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So it’s time to move into your garden or overgrown landscape and make a serious haircut. But it does not just need any equipment – hand clippers are far too small and loppers, even 2-inch models, have too little power. So where are you going from here?

It’s time to dump her and move on.

Maybe your project does not guarantee a full-fledged hack, but something more manageable like a folding handsaw would be perfect. A cutting saw such as the Troy-Bilt Premium hand saw (type RE-K) is ideal.


  • Adjustable blade density for handling: Yes (with Allen key)
  • Special features: Lanyard gat
  • Cutting direction: Drag a stroke
  • Leaf locking equipment: Thumb
  • Total length (including knife): 15 ¼ í
  • Folded length: 9 ¼ inches
  • Sheet content: Carbon steel
  • Leaf coating: Chrome plated
  • Curved or straight blade: Beint
  • Canine design: Triple grinding geometry
  • Interchangeable blade: Unlikely. No information was found during the review
  • Weight: 6 aurar.
  • Can be sharpened with a knife: Yes, but not recommended to get the right tooth angle is extremely difficult and improper grinding will damage the blade


The saw is attached to a plastic-like plate, the saw blade is well covered to avoid cutting during packing. When the cardboard box in which the story was delivered was opened, the product arrived undamaged.


The saw handle and the saw blade are packed in a plastic-like plate


Like some of the other breasts I’ve reviewed, the Troy-Bilt has a thumb that can be used to lock the blade in both open and closed positions. Troy-Bilt praises the “SmartLock” technology as a guarantee for safety during storage and editing. I thought this was true considering how tightly the blade locked in the handle in both open and closed places.

The lock, however, has a very strong spring tension and although I could open and close the saw with my thumb, it was much easier for me to use my index finger. I think someone with less hand strength just needs to use their index finger to release the lock. I definitely found it a lot more fun to do it that way.


“SmartLock” (the red thumb bar) ensures safety during storage and cutting


The handle felt comfortable in my hand, with an oval design, a torn button at the end and the texture at the end at the top of the handle and a handle button to increase grip. Although it did not have a rubber grip, I felt that it was no problem to reach it without slipping.

Troy-Bilt-Hand saw handle with grooves

The handle is made of hard plastic with an oval shape and a button with smooth steps at the end

When folded, it was easy to carry in my pocket. I was reluctant to put it in my back pocket because the depth of my pocket is not as deep as my hip. I also notice folding hand saws moving around in my back pocket as I walk from place to place. It is also very uncomfortable to sit while you dry it.


The person in a closed position


Easy to cut: Starting with a haircut is very easy

How clean is the ditch: Very clean

Cutting speed: Very fast

Troy-Bilt folds hand saws to triple ground saw teeth

Triple ground saw teeth to cut with the traction

Although the Troy Bilt folding hand saw cuts quickly and cleanly, There is one caveatThe saw teeth do not stretch the entire length of the saw blade, so it is not possible to use the entire saw blade when cutting. The toothless metal pocket between the handle and the blade is constantly stuck in full swing, leading to an annoying cutting experience.


The area without carvings was closed from the full incision


Watch Troy-Bilt Premium fold the hand saw into action to see how well it cuts. The first few thoughts about the story are also included in the short video.

SPECIAL PROJECTS MUST adjust the tension of the paper

You will need a 5 mm Allen key to adjust the lever to the tension of the blade. I wish the story had a screw head that could hold a bone or a Phillips screwdriver. Not everyone has a 5 mm wrench (this would be a special trip to the hardware store or online shopping). But this is not a deal, so I did not sign any points. Other tools we checked had similar screw changes and we did not penalize them for it.


Allen screw attaches the blade to the handles


The saw blade is made of carbon steel with a chrome-plated layer to prevent corrosion and the formation of juice and resin.

Think of carbon as a material that makes steel hard. The more carbon there is in steel, the harder it is. In order to keep foldable saw blades sharp over hundreds, if not thousands, of cuts, the blades must be “heat treated” (one of the processes involved in hardening metals). Carbon steel is the most preferred material in triple saw blades because it is so hard and stays sharp for a long time. Conventional hardening of carbon steel involves “cooling” the hot steel (by lowering the heated metal sheet in an oil or water bath until it cools).


As with all coated blades, chrome can wear out after prolonged use, especially around the front teeth. If you notice a dull leaf color (instead of a shiny chrome), it probably means that the skin is torn. And when the chromium disappears, the dust will rust if it is not lightly oiled to protect it from moisture. Carbon steel has a way of doing this.

I like to take care of my tools, they just last longer. By lubricating the saw blade and a small amount of lubricant in the area where the ball passes through the saw blade and the handle, your saw and locking device will be in top shape. My favorite lubricating oil is Three-flow


Wear gloves and Eye protection – Time period! When it comes to eye protection, two main reasons come to mind. One falls a saw when you cut over the head and the other are blades that break when there is too much (for example, by bending them at extreme angles).

This saw blade is also extremely sharp with triple incisors. If you drop once, you’re probably on your way to the hospital to get some footprints, or worse, if you don ‘t wear gloves. I recommend full leather gloves as it offers the most protection. Be sure. Enough said.


Troy-Bilt offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


The Troy-Bilt Premium folding hand saw makes a very clean and quick cut – one of the best I’ve tried. However, the teeth do not cut across the entire length of the saw blade, so the saw always hangs on the handle (unless you are very careful about making shorter saw cuts that are not realistic). If so in any area I would rate this as the best. As it stands now, I found it a bit frustrating to record.


Troy-Bilt Premium folding hand saws can be bought from amazonYou can also buy it from Troy-Bilt website for $ 12.99 + ($ 4.99 for shipping).

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