The best reviews of outdoor benches: A complete buying guide

As summer approaches, spend more time in the garden. Invite friends and family to a barbecue in the afternoon. Enjoy the warm weather while the children splash in the pool. That’s what the summer atmosphere is about this year.

Relaxing outdoors on the deck is a great way to spend the afternoon. However, you need something so that you and your guests can sit outside. Garden benches provide space for two, three or even four to relax and have fun while enjoying the cooking event with your loved ones.

Outdoor benches are available in a variety of styles, types and sizes to accommodate as many guests as you need. We spent time going through dozens of patios available online. We have chosen our main models for this test to save time and effort to do the research yourself.

Our main choice

If you do not have time to read through the pros and cons of all classes in this review, let’s move on to the good part. From the dozens of models we reviewed for this review, we created these three options to suit any patio or budget.

Best choice: Keter Eden 70 liter storage bench

This patio bench has a classic look. It offers comfortable seats with attractive resin that is robust and durable. Under the seat of this bench you will find storage space for pool equipment and toys for children. This bench is an excellent choice for outdoor use. It is weather resistant and available in different colors.

Top choice: patio bench in aluminum from Modway

Modway terrace bench in aluminum in silver gray
Modway terrace bench in aluminum in silver gray

  • PATIO REFRESH – Update your garden or patio with modern outdoor furniture. Easily take care of your guests’ needs while creating the perfect dining room for outdoor dining
  • WEATHER RESISTANT – With a modern design, this outdoor serving area is a bench with wooden plates made of plastic and a durable powder-coated aluminum frame that is water and ultraviolet for many years of use.
  • AT THE SAME TIME – The Shore Museum renews the deck, backyard and sides of the pool and has clean lines and narrow shapes. Plastic cladding of wood grains creates a perfect fit for relaxing comfort
  • OUTDOOR TIPS – Enjoy dinner under the stars or a sunny lunch on the terrace with this outdoor bench. Sit comfortably while eating, reading or talking on this stylish outdoor bench
  • MEASUREMENTS OF JUG – Shore Collection is perfect for a terrace, garden or pool and is perfect for fun or quiet relaxation. Dimensions: 67 “L x 15.5” W x 18 “H; Weight capacity: 331 Lbs.

Homeowners looking for the best in modern patio furniture will love this patio class. Modway Shore aluminum model is sleek and elegant, with clean lines and an attractive brushed texture. If you want to welcome your guests in style, this bench is the first choice.

Budget Choice: Lifable Portable Folding Bench

Lifetime 80305 portable folding bench, white
Lifetime 80305 portable folding bench, white

  • UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Designed with safety locking device
  • Can be folded in half for easy transport and storage
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Inside Outside. Rust resistant

If you are looking for an affordable bench chair, Lifable Portable Folding Bench is your best choice. If you have guests and do not have enough seats, pull out the bench to give your guests a place to relax. This model is light and foldable for tight storage. Take it to Thanksgiving when you have the extended family for dinner.

Outdoor benches reviews

Now you have an idea of ​​the best banks in our degree. Let’s take a look at these models, which I will explain in more detail and find out why they belong on your patio. We will also look at some other classes that we consider worth mentioning in this review.

Keter Eden 70 gallon storage bench – The best terrace bench

This patio bench is designed and made of durable molded plastic. The sculpted look gives the class an imitation of a wooden look, making it an attractive choice for Tuscans or modern homes.

This bench is an excellent choice for the terrace, by the pool or on the terrace. There is 70 liters of lockable storage space under the seat. This bench is weatherproof and has a waterproof seal for the storage compartment.

Store your child’s toys or pool maintenance equipment in the storage compartment. The only downside to this bank is that it is quite mobile. If you pack the storage container completely, do not think that you are moving this bench around your garden.


  • Attractive classic design
  • Weather-resistant building resin
  • Suitable for the pool
  • Large lockable storage space under the seat
  • Room for two to three people
Bad choice:

  • Difficult to move, especially when the memory is full

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Modway Shore aluminum patio bench – Best premium patio bench

Homeowners looking for a stylish bench that matches their modern decor will love Modway. This patio has a brushed aluminum frame with rattan seating table. The powder-coated frame has a durable weather-resistant coating that ensures that your bench never rusts, even in hot and humid environments.

Modway is an elegant choice and an excellent bench for guests to sit at the dining table. The lower seat height is perfect for food and the backless design makes it a perfect choice for a table and bench. The price may be higher for this model. The high quality design and materials in this class make it worth getting some extra money to impress your guests.


  • Modern clean, look and feel
  • Wooden bench
  • Brush on aluminum
  • Chlorine resistant feet
  • Weather resistant
  • Modern style
  • Light and easy to move

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Lifable Portable Folding Bench – The best favorable patio

Lifetime Bank is an excellent choice for a portable or temporary bank. Use it to receive extra guests at your barbecue or take it home to your friend to sit at the table. This lightweight bench can be folded in half for tight storage and comfortable mobility.

You get an economical and durable terrace bench. Take it with you to the campsite and set it up wherever you want. The bench is folded into a bag with a lock and a handle for easy transport.

This model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is a perfect temporary seating solution for holding events at home.


  • Easy to fold for tight storage
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Good alternative for temporary seating
  • Removable and lightweight
Bad choice:

  • Small sitting position
  • No backrest

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Rocking rocker black garden bench

The rocking rocker patio benches are fantastic and high quality. This model has a nice design with the lowest hardwood frame. This model is available in three colors and fits all interiors. It looks great in both classic and modern homes.

This bench is more for relaxing than eating thought. It has a sloping backrest and ergonomic armrests. The sturdy frame supports up to 500 pounds and has scratch-resistant feet that do not ruin your floors.

The bench has a polyurethane structure over the wood. The result is a weather-resistant finish that lasts for many years. This model was a strong contender for the title of best elite model in this rating.


  • Top design and finish
  • Attractive wooden structure
  • Good seat height
  • Corner back for extra comfort
  • Polyurethane skin for weather resistance
  • Light and easy to move
  • Available in three colors

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Keter Corfu love chair

This love chair is perfect for couples who want to relax on the balcony and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine.

This basket love in plastic is characterized by design and production with high-quality materials and contains two comfortable cushions. Unlike the real rattan and basket models, the polypropylene frame prevents it from coming loose and tearing.

The weather-resistant pillows are washable and mold-proof, which makes them a good choice for humid environments such as beach apartments.

Robust frame construction with sloping backrests and wide armrests makes this a comfortable model that is about relaxation. With easy installation and


  • Attractive design with braided construction
  • Weather-resistant coating for long life
  • Has a set of weatherproof pillows
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable backrest and wide armrests
  • Light and easy to move
Bad choice:

  • You are more likely to relax in a sitting position than to eat

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Vifah is another premium choice for a patio bench. This model is characterized by the construction and the construction of durable acacia wood. This model is a great choice for the patio, pool or in the shade of your favorite tree in the garden.

With a shape-resistant and pest-resistant coating that makes the bench weather-resistant, the Vifah hand has a scratched structure and appearance. Thanks to a quick and easy installation, you have your patio ready to relax in just a few minutes.

This model fits into modern houses and Tuscany and is available in two different colors. There are gray and natural wood colors that match the decor of your patio.


  • Classic design with acacia hardwood
  • Available in gray and natural wood
  • Good choice for the terrace, by the pool or in the garden
  • Mold and termite resistant
  • Weather-resistant coating to increase durability
Bad choice:

  • Difficult compared to other banks in this review

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Other best-selling options

Bestsellers # 1

Best selected products 50 in steel garden bench for outdoor, garden, garden, outdoor furniture chair with floral pattern, back sock - black
Best selected products 50 in steel garden bench for outdoor, garden, garden, outdoor furniture chair with floral pattern, back sock – black

  • FAMILY WITHOUT WAY: Lightweight and durable structure makes this bench an easy addition to your patio, patio, patio or pool
  • RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION: Made of solid aluminum design and weather-resistant surface to hold on to a terrace or garden for many years
  • Triple chair: Comfortable seat for up to 3 people weighing 400 pounds
  • ERGONOMIC OUTDOORS: Beautifully detailed with backrests with floral accents to encourage airflow and a series of armrests to reduce tension and improve your comfort
  • LARGE DESIGN: Enjoy a seat that gives your seating area a touch of practical style thanks to a slatted frame that is easy to clean and supports best. TOTAL SIZE: 50.25 “(L) x 24” (W) x 33 “(H); Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
sala# 3 bestseller

Furinno FG161167 Tioman outdoor wooden bench made of teak oil, natural
Furinno FG161167 Tioman outdoor wooden bench made of teak oil, natural

  • Dark red meranti wood treated with teak oil: more durable and water-repellent
  • Perfect for use in the yard, in the yard or on the patio. Natural colors easily fit into your garden furniture and decor
  • The pillow is included for simplicity and can be removed. Suitable living room table and armchair: Fg16504 and Fg161249
  • Fits into your space, fits your budget. Easy installation with instructions
  • Product dimensions: 42.7 (W) x32. 1 (H) x 22. 2 (D) inches
sala# 4 bestseller

Furinno FG181110-C Tioman outdoor bench without backrest, of course
Furinno FG181110-C Tioman outdoor bench without backrest, of course

  • Backless bench, perfect for use in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace
  • Dark red meranti wood treated with teak oil: more durable and water-repellent.
  • Easy assembly with instructions and tools. Weight capacity: 330 kg.
  • Fits into your space, fits your budget.
  • Product dimensions: 39.3 (W) x 11.9 (D) x 18.5 (H) inches
# 5 bestseller

Carrying Congress
Carrying Congress

  • Composition of 1 storage bench from the customer
  • The product must be in the room where it is to be assembled before the retailer arrives. Transport of the product after assembly is not included
  • Clean the work area. Put the packaging in the customer’s dustbin unless the customer refuses
  • Products that require additional work can result in updated supplier reviews
  • This service does not include a product portfolio

Buying guide for outdoor benches

If you live in an area of ​​the United States with good weather or a nice summer all year round, you probably spend most of your time outdoors, especially on weekends. If you have a beautifully shaded outdoor area to relax and entertain guests, take advantage of it this summer.

Your patio does not always have to have a table and unique chairs. Setting up benches is a great way to provide guests with comfortable seating. This section covers everything you need to know about choosing the right patio for your outdoor area.

Use and activity – How will you use your patio bench?

How you want to use your patio bench depends a lot on which model best suits your needs. Do you want to host cooking and sit at a large table with family and friends? Maybe you want to relax on the terrace after a hard day’s work with your husband? Both scenarios have very different requirements.

With custom patio benches, you can choose a bench that is ideal for your leisure needs. If you want a bench to be placed on board so that people can sit while you eat, choose a small seat. If you have a table, there is no need for a backrest because the table provides space for elbows.

Terrace benches with deep and sloping seats are better suited to relax and enjoy a cocktail or two at sunset. If you try to eat from one of these chairs at the table, you try to lean too far forward, which makes things uncomfortable.

Look for models with waterproof pillows and storage for pool toys or maintenance equipment if you want a pool bench. Choose the patio bench that suits your needs and the activity that suits your lifestyle and recreation.

Location and design – What does your outdoor area look like?

The type of outdoor space you have plays an important role in choosing the right furniture for your patio. If you have a farm with a lawn lawn, the introduction of aluminum will look silly. In this case, it would be useful if you have a natural wooden bench.

The same goes for modern houses that try to add wooden benches to the patio. This bug looks awful and causes eye sores in your home. Customize your patio to match the decor and style of your outdoor living space.

Benches do not always have to go into a patio. You can leave them under a shady tree in the garden or next to the pool. Whatever function you choose, be sure to choose the look of your patio that suits the application and its environment.

Flow and dimensions

When buying your patio, you need to think about the sizes. When buying a bench for your balcony terrace in your studio apartment, you need to consider every square meter of bench so that it fits without ruining your balcony.

If your outdoor seating area has enough space at home, organize your class so that you have the right space in the area. Small benches look just as bad as large benches on small terraces. The design of the bench should also match the interior of your outdoor area.

Environmental factors – What is the weather like in your area?

Make sure you choose a patio that suits your environment. If you have an open deck, you need a weather-resistant bench to cope with the environmental conditions. In this case, plastic molded benches work well and offer many years of continuous use. You will need to treat the wood if you are going to leave it outside.

When choosing the best patio for your home, ask yourself the following questions to limit your training requirements.

  • How hot will the area be in the summer? Do you leave your bank in direct sunlight?
  • How about winter? Is there snow in your area? Do you have a covered terrace?
  • Is the terrace exposed to rain and wind? How long is the rainy season in your area?

All of these issues play an important role in choosing the right patio bench for your home. Choose a model that meets the environmental requirements and the style and decor of your home.

Choose quality content

When choosing an ideal patio, location and weather are important factors. Wooden terrace benches are an excellent choice for an attractive design that is both weather-resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

However, types of wood cost more and you may have to wait for them for three to five years when the protective skin breaks from the wood.

A bench made of plastic or plastic from a patio looks like a tree and you can suspect it of a tree at some distance. However, these patio benches have an exceptionally durable design and construction. They last for many years, even in direct sunlight.

Aluminum is an excellent choice for a modern home, but it may look like it is in a more rural setting. So choose your content wisely.

Maintenance of your patio bench

There is not much you need to do when it comes to maintaining your patio. If you dry from time to time, the bank will always look good. If you choose a wooden model, most will come with protective skin.

This coating will eventually wear out and you will need to paint or seal the bench to ensure that the wood is safe from the environment.

If you get pillows with your patio bench, you need to take care of them to prevent mold from forming, especially in humid environments. Wipe them weekly and remove any signs of black mold or dirt that have accumulated during the week.

If you notice that mold is growing in the material in your pillows, it is time to peel and machine wash it. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the detergent to kill mold and keep your pillows like new.

Find a balance between comfort and style

When looking for your perfect patio bench, you need to find a balance between functionality, style and comfort. It is not good to buy a handsome bank that does not work. For example, if you need a bench to eat at the table, you will feel that you bought the wrong design – to buy a bench that is suitable for relaxation – and you did.

Make sure you find the right balance between functionality and style. If all you need is a bench, it may not be necessary to find a model with a pillow. But if you want to relax with your partner, you need backrests and some pillows.

Work with your budget

There are many models in this review, all at different prices. Your new patio bench costs you between less than $ 50 and more than $ 200, depending on the type you choose.

Wooden and aluminum benches tend to be the most expensive option, but they offer the nicest and most durable bench that looks good on your patio.

If you are looking for affordable alternatives, try a plastic or plastic bench. If you are looking for an extra bench for family gatherings or for cooking with friends, a tightly folding plastic bench is the way to go.

Questions and answers about outdoor benches

What type of patio bench fits your garden? Check out these FAQs if you need more information on choosing the best patio benches.

What is the best material for the patio?

It depends on your environmental situation. Overall, aluminum offers the best choice and looks good in modern furniture. Redfish and resin are popular alternatives for weather-resistant patio benches that are safe for the elements.

How long does my new patio bench last?

The answer also depends on the weather conditions in your area. Hot, humid coastal areas are more likely to destroy furniture than dry areas in the United States. Most patio benches last between 5 and 15 years, depending on how much you care about them.

Can I leave my garden furniture out in the rain?

Some patio benches are weatherproof so you can leave them outside in bad weather. We recommend that you always take the pillows with you. However, some models also have weather-resistant cushions.

How much does a new patio bench cost?

There is a patio bench to suit everyone’s needs and budget. From portable models for less than $ 50 to natural wood for hundreds of dollars.


Now you should have an idea of ​​the best patio benches for your garden. Find a model that suits your needs based on what we discussed in the “Buying Guide” section. If you are still struggling to make a decision, why not choose one of our best choices.

Keter Eden storage bench is an excellent choice for all gardens, terraces or by the pool. The attractive and durable plastic design is weather resistant and will last for many years. You get extra storage space and comfortable pillows in all weathers for a perfect patio.

If you’re looking for something cool on the elite side, choose the Modway Shore aluminum patio bench. This model is flexible and stylish and combines elements of aluminum and wood to create a modern finish that looks good in all modern homes.

Lifable Portable Folding Bench is the best choice for a budget bench. This compact model is folded for easy storage. Take it with you when your guests come out and you need some extra seats.