WOLF-Garten® Interlocken DAS Crumbler and Soil Cultivator: Product Review

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A handy and effective tool for chopping, weeding and loosening soil. Just be sure to choose the right handle for your size.

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I recently tried the WOLF-Garten Interlocken MOLARINN and a worker on the ground with a lock Handle (handle and tools are sold separately). The tool combines two separate tools, a cultivator and a stirrup putter (WOLF-Garten calls it “pendulum weed”) into one unit, so you can do more gardening than any other tool can handle on its own.

About the clamps system

Great episode of WOLF Park Read The system has the option to purchase the tools and handles separately. It works by clicking different tool heads at the end of the WOLF yard Handle, eliminate the need for a number of different tools, all with handles. There are 10 different handles ranging in length from 10 to 59 inches (plus telescopic handles that reach up to 4 feet) and over 60 garden tool heads. You can combine handles and tools to create the right combinations for your needs. For example, you may only need a handle, but you have many tools (which can easily fit in a garden bag or bucket).

How to attach tools to the lock Simply click on the appropriate handle with the tool head. You can easily change a device or handle by pressing the red release button and pulling the device from the handle.

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The red button clicks the device on the handle and you can press it to remove the device. The weed killer (a metal bar just behind the peaks helps to remove the weeds while working the soil.


My crop and stem came in a long, thin package. The device is carefully packed to protect the discs and DAS Crumbler during transport. All I had to do was snap the tool housing into the handle and I was good to go.

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The cutting discs were carefully packed for shipment

About the handle and the cultivator

In this evaluation I used a long braid The handle with the breeder (WOLF-Garten says that this is their best-selling handle). The 59-inch rod is made of aluminum and weighs only 1 pound. You can also upgrade to the 14-inch stalk to cultivate it near bending or kneeling or buying a medium or telescopic pole.

WOLF GARDEN The breeder weighs 2.6 pounds and measures approximately 17 inches from the pointed discs to the handle. When the entire tool is attached to the end of the long handle, it measures a total of 77 inches.

The cultivar has 4 steel discs (well, they look more like spikes than discs) for cultivation, a steel clamp hoe installed behind the discs, and comes in 8.3 inches wide.

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There are no written instructions on the label, but the interconnected click system is simple enough to find.


Because of the locks The DAS Crumbler & Soil Cultivator combines both a cultivator and a hoist. I used it to do gardening work that I would normally do with one of these tools. I tried to use it to remove small weeds, break and cultivate garden soil and prepare a raised bed for planting.

I used the grower in our very dry yard to loosen soil and remove small weeds. With the bracket on the tool, I managed to loosen the soil with the disc sheets and follow the bracket to really get rid of the weeds. It’s nice to have one tool to perform both operations with just a pressure or two and it saves time when you have to cover a large area and lots of shallow roots or newly sprouted weeds.

Sharp discs on the cultivator managed to loosen the top inch of soil (less in harder and denser soils) and the curved blade cut well through the top layer of soil. However, I suspect that a shorter grip would have given me more strength to push deeper into the ground (more on this below).

5-Úlfur Garðyrkjuárangur

The breeder did a good job of preparing the bed. It loosens only the top inch or less of hard soil. In the picture above, the pendulum grass (metal rod over the top of the cultivars) has been turned over to use the device as a cultivating machine. By turning its head, the unit acts as both a cultivator and a herbicide.

I also used the WOLF garden MOLARI and grower to loosen the soil, absorb compost and put everything in the middle Park in a few minutes Airspace. WOLF GARDEN Tool did it all very well. The disc knives helped to mix the compost I threw on the bed and I even used the wide hanging blade to scoop up soil. It was not as effective as a bow shake, but it worked well for the small raised bed.

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The breeder helped me mix and distribute the compost

The handle and tool are light, which minimizes fatigue and makes it easier to carry around in the yard.

Overall, the tool is reliable (it does not depend when the head is attached to the handle) and very effective in cultivating and weeding the top layers of soil. Adding the step heel makes it more effective than just a cultivator on its own.

Choose the length of the handle carefully

I chose the 59-inch handle but soon found that it was a little too long for me. It was 77 inches with the cultivator attached (which is beyond the wingspan of most gardeners!). And that made it hard to get the same power I could get with other breeders. My husband is six feet tall and compared the WOLF yard to another breeder; He also found it a little harder to get good power or leverage with the long handle.

I would recommend using the lock DAS Crumbler & Soil Cultivator with medium-sized (46.5-inch) handle instead of longer, especially if you are small. WOLF park sent us the shorter handle for testing and we found it more effective.

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The 59-inch handle is a bit too long for most people


The cultivation comes with a 35-year lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects. Proof of sale including receipt is required for all warranty claims. Keep this receipt in a safe place (35 years is a long time!).


WOLF GARDEN Crumbler and Soil Cultivator is a lightweight yet sturdy tool that is great for loosening soil and chopping small weeds. The fastening of the stapler makes it even more effective and is a welcome addition to what would otherwise have been “just one more grower”.

When buying a breeding machine, remember to consider the best WOLF garden Lock the handle for the job and your size. Too long a handle makes it difficult to get enough leverage to break up dense soil under the top inch or so.

If you already have rakes and other tools that have been handled for a long time, you can not benefit much from the locks Technology, just like a new gardener starting with utilities.

Where to buy

WOLF park is based in Germany, but has an official US distributor (Bluestone). Both WOLF park DAS Verkruimelaar and breeder and the long one Lock the handle are sold directly by the dealer.

WOLF GARDEN Interlock DAS molars and breeders also guide Available on Amazon, just like that 59 inch aluminum handlePlease note that when purchasing from Amazon, only items (in the US) sold by Bluestone or WolfGarten.us (as they are) are under warranty.

The average length is 46.5 inches Aluminum handle (ZMi12) is only available from Bluestone for $ 15.00 plus $ 14.70 shipping.

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