saw has both been integrated into one button.

When I first read this feature in the manual, I thought the story would automatically tighten a loose chain without intervention. That is not the case. You must physically reverse the setting if the chain loosens (for example, if the chain expands over time or the rod comes loose). When I realized this, it made perfect sense.

It’s definitely nice not to have to mess up two discs / rings like other chain saws on the market.


The self-tightening knob is manually controlled to adjust the chain tension. It is not fully automatic.


Like all modern chainsaws with a battery, the saw is equipped with an automatic spear and a chain oil spray. However, it is important to test that the oil works properly, especially with a new saw coming straight out of the box. If the lubricating oil does not work, you destroy the rod and the chain due to the enormous friction between the rod and the chain without lubrication.

One way to test the oil is to place paper on the floor, hold the saw about 30 cm above the paper and run it at full power. You should see oil stains on the paper indicating that the automatic oil is doing its job. This assumes that you have added a rod and chain oil to the lagoon before starting the sawing. Do not forget this first step! You can see a demonstration of this in the video above.


To test that the automatic oil works, use paper to catch any splashes and run the chain saw at full speed

POWER SHARE battery system

WORX manufactures dozens of outdoor power tools based on 20 volt lithium-ion batteries. This means that they can be switched between all 20 V tools as part of the WORX Power Share system.

So if you have another 20V WORX tool, that battery works with this chainsaw (and you now have an extra battery). Or you can buy WORX tools (including the chainsaw) without a battery and share the battery you already have.

More information about lithium batteries can be found in our product cover Frequently asked questions about Li-Ion batteries

Start the story

The first task is to fully charge the battery before use. It is partially loaded so this step only takes a few hours. A fully charged battery takes longer – up to 5 hours to fully charge.

To use the chain saw, place the fully charged battery in the bottom of the saw under the rear handle. This is as simple as aligning the battery slides with the saw blades. If you quickly save the bottom of the battery, you will hear an audible click when the security lock snaps into place (to prevent the battery from falling off the saw).

WORX-Accu-Pole-Chainsaw battery installed

The 20 volt Li-Ion battery is located in the battery compartment under the saw handle


The chain saw has a “lock button” on the rear handle that you must press before using the ON / OFF handle. This is a great safety feature and prevents many accidents.

WORX wireless pole chain saw lock button

The lock button prevents accidents


The WORX 20V chain saw has a plastic push pin on the front of the saw that acts as a joint point (to cut speed faster) and helps to keep the saw in line with the branch. The manual suggests that these bumpers contact the article when they are cut.

I did not use the bumper pins on my first cuts. I have a lot of experience with chain saws because I have been managing a company in trees for ten years and I feel good about keeping the bar by the branch without the bumpers. I wanted to see how the saw first cut into this position.

I chose a few twigs that were about three inches in diameter. As stated in the WORX manual, you must run the saw at full speed before attempting to cut. This prevents the saw from bouncing and being roughly cut.

With each cut, I put the saw on the branch and let the weight of the saw do most of the work (so as not to overload the electric motor). The saw repeatedly made beautiful, neat cuts through the branch like a hot knife through butter.

In my later cuts I used a bumper. Remember that they are made of plastic, not metal, so they do not dig much into the wood. Still, they made a difference. With the tops, the chain saw cut faster through the branches and the cut was just as clean as without the bumpers. The WORX chain saw had a lot of power and did not close at all.

My last cuts were on dead tree stumps. The WORX 20V chain saw was driven without hesitation through a 5½ inch diameter. There was no shortage of power, no engine load and the cut was as clean as on 3 inch branches.

WORX Accu Pole chain saw through a tree stump

The saw could not handle a stump made of five and a half inches of dead wood

Great power

My main concern with the WORX 20V chain saw was that the single 20V Li-ion battery did not deliver enough power to easily cut through branches. I should not have worried. This saw has enough power to cut through all types of wood up to a diameter of about 15 cm. Considering the small rod (10 inches) I would not recommend cutting anything larger.


There is a “guardian” in the story. While this is a fine feature, it does little to protect the operator from backlash (a very dangerous situation where the saw blade swings back towards the operator).

Kickback is usually caused by a malfunction and is a serious problem for the upper body. Chainsaw is not a day at the beach! I once heard a statistic that the average number of stitches that a chain saw did on the body was 13. Even with a small back chain and blade, it still happens. I would love to see a real chain brake on this story rather than just hand protection.

Do yourself a favor and read the WORX manual before using the chainsaw. It has some excellent tips to help reduce the risk of relapse.

WORX wireless chainsaw hand protection

The saw is only with hand protection and without a broken chain


Overall, the instruction manual is excellent, nema í Cutting (cutting) trees Chapter (more below). The guide has a variety of safety precautions, but what I appreciate most are the instructions on how to cut a tree, cut a subfloor, get a saw, cut a tree and bend a log. Not only does this guide give you tons of great safety data sheets, but it also gives you an idea of ​​how to cut a wide variety of trees. Do not throw away this publication. Keep it in a convenient place. That’s a good reference.

The only thing I disagree with is the part about cutting a tree branch. It is a diagram and diagram of a process with four incisions including a third incision in the middle of the foot from the bottom of the stump and a final incision from the top of the stump to partially reach the incision completed in step three. The instructions also recommend cutting the stump as close to the tree as possible.

Both methods of tree construction are not recommended. An acceptable method of trimming a limb is a three-cut technique that ignores the latter steps mentioned in the manual. Instead, the third incision is made at the top, by cutting the limb at a time.

If you cut the stump too close to the trunk, it could cut off the collar of astring bark and reduce the tree’s ability to heal the cut and make it vulnerable to pests and diseases. The bark of the branch of the branch is the torn area where the branch meets the trunk and, for larger branches, it can stretch an inch or more from the trunk. Make sure your cutting membranes are just outside the bark collar of the article.


WORX offers a 3-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, but only if you register your device within 30 days of purchase. If you do not register within this period or not at all, the warranty for your device is only 2 years. You must reimburse WORX shipping costs for defective tool or battery. Batteries are only guaranteed for 12 months, whether you register them or not.


There are many good things about a WORX 20V wireless chainsaw. It has a lot of power, even with only a 20 volt lithium-ion battery. It makes a quick and clean cut, has a beautiful ergonomic design, is easy to use and has a great fit and finish. Given the light weight (about 6.8 lbs) and low stature, almost anyone can use this chainsaw.

As this is a small chain saw with only a 10-inch rod, it is best suited as a light saw for small objects and branches with a smaller diameter. If you are looking for a full size cordless chain saw this is not for you.

Although it has great safety features and an excellent manual that describes how to use it, it lacks a chain brake to prevent recoil. This is an important feature for me, especially on a chain saw, which is aimed directly at homeowners (who may not have much experience with a chain saw and are therefore more likely to get it back by accident).


The WORX 20V Wireless Chainsaw can be purchased from Amazon or online WORX website

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