WOLF Garten® Interlocken® Pole Pruning System: Product Review

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German engineering at its best. Consider purchasing the WOLF Garten® interconnect system if you want more space, less clutter and high-quality tools.

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WOLF GARDEN Read The cutting system is a combination of objects, including a telescopic handle, a clipping saw and a bypass.

The idea behind the locks The system is designed to offer a variety of “handles” (posts – fixed or binoculars) in various lengths with a selection of attachments that “allow more than 1,000 combinations (from tools to handles) but save space with a system that handles a number of restrictions. posts you must save. I like to call it a “plug-n-play” system where many tools work with one handle.

WOLF park makes interconnection Tools for growing, weeding, raking, home maintenance, window maintenance, tree maintenance, winter cleaning and more. The company also creates one-time tools, including bypass and trench cutters, and loppers and hedges. Here you can find our food at WOLF Park Binoculars Here



Aluminum is a great conductor of electricity. Never use this rod cutter (or other tool with a lock) near power lines.

  • Handle (bar): Reduces from 87-157 inches
  • Handle material – outer tube: plastic aluminum
  • Handle material – the hose: Aluminum
  • Diameter handle (outer tube): 1-1 / 8 in
  • Handle locking mechanism: The resilient pin falls into pre-drilled holes every 14 centimeters
  • Cutting length with handle: 24 inches
  • Saw blade length: 16 inches
  • Saw blade material: Double hardened hardened Swedish steel (means “hardened”)
  • The story of geometry: Double grinding geometry
  • Sides past material loppers: Carbon steel
  • Bypass Lopper Coating: PTFE (similar to Teflon
  • Sidewalks Practical cutting diameter: 1 inch


How many tools do you have with a separate handle for each device? Hoe, rake, grower, shovel, broom, herbicide, scarifier … your garden shed or garage will soon look like a broomstick factory. Handles made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel make it difficult to find the tool you want because it is under a pile of other tools.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have just a handle or two and a few plugs and toys that snap into place at the end of these posts (or “handles” like WOLF-Garten? She calls)? This is the basic concept of locking System. WOLF park eliminates unnecessary handles and instead focuses on developing tools that plug into the end of the handle and snap into place with a pin to hold the device firmly in place. Fewer handles, more options. Less frustration, more flexibility. Now you can organize one or two handles and a box or two of your tools and garage!

Wolf-Garten interconnection system

The locks The system integrates the locking pin into hardware attached to the handles


My experience with the boom gear (telescopic handle, saw head and bypass) was amazing. I was impressed by how secure the tools click into place. There was almost no swinging around the tool sheds (also known as “games”). I felt like I was driving a German precision sports car when I used the boom gearbox. Even when I used the bar saw head, I expected some slack in the system as I pulled on the handle to cut branches. Instead, it was safe.

Another deliberate feature of the locks A tree cutting system is what I like to call “buds protection”. WOLF park realized that tools used in the brush canopy can be hung on branches by pressing the lock button and pinching the head of the tool in the tree while holding the handle in your hands. The button guard is poured into the cutting saw head and added to the bypass cutting head (held in place with a short string). I rummaged in fairly thick treetops and have never seen the saw or past the cutting heads come loose from the handle.


The linear button protection prevented the saw head from coming loose in the tree.

Wolf Garten interlock knot button head protection

A special plastic button protection is available as standard with the bypass.


I have ZMV4 handletelescope handle ranging from 87 inches (7.25 feet) to 157 inches (13.08 feet). The handle is basically a two-piece aluminum bar:

  • The outer rod has a plastic cover and a cap at the end of the handle.
  • The inner handle is an aluminum bar with six holes that are evenly spaced.

The front of the handle has a red thumb handle attached to a yellow housing. The red lever activates a spring-loaded pin that fits exactly (and accurately) into one of the six holes.

Wolf Garten lock handle lock mechanism

The plastic locking device has a red thumb to control the spring-loaded locking pin.

A “V” notch shaped in the spring system / pin power system is arranged at a small hole. This hole acts as a guide to locate the larger, round hole just below the resilient pin. Since both handles are round, the inner handle rotates freely in a circle when not connected. The small adjustment hole ensures that the spring-loaded pin clicks into place in the correct position in the inner handle opening.

Interlocking fortress Wolf-Garten

The V-hook adjusts the inner circular handle / rod so that the locking pin snaps into place to hold both rods together.

There is a red button on the front of the hose (in the handle). When you press the button, the lever engages the lock Tools. The button is sprung and clicks back into place when the device is fully inserted into the end of the handle and holds the device in place.


The resilient red button at the end of the Interlocken® handle locks the device


Of all the arrests I’ve made so far, WOLF Park The binocular handle offers the stiffest and most rigid grip. There was almost no flexibility even when it was more than 4 meters long. Stiffness made it very easy to control the saw head and prevent it from forming again when it was located in the first ditch. The handle also provided a very stable platform for locating the cutting head.

I liked the fixed embroidery holes compared to the fully adjustable embroidery length device. We have tried other telescopic rods (handles) that offer infinite flexibility in length but often come loose and slide back and forth when using the saw head. With locking holes every 14 inches, I found the handle to give me enough flexibility to handle anything from 7 feet to just over 4 feet.

Wolf-Garten-Interlock-rigid handle

The handle was very stiff, which gives a lot of control and no ricochet when cutting.

ONE GIFT, TWO TOOLS – wood saw

I used the professional haircut first. The carbon-free, double-hardened Swedish steel blade is shock-absorbing. (“Impulse hardening” is a metallurgical term for a blade that is made three times harder than conventional carbon steel.) The blades last three times longer, but the manufacturing process makes the teeth so difficult that they cannot be sharpened.

The saw also has a hook at the end of the saw blade to draw cuts, fixed branches from the tree roof.

In addition, a metal hook attached to the saw blade allows the saw to hang on the tree when not in use. Please note that many bar stories offer this feature. However, you need to be very careful when using theyAccidents can happen when the wind sets and the story falls from a branch blown by the wind. Also, if you are not careful, you can go back to the hanging saw and loosen it, causing the saw to fall and possibly cutting you. The hook is a nice feature but treat it with respect. Safety comes first. Enough said.

Wolf park interconnect cutting saw hanging on a hook

The saw head has a hook that allows the saw to be hung in a tree when not in use.

Although the saw is attached to the telescope handle, its design means that it can also be used alone as a hand saw. A handle with a notch for the index finger and a hook is cast into the handle at the back of the saw so that my hand does not slip when I pull the saw on the tow stroke. (The story cuts to the point of tension).

Wolf-Garten-Interlocken-used pole saw as hand saw

The pole saw can be used as a hand saw.

Video of Wolf-Garten Interlocken Polsäge

Watch the video test of the Wolf-Garten steel story below to learn more about the various features of the pole story, how to adjust its length and see it in action as we process it on a mesquite tree in Tucson, Arizona, during testing.

ONE HANDLE, TWO TOOLS – past cutting clippers

As the saying goes, pass the clippers like a glove at the end of the lock Binocular handle. I liked a few features:

  • The counting system therefore provided enormous cutting strength. The cutting head worked with 4 pulleys and gave the power ratio 4: 1.
  • Adjustable handle is designed as a clamping plate. I did not have to wrap the rope around my arm or tie a knot in the rope under the handle when I suffocated in the rope. Instead, the tow handle was placed on the rope and then pushed into one or the other side of the tapered slot hole of the handle. Great! Who wants to fight with extra ropes? Not me.
Wolf-Garten-Interlocken sultu stollen handle

The handle design of the clamp plates prevented the extra rope from wrapping around my handle or arm or tying an extra knot under the handle.

  • In addition, a rope was tilted past the cutting head, tilting the rope. Essentially, it is the plastic cover and metal knobs that slide over the handle (rod) and act as a cable guide to control neatly neatly coming straight from the pulley system of the cutting head.
Wolf Garten Interlock rope holder

The integrated rope holder ensures that the additional line does not interfere with the telescope handle.

  • The rotating rotating head oscillates approximately 30 °0 If you pull up two rods and drop them back into the slots provided with the machine. This allows the cutting head to adjust to the branch with the best cutting angle so that a good cut can be achieved.1
Wolf-Garten-Interlocken adjustable cutting head

The adjustable branch angle was useful for cutting branches at different angles.

  • Third0 The setting level fluctuates around 1800 Bogi. I found it convenient to use the heading 00 (head is parallel to the handle) at 900 (The head is perpendicular to the handle). Between turning the handle and placing my head at right angles, I made the right cutting blades.
Wolf Garten Interlocken 90 degree cutting head

The cutting head is set at 90 degrees for branches that are difficult to cut

1 The cutting knife should be against the branch not to be removed and the counter knife (the knife that is not cut) should be on the outside of the cutting knife. This is the only way to mow properly when there is no “stump” left (as insects and diseases can infect the tree). Watch the video below for more information.

Video of the Wolf-Garten Interlocken Pole Pruner

Below is a video of the Wolf-Garten Interlocken Pole Pruner. See how the bar cut works, how it rotates, how to cut properly, some initial thoughts on its performance and how to cut some abdominal branches.

Cutting performance – sawdust

The saw made a fine, clean cut, whether I used it at the end of the handle or as a stand-alone saw. Double earth, double hardened Swedish steel easily cuts through branches.

The installation of double-edged teeth in this saw differs from the more common triple-sharpened tooth geometry and creates deeper streaks on the article when it is cut. However, it still makes it perfectly acceptable, clean and quickly cut.

The interconnected Wolf-Garten cuts against triple ground teeth

WOLF GARDEN The incision (left photo) is different from an incision with a triple sharp tooth (right image), but it still produces a clean incision

Cutting performance – bypass cutting cutting

The bypass of the cutting head with a power ratio of 4: 1 made it possible to quickly process mesquite wood with a diameter of 2.5 cm (which is very difficult).

In practice, the paws will cut only an inch of fabric, although the leaves may open up to one and a half inches. When the blades were fully open (ie more than an inch), I noticed branches slipping off the stem when the cutting blade closed.

The cut was beautifully clean. The blades are coated with PTFE (comparable to Teflon) to prevent the accumulation of juices and resins.

Wolf Garten Interlock Lopper Head Cutters

The cutting head quickly worked on cutting branches.


The locks Lopper Head made a neat cut

Wolf Garten Interlock Branch Cutter Cutting diameter

The cutting head had no problem cutting inches of fabric.


WOLF park Another great feature has been added to the cutting head: the ability to lock the blades for safe transport. By forming a tapered hook in one of the mechanical handles, the rope could be clamped in that area while the cutting blades remained closed.

Wolf Garten interconnection branch branch

A special locking device is fitted in one arm to keep the blades closed during transport

For the WOLF Garten magazine provided a protective plastic cover that fit perfectly into the sharp saw teeth.

Wolf-Garten interlock saw protection

A sawtooth cover is provided to protect against cuts while the saw is being moved.

When using the saw or cutting heads, I recommend using safety goggles to protect your eyes from falling saws and / or branches. Also, saw blades can break if bent at extreme angles and metal fragments can get in your eyes. I recommend this Wiley-X safety glasses

Also wear good gloves. Not only do they protect your hands from the sharp edges of the cutting blades, but they also prevent scratches and cuts on your hands when you pull the brush or use the handle in a thick, brush.

Finally, I recommend wearing a hard hat when cutting branches just above your head. You can find many helmets in major box stores or online. Make sure you get one that is approved by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).


WOLF park offers one of the longest warranties (I’ve seen) in the industry – 35 years against defects in materials and workmanship. Please note that this warranty only applies to products purchased directly from WOLF Garten® or from Blue Stone Garden at BlueStoneGarden.com. If products are available on Amazon, make sure they are sold by BlueStone and fulfilled by Amazon.


I really liked the WOLF park Read System very. It reduced the number of handles normally assigned to each gardening / landscaping tool. It also gave me the flexibility to have equipment in a much more organized and cramped space, which gave me more space in my cottage. The tool fits perfectly in the handle and I have hardly seen a game between the tool and the handle – the German technology at its best.

The tools were applied and cut clean. The binocular handle was very stiff and provided the shoulders securely a platform to not bend. The stiff handle was a real plus when the saw and paws were started. The tools stayed in place and I did not have to use a lot of physical strength to locate them, which can be a hassle with rocking gear.

I liked the safety features of lockable loppers and sawtooth covers. Speaking of protection, I appreciated the button protection technology used to protect the button that attaches the cutting tool to the end of the handle.

Do I recommend this system? For sure.


WOLF park Tools are not usually available in large stores, although some of their tools can be purchased at independent garden centers. In general, it is best to buy them online.

The locking system is sold as equipment or as a single component, so you can only buy the tools you need. Scroll up the set www.wolfgarten.usIf you would rather buy the items individually, you can find them on Amazon.

Get started 3943704 / smv4 96-1 / 2 inch x 157 inch vario handle and add the necessary components. The clipping saw and loppers I went over are listed separately below.

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