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Sun Joe The SPX1501 washing machine is one of the newest in the range electric pressure washerSnow Joe, founded in 2004 launched a tool, “Easy to use electric shovel for less than $ 100, called Snow JoeSince then, the company has grown both its grass and its landscape products (Sun Joe).) and its winter offer (Snow Joe

We looked at other competitive washing machines. How did Sun Joe The electric high pressure cleaner SPX1501 (1800 PSI) can withstand our difficult tests? Read it below.


  • Role model: SPX1501
  • machine: 13 Amp
  • Maximum pressure: 1800 psi (lbs per square inch)
  • Nominal pressure: 1400 psi
  • Maximum flow: 1.8 GPM (liters per minute)
  • Maximum water temperature.: 104 F.
  • The length of the hypertensive tube: 20 feed
  • The length of the power cord: 35 feed
  • GFCI: Yes
  • jet: Adjustable
  • Nozzle angle: From 0 to 45 degrees
  • Spout cleaner: Yes
  • nominal voltage: 120 VAC / 60 Hz
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs. (including hose, pressure hose, cable)
  • Mál: 13 “wide (including wand and hanger) x 26” high x 10 “deep
  • optional accessories: Cleaning spray bottle, 25 ‘high pressure hose, connection to garden hose, washing machine with deck and terrace, electric scrubber and two types of washing soap and detergent.


The device is professionally packed in a sturdy cardboard box with graphics on all four sides so you can easily see what’s inside. Plastic bags contain screws, manuals and all the small items needed to assemble. The nozzle cleaner is glued to the back of the manual.

Sun Joe SPX1501 washing machine package

The pressure equipment is delivered in a sturdy box with a lot of protective material

As a precaution, I put all the parts together to make sure everything was in order before I started assembling.

Sun-Joe-SPX1501 Part of the Pressure Switch Installation

Lay out all the parts before assembling

Requires combinations

The session was straightforward. Just follow the well-written and illustrated instructions in the manual (which also includes a variety of safety warnings and tips – do not skip these things!).

The only problem I have with the instructions is that they do not show or explain how to install a “spray pin / rear gun chamber”. There are two additional screws and a piece of plastic that needs to be placed on the back of the device before use. Fortunately, I leaned mechanically and found it in the diagram in the manual. But because of this neglect, I focused on quality.

All parts snap or screw together. Tolerance as well as fit and workmanship are excellent. The screw holes are exactly where they should be and the parts fit like a glove.

Sun-Joe-SPX1501 washing machine screw mount

The screws fit the holes perfectly. The fat and finish were excellent.

Put it all together

When I was together, I installed a high-pressure hose, a spray tube, a spray lance assembly and an adjustable spray head. I hung the wrapped high pressure hose on the hose pole on the back of the device. Then I wrapped the power cord back with the RCD and hung it next to the hook holder of the hook.

Then came the assembly of the spray hose, which comes in three parts; the handle / lighter and two separate rod pieces (one with the mouthpiece). The assembly was as simple as inserting the spray hose into the gun assembly and inserting the nozzle / spray into the spray lance assembly.

Now I had a full shotgun and was excited for the test. All I had to do was drive it to my construction site, start the garden hose and start the project.

Sun-Joe-SPX1501 High pressure water bar rod mounting

Screwing in three parts of the wand was a breeze

HIGH pressure hose connection

Unlike other pressure equipment, screw connections are not required to attach the high pressure hose to the Sun Joe Unit; Simply insert the ends of the hose into the handle and pump.

To remove the hose, press the release lever on the pump and the push button on the hose. After removing the hose, it can be rolled up and placed on the hose pole at the back of the machine.

Sun Joe SPX1501 washing machine hose on the wall

The outlet of a high-pressure hose facilitates assembly

Sun Joe SPX1501 high pressure washer high pressure hose

The rear of the pump unit has a simple installation and quick disconnection for the high pressure hose


The device has a “water inlet” to connect a standard garden hose to supply the device with water. You will need to attach the adapter (which contains a metal waste filter and plastic ring) to the pressure chamber to convert it into a hose bag.

Both screw connections could be screwed together by hand pressure without the handle leaking, so I did not have to use pliers.

Sun Joe SPX1501 Garden hose coupling pressure equipment

A practical garden hose connection is included in the delivery

When everything is connected, turn on the water in the garden hose / pressure washer before turning on the appliance with the ON / OFF button on the front of the machine.

The instruction manual states that the pump must never be used without water and that the hose and rod in the washing machine must not contain air bubbles. To do this, I held the ignition on the handle of the rod to allow water to flow through the pump and out through the end of the nozzle before turning on the button.


A simple ON / OFF button is easily accessible in front of the pressure equipment

MAX. Pressure compared to NOMINAL PRESSURE (what’s the difference?)

In the case of Sun Joe SPX1501 Maximum PSI pressure equipment (also known as maximum pump pressure) is the maximum pressure that the pump is capable of. Anything outside will damage the pump. Nominal pressure is the pressure at which the pump actually operates.

The SPX1501 has a maximum pressure of 1800 PSI but the motor is set to a lower pressure so as not to maximize the capacity of the pump. In general, the maximum nozzle pressure (ie nominal pressure) is 1400 PSI.

It’s nice that Sun Joe set up the two numbers in a way that many pressure fluid companies do not. Often you only see the maximum pressure, which can be the actual pressure at which cleaning is performed. If I knew this I could expect 1400 PSI on the nozzle, even if the pump had a higher PSI.

Another type of mouthpiece

Most comparable washing machines have individual spray sprays that lead to different spray patterns.

The smoother (smaller the angle) of the spray pattern, the more concentrated the water jet and vice versa. For example, if you want to remove paint, use a denser spray pattern. The closer you hold the nozzle to the surface, the more aggressive the spray will be.

Instead of individual advice, Sun Joe has a high-pressure cleaner adjustable mouthpiece

Sun-Joe-SPX1501-Pressure Equipment-Various Injections

Adjustable Sun Joe Spray Head (Left / Black) Compared to Standard Fixed Spray Tip (Right / Green)

By turning the mouthpiece of the mouthpiece, I could go from the spray barrel spray from zero degrees to the spray angle of 45 degrees.

I could also micro-adjust the spray angle by turning the nozzle to the head slightly. It gave me an almost infinite number of spray patterns, up to 45 pattern widths0

Sun-Joe-SPX1501 spray angle-zero degrees

00 Spray pattern is extremely strong for narrow spaces

Sun-Joe-SPX1501-45 degree spray pattern

450 Spray is the widest pattern of SPX1501

I love the ability to change the spray corner immediately. When 450 The corner was not enough to blow through a burnt form on a concrete path. I could just turn the adjustable nozzle to a slightly smaller angle and the shape was gone.

Sun-Joe-SPX1501-in action

Use 450 Spray pattern, I could blow up stubborn mold from a concrete path

Purification results

Although this is not the most powerful pressure equipment in Sun Joe Install it offers excellent cleaners for size and weight

The adjustable spray nozzle allowed me to adjust for fine, sharp jets to get into tight cracks, while the wider pattern worked well for cleaning sidewalks, furniture, decks, wheels and lots of other heavy duty cleaning.

What I have found is that sometimes I just do not need a sample of the machine to do the basic cleaning. Is this the perfect solution to remove paint when I want to repaint my house? No. But for everyday use and what it was designed for, it works perfectly.

ONE place for all accessories

At first I did not think that the hooks for hanging the power cord / RCD and the high pressure hose were big enough to hold in somewhat awkward coils, but to my surprise they fit easily.

It had to push the line into place and was at the very top of the hook but still the whole line line fit. The high-pressure hose (approximately 30 cm in diameter) that is spun into a loop fits snugly on the hook directly under the towbar. Neither the power cord nor the high pressure hose interfered with winding the device from one place to another.

The ignition part of the rod fits perfectly in the plastic cup on the side of the machine. This was a fine form of friction and did not wobble when passing the SPX1501. The sprayer and adjustable nozzle fit perfectly behind the chamber at the back of the push table.

Sun Joe SPX1501 washing machine with all gears

Everything was in place and neatly stored so that the device was easy to use

Easy to move

With sturdy wheels, an upright design and an easy-to-grip handle, this Sun Joe high-end washing machine is easy to drive anywhere, even with all the accessories on board. And at a weight of only 15 kg, you can carry it whenever you need to transport it to an unpaved place.

safety comes first

The instruction manual covers many facts about the safety aspects of washing machines. It is recommended to use ear and eye protection. We recommend goggles from Wiley-XOther tips include: wear gloves, do not aim the spray hose at people, pets or electric shocks, turn off the appliance before working on it … and the list goes on. Do yourself a favor and read the security features – it’s worth it. The point is to be safe and remember that washing machines are not a toy.


Sun Joe offers a 2-year lifetime warranty. Here’s the deal – ‘Snow Joe + Sun Joe the owner guarantees that if this machine breaks down within two years from the date of purchase due to defects in material or workmanship, or due to normal wear and tear during normal household use + Sun Joe will send spare parts or free shipping to the original buyer for free if necessary. “If you ask me, this is a great responsibility!


I like this little creature. To me, it’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – despite the small size and appearance of toys, it’s a powerful cleanser. I would put it in the initial pressure fluid class for a useful pressure, only 1400 PSI. However, if you are looking for a basic unit without finesse, a unique adjustable spray head, easy to attach high pressure hose and power cord with built-in power switch, you have come to the right place. Will it be the device you use to remove paint from your home? Definitely not. But it works well for general cleaning work.

The only thing I want to see is an update to the manual that explains in words and diagrams what the spray gun / gun compartment looks like at the back and how it sticks to the back of the washing machine. I marked a point for this bug. But otherwise, this little kid is a real winner in my book.


Sun Joe SPX1501 is available online from Amazon.

You can too Buy it directly from Sun Joe When this review is done, it costs $ 119.00 (with free shipping).

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