Top gardening jobs for February – Which? News

Snowdrops, cyclamen and hellebore are just some of the flowers that are starting to light up our gardens this month.

With the extra time at home that the lock gives us, it is wonderful to go out in the yard or on your balcony to get fresh air and exercise. You will repay the results of your work in the coming months.

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Sow vegetable seeds

Start sowing vegetables in the middle of the month

Hardy vegetables like beetroots, It is possible to sow spring onions and spinach from mid-February. Do not sow before as the light and temperature will be too low and you will not be successful. It is best to sow in a toolbox from the inside Best Buy compost to sow seedsThen plant them out when they are large enough to handle. Temporary vegetables that require a long growing season, such as peppers, can also be sown now.

The one from mid-February

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Cut down perennials

2. Cut down the perineum

Perennials that return year after year, such as aster, echinacea and phlox, can be cut back to the ground before growing back from scratch. To rot the stems faster and create a better compost, it is good to mix them all together Garden shredder before placing them in the compost bin.

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Cut potatoes

3. Be ready to grow potatoes

You can buy seed potatoes in the garden center or online. Upon arrival, place them in a container and leave them in a bright, frost-free place like a window. This prevents them from producing long, delicate shoots that can easily break when planted. Potatoes are prone to frost, so do not plant them until mid-March.

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nest box

4. Install a nesting box

Birds nest soon, so this is a good time to set up a new litter box. If you already have one, go out and remove all the old nesting material. Screw it with boiling water, then put it back on. February is also an important time for bird feeding. Fat egg They are especially great for giving them the energy they need.

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Clean the mower

5. Clean your mower

Before the new mowing season begins in March, this is a great opportunity to remove grass clippings from the lower part of the mower or mower. It makes them much simpler and easier to use and it also helps them to cut more efficiently. Try to clean the clippings for the upcoming season every time you hit as it is much easier when it is fresh.

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