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March is the official beginning of spring and the garden fills with color as the lily and other bulbs begin to bloom.

There is plenty to do, but be aware of the weather forecast as one day can be as hot as early summer and the next day can be icy cold. There is no need to rush as jobs can wait for conditions to improve.

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Shorten the flower border

Finish cutting the cutting edges

  • New growth is on the way, but there is still time to remove perennials and remaining weeds.
  • If you have a garden shredder, let the old stems through before you put in the compost heap, as they will rot faster and your compost will be less “twigs”.

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Water for biological control for snails

Fight with snails and slugs

  • Now that spring has arrived, the temperature should start to rise. But the lush new growth that this encourages is irresistible to snails and slugs. So take control now.
  • We found that iron-based phosphate-based organic snail granules are as effective as metal-dehydrated spheres. We have also succeeded with biological standards, although they do not control snails.
  • Biological management uses microscopic nematodes, which are natural snail predators. You can buy empty packages with a certificate in the garden center or by mail order from specialized companies. They need a minimum floor temperature of 5 ° C so the company only sends them when the conditions are right.

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Seed bowl with seeds in

Sow vegetables

  • Broad beans, spinach, salad Peas for pods and shoots Onions, Salad onions, the first varieties of cabbage such as cabbage, calabars, kale bread and cauliflower, beets, radishes, parsley, coriander and dill beetroots you can sow them all indoors in pots and plant them outdoors when they are big enough to handle.
  • You can also sow them directly in the ground and dilute the cuttings to the distances indicated on the seed bags.

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Plant potatoes

Plant new potatoes

  • Although most potato varieties are planted in April, giants such as ‘Rocket’ should be planted in early March.
  • Plant them in the ground in rows at 45 cm intervals, about 40 cm apart.
  • Alternatively, if you want to grow them in pots, use one that is at least 25 cm in diameter and fill it in half with one of our Best Buy compost bins. Dig the potato just below the compost.
  • When the shoots grow, cover them with more compost until the pot is full. Cover the young plants with garden chips if frost is expected. Make sure you water the pot regularly so that the compost is moist and not wet.
  • Your potatoes should be ready for harvest in late June or early July. Make sure they are finished by placing your hand in the pot and gently feeling for the tubers. When they are large enough, tilt the contents of the jar or let it grow.

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Sow seeds

Sow half a year hard

  • Get plenty of color in the borders and pots this summer by sowing semi-hard cohorts indoors.
  • Good plants to try are zinnias, antirrhinum, cosmos, nicotiana and marigolds.
  • Sow larger seeds in a baking tray and sow smaller seeds in pots or seed trays to grow in individual pots as plants.

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