Waterhoop Tree Sprinkler: Product Review

The water tire

The water tire

If you have planted or transplanted trees and shrubs, you know the importance of watering them regularly until they get stuck. When watering trees and shrubs, a hose is often attached to the bottom of the tree and slowly at the same time. The hose is then moved to ensure that the soil around the tree is moist. Soaking once a week can quickly change a day’s walk back and forth between home and garden.

Last summer I got rid of a very large old camellia for new construction. To keep it alive and soothing it needed to be watered carefully and often. My habit was to lay a hose on the ground on one side of this rather large shrub, let the water flow slowly and set the timer to move the hose every 20 minutes until the soil around the shrub was moist. . Needless to say, this process took all afternoon.

Enter the waterhole

The water flow can be adjusted with the valve.

The water flow can be adjusted with the valve.

The Water Heap Tree Sprinkler basically consists of two pieces of 1/2-inch plastic hose that are attached to a hose connector with a rubber hose. It is designed to distribute the water evenly over the bottom of trees and shrubs so you do not have to move the water hose, which saves both time and water.

Water flow can be controlled with a lid at the bottom of the tire so you can set it at 0 to 5 liters per minute (basically anywhere from the road to a stream of water that destroys the area quickly).


Water Hill is approx. 40 inches from the end of the spray arm to the hose connector. Each spray arm has 5 gaps of water at 7 inch intervals.

It comes with a ring to prevent leakage at the hose connection (we always recommend replacing the rings regularly these rubber rings from Gilmour).

The first time I looked at Waterheap, I got an earlier version of the product where the hose was made of plastic and attached to the rubber hose with zippers. You can see it in most of the pictures in this review.

The new model (the only model currently available) eliminates the need for thin plastic hoses and sliders and instead uses heavy rubber hoses that are attached directly to the hose.

No assembly required

I met Waterhill and immediately went out the door to the old camellias. Since no assembly is required, the Waterhoop can be easily attached to my garden hose. I turned on the water on the faucet, turned on the flow with the tire valve, and watched the water splash out of the tire about every 7 inches.

Main image of a jumper

Does it work?

The simple answer is “yes”. If you need tools to level trees and shrubs evenly, then this product is for you. Just wrap it around the tree or shrub and use the valve to control the flow of water. The soil around the tree or shrub is watered evenly at a time.

Due to the relatively short length and the fact that there are two “arms”, it is much easier to use than a drinking hose that has to be wrapped around the tree. The arms can be moved to almost any position, so you can also use them to water multiple shrubs or garden beds (for example, by placing your arms in a straight line or arc instead of wrapping them around the bottom of the tree). ).

If you have a low water pressure, the water may not flow as evenly from each slot in the Watershoop hose, or parts of it at the top of the slope may not flow completely. But here too you would have the exact same problem with a drinking hose. Low pressure and / or slope always affect the amount of water discharged.

Design updates

Review improvements to the water pile

The previous version of Water Hill had a design flaw: the hose hooked easily, if not carefully pointed (or if it was set in a different position than the usual ring), thereby interfering with water flow. If you see bad reviews about Waterhoop online, they are most likely referring to this older version.

After sending the first draft of this review, I received a call from Dave Ford, the owner of Waterhoop, informing me that he had made the comprehensive decision to redesign the watershed to solve the thin hose problem. He sent me a new jumper to try.

First of all, I really like that he read and heard the review. I’m even more impressed that he did something about it. Impressive! That alone puts this product on my shopping list!

Waterhoop is now equipped with a very thick rubber hose between the sprayers and the hose connection. It does not flop or curl anymore and nods is no longer a matter of frustration. With this improvement, Watershoop is better than ever!


Waterhoop comes with an unconditional 1 year warranty for all items and a 3 year replacement warranty. If something breaks or stops working, it is replaced.


The mound effectively waters the entire tree or shrub.

The mound effectively waters the entire tree or shrub.

De Waterhoop offers a quick and efficient way to water trees and shrubs with minimal fuss. It is sturdy, easy to install, easy to move and can be adjusted in various sizes. The flow control device allows you to easily control the amount of water drawn from the water area. You can even turn off the water to move the water separator without having to return it to the faucet. Everything that makes it easier to water newly planted trees and shrubs is a necessity in my book!

Where to buy

De Waterhoop is not commercially available. It can only be purchased from the manufacturer through Amazon


Specially designed water ring for trees and shrubs

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