Sun Joe® Cordless Go-Anywhere Portable Pressure Washer (SPX6001C): Product Review

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Wireless, portable (no garden hose needed!), Adjustable PSI, good performance, excellent warranty. Good choice for light and powerful cleaning.

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This review is for the new Go-Anywhere Wireless Pressure Equipment from Sun Joe (Model SPX6001C) (Part of Snow Joe Company), a battery-powered washing machine with a bucket so you do not have to plug it in a tap. We found out.


  • Battery voltage: 40 volts DC (DC)
  • Battery capacity: 4.0 Ah (ampere hours)
  • Charging time max: Approximately 3 hours
  • Battery life: About 21 minutes
  • machine: 600 watts (brushless)
  • Weight (unit + battery): 22.7 lbs.
  • Water source: Removable clothes or garden hose
  • Portable bucket capacity: 5.3 liters
  • The length of the hypertensive tube: 6 meters
  • Soap delivery capacity: 8.5 liquid ounces
  • Maximum current: 0.79 GPM (liters per minute)
  • Busy decisions
    • Low – 500 psi (pounds per square inch)
    • Medium – 650 psi
    • Hair – 800 psi
  • Maximum pressure: 1160 PSI (This is the maximum pressure for which the pump is designed, but not the usable pressure (the device has a value of 800 PSI). Manufacturers set the maximum pressure to prevent the pump from burning out prematurely.)

Set expectations

With a maximum usable pressure of 800 PSI and a low flow rate (0.79 GPM), this device would measure more accurately Electrical cleanerinstead of a washing machine. The technical data is comparable to other battery-operated washing machines (such as WORX Hydroshot) but do not expect it to perform as well as electric pressure washer (cord). The PSI for wired (and gas) consumer devices is usually in the range of 1400-2200 PSI, but the flow rate is closer to 2 GPM.

Let’s take a closer look at Sun Joe Wireless pressure washer that can be transported anywhere.


The device is packed in a sturdy, solid cardboard box. Pictures surround the box on the outside (except the bottom) and make it clear what is inside. The device was sent to me in the usual packaging and came through without scratches.

The body parts of the washing machine are wrapped with spacers and cardboard blisters to isolate movement. This allows for increased separation of individual parts and prevents damage in the event of a potentially difficult transport process.

Before I tried to put it together, I put all the pieces together and made sure everything was included. They are.

Sun Joe cordless washing machine parts

All parts were in the box. Nothing was missing.


Assembly is easy thanks to a very well written (and diagram) instruction manual. As a side note, it is worth reading the entire manual. In addition to being a legal thesis, there is a lot of information on what (and what not to do), lithium ion battery technology, practical precautions, maintenance, troubleshooting and of course complete assembly instructions.

In fact, all I had to do was attach the gun holder to the bucket, attach the high pressure hose to the base unit and the spray gun, and set up the gun. I did not bother to secure the bucket with the buckles when I set up the unit (as recommended in the manual) as I should have taken it out immediately to fill it with H.2Ö.

Adding the battery was a breeze. All I had to do was open the battery cover in the base unit and slide the battery as far as possible into the battery compartment. To remove the battery I just pressed the push button and the battery drained without any problems.

Wireless washing machine from Sun-Joe with bucket

The pressure vessel is ready for use (when using a water tank)

Sun-Joe cordless washing machine without bucket

The “basic unit” before adding the water bucket or when using a water source (garden hose)


The heart of the high-pressure cleaner is the 40 volt Li-ion battery (4.0 Ah). This really makes the device a washing machine for use anywhere (as long as it is used with the 5.3 liter detachable water bucket).

The device contains a 40 volt Li-ion battery and a charger. Simply plug the charger into a 120-volt socket and insert the battery by sliding it from the back of the charger (where the charger is located). The battery is on a railway system. It is almost impossible to install incorrectly.

Insert the Sun Joe battery into the charger

The charger has a rail system to guide the battery to the charging ports

The charger has two LED lights on the front of the device. If the red and green lights are switched on at the same time, this means that the battery is being charged. When both indicators are green, the battery is fully charged.

Sun-Joe Battery Pressure Charger

When the lights on the front of the charger are red and green, it indicates that the battery is charging

The instruction manual states that it takes a maximum of 3 hours to fully charge the battery. When I got the brand new battery and put it in the charger, it only took 2 hours to fully charge. I run this because the battery is partially charged in the factory.

The battery itself is also equipped with three LED lights that show how much power is left.

Sun Joe wireless pressure battery LED light

Press the button on the battery to see how much power is left

The user guide makes it clear that it is important not to charge the battery as it may affect the battery’s ability to charge. Look at us Frequently Asked Questions about lithium-ion batteries Learn why this is the case. Sun Joe recommends charging the battery when only one of the three LEDs on the battery is lit.

Various quick links and soap dishes

The SPX6001C pressure washer model has four quick connectors:

  1. 00 (orange) – Be careful with this mouthpiece! It is very narrow, powerful and cuts quickly through softer surfaces. It is best used to get into cracks and cut through heavy dirt or stubborn stains such as tar or grease. Do not use it on soft materials. It also clears areas that are difficult to reach, such as the second floor of a building or the lower side of mowers and tractors.
  2. 15.0 (yellow) – This nozzle is suitable for heavy cleaning work on hard surfaces. Use includes removing paint fillets (does not remove loose paint yet), removing oil stains, grease and mildew.
  3. 25.0 (Green) – Use this nozzle as a general nozzle for tasks such as cleaning cladding, brick patios, wooden decks, driveways or sidewalks.
  4. 400 (gray) – This is the widest spray angle and the least powerful. Use it to clean “more delicate” objects such as cars, trucks, boats, patio furniture or grass equipment.
Sun-Joe wireless high pressure nozzles

Four different nozzles accompany the high pressure monitor. They are conveniently attached to the water bucket.

The equipment also comes with 8.5 ounces. Soap dispenser. Unlike most washing machines, the Sun Joe model has the dispenser attached to the base unit instead of a spray gun attached (instead of a spray tube).

Although the soap dose is not heavy (it is only about ½ pounds when full), it is a bit painful to use. As you can not let the soap dry during washing, you must always switch between spray soap (from dispenser) and spray water (with the spray tube). With each change, you need to loosen the spray hose and snap the soap dose into place or vice versa – over and over again. I prefer to have the soap dish on the basic unit – this is how you only need to change the nozzles to switch from “soap mode” to high pressure cleaning.

At just 8.5 ounces, the gun’s soap dish is a bit small. I had to recharge it while washing a small SUV. If you have a larger vehicle or boat, you will probably need to refill it several times.

As with all washing machines, ONLY use detergents that are specially formulated for washing machines. Sun Joe offers its own detergent label – a House + deck (SPX-HDC1G) Car wash with foam (SPX-FCS1G) or a High quality cleaner (SPX-APC1G)There are other washing machines on the market that will also do the job.

Sun-Joe cordless soap dispenser

The soap dispenser is attached directly to the end of the spray gun

UNIQUE design comes in handy

No garden hose needed

The most obvious benefit of the Sun Joe Portable Compressor is that it is completely wireless (or “wireless”) so it can be used almost anywhere, even when there is no tap nearby. Say you have a boat that needs cleaning, but you do not want to get it out of the water. Just fill the bucket with more water, slide the battery into the base unit and spray the rest.

However, be careful with the water you put in the bucket. Although there is a filter between the bucket and the pump that is intended to filter most of the rubbish, it does not prevent mud or fine sand from getting through and clogging the machine. Use clean water and never salt water as it can damage the motor and other metal parts.

I cared that I did not have to pull out a garden hose while placing the device near my work area. For me, one thing is annoying about struggling with pressure equipment when I struggle with a garden hose that hooks, sticks or crushes my plants while I try to put the washing machine in place.

Garden hose adapter

The Sun Joe portable washing machine also has a garden hose adapter if you want endless amounts of water. In general, minor cleaning jobs (which this machine is best for) usually do not require as much water, but it is nice to have the option of doing so.

The other discussion about the bucket is weight. Water weighs 8.35 pounds per liter. The 5.3-liter bucket capacity will carry just over 44 pounds of water. I’m a pretty tall guy and have not had a problem with that, but someone with less strength can have a hard time.

That’s why I like the garden hose adapter. As long as the garden hose is long enough to reach the base unit, you may or may not draw water.

Sun Joe wireless pressure hose garden hose adapter

The pressure ring washing machine comes with a garden hose adapter if you want endless water instead of drawing water from clothes


The Sun Joe is also unique The SPX6001C has a control unit on the base unit (something I have not seen on other washing machines I have tried) with an ON / OFF button and three pressure options (Low (500 PSI), Medium (650 PSI) and High (800 psi)). By pressing the plus and minus buttons on the control panel, I was able to select the correct PSI for the job. I found that each setting had its own sweet spot so I could choose the mouthpiece and PSI combination that best suited each task.

Sun Joe wireless pressure control device

The push-button buttons gave me a lot of flexibility in cleaning


Boot inventory

There is a special protocol for starting the washing machine. It is a combination of security and operational methods. Read the manual without going into detailed description to make sure you are right.

In fact, it is a simple process to insert the 40 volt Li-ion battery into the base unit, fill the water bucket, pull the trigger on the pistol handle for a few seconds and then turn the ignition to remove air from the pump and high pressure line. on the high pressure cleaner on the ON / OFF control panel.

Installation of the Sun-Joe cordless vacuum cleaner battery

The installation of the battery in the compartment of the base unit was simple and straightforward

Attach the mouthpiece

To attach the nozzle, first turn off the device at the control panel, remove the bucket or close the water supply, pull the trigger (to relieve the pressure built up in the pump / high pressure hose) and activate the gun. Handle reading.

After that You can insert a pressure nozzle into the Quick Connect collar. When it “clicks”, you know it’s connected properly.

NextPerform all of the above startup procedures and the washing machine is ready for use.

Safety pressure cordless washing machine from Sun Joe

The ignition lock at the rear of the tractor is a safety device to prevent accidents


Sun Joe The wireless portable high-pressure cleaner (type SPX6001C) praises its “special technology”, the so-called Total Stop System (TSS). It is basically an electronic device that shuts off a high pressure pump when the gun is started. This prevents the pump from overheating and prolongs its life.

I’m not sure if this design is a unique technical asset or just a name used in marketing. All other electric washing machines I have tested will stop when the ignition is released (including the motor). I’m not sure if TSS will do anything in parallel with other competitive electric high pressure pumps. But if it prolongs the life of the pump, then I will be all for it.


Sun Joe claims that the battery may last up to 21 minutes before charging. The bucket holds 5.3 liters of water and pumps with a maximum flow of 0.79 liters / minute. This means that it takes 6.7 minutes to empty a bucket while the device is running and you should be able to empty 3 buckets on one load.

During my tests, I found that Sun Joe’s estimated running time was fairly accurate.

For example, I drove portable pressure equipment almost constantly when washing a car at 40 in high pressure mode (800 psi)0 Nozzle (recommended nozzle for car washing). With this setting and flow, I was able to run three full buckets of water through the engine without running out of energy. The battery has been running for over 35 minutes and still has an LED (although this is the recommended time to charge).

Sun-Joe cordless washing machine for high pressure cleaner

It was easy to wash the car with those 400 Mouthpiece and 800 PSI position

How well did it go?

The model SPX6001C portable washing machine did very well for wireless devices. Again, this is not a powerful hypertensive cleanser, but a powerful cleanser. You just do not get much water at the same pressure as a cable engine.

I went through it with different nozzles at different pressures. PSI’s ability to manage offers great flexibility to find the right mix of nozzle and pressure for a variety of tasks.

In short, this is what I found:

  • It is a great choice for things like washing patio furniture, cleaning mud-covered mountain bikes, washing windows, removing cobwebs under rafters and removing cake remnants from the grill.
  • The 10 The nozzle reaches the second floor of a house, but the water flow is more distributed at that distance
  • It is good to clean the concrete track, although it does not remove oil stains or remove all mold marks
  • Its limited running time makes it good to clean a smaller patio or deck, but to run out of electricity in a larger space or try to clean the cladding of the house
  • Low flow rate (0.79 GPM) does not remove steel paint or rust (things that a higher machine can do with 10 Jet)
Testing on a Sun-Joe cordless washing machine on concrete

With 150 Mouthpiece and 800 PSI I managed to remove mold on my concrete path

I also tried to connect the base unit to the garden hose. The device worked perfectly.

Wireless washing machine from Sun-Joe connected to a garden hose

Using a garden hose attached to the base units of the washing machine was endless water light without pulling the bucket.

Finally, I tested the mobility with the wheels on the front of the base unit. The pressure equipment shot back into a tight space without me lifting it and pulled behind me without any problems. I have a sloping driveway and noticed that the device tended to roll by itself. Bring a rock, stick, or whatever to stop one of the rollers or one of the fixed wheels.

Wireless washing machine with Sun-Joe spinning wheels

Turning the device was super easy. The spinning wheels made it very manoeuvrable. Bring something to lock the wheels if the unit is on a hard, sloping surface.

Thin weapon holder

There was one thing I found annoying: the gun holder next to the bucket. It tended to pull out of the slots that were poured into the side of the pool when the spray gun was removed. Overall, it is rather thin and easy to separate even in the best conditions. Be ready to play with this piece or leave it until it’s time to put it down.

Wireless washing machine from Sun-Joe

The gun holder tended to come out of the bucket

safety comes first

The user guide contains numerous safety instructions and warnings. Some of the most interesting are:

  • Do not put the washing machine out in wet conditions (I think this means you do not have to throw it down while running or in the rain).
  • Keep the audience at least 50 feet away from the washing machine (49, why not 48 or 50?).
  • Wear gloves.
  • Wear hearing and eye protection. I always do recommend Wiley-X glassesDepending on what you wash with pressure fluid, there is a good chance that dirt will fly back to you.
  • Stay on the ice (I would add that they should be tight together – you do not want to accidentally take off your toenails while flip-flops).
  • Read the instruction manual (I confirm it!).


According to the company “Snow Joe + Sun Joe guarantees the owner that Snow Joe will fail within two years from the date of purchase due to defects in materials or workmanship, or due to normal wear and tear during normal use + Sun Joe will send spare parts or goods to the original buyer free of charge and with free shipping if required. “”

“If, in Snow Joe + Sun JoeIn my opinion, no part, Snow Joe, can be used to repair a faulty machine + Sun Joe You choose either (A) to ship a new machine for free with free shipping, or (B) to refund the owner the full purchase price. “”


What a great concept – fully self-contained, battery washing machine that does not need a faucet, hose or outlet nearby. What’s wrong with that?

For a 40 V high pressure cleaner, the running time is excellent, even at high performance, with an average of more than 21 minutes. This gives you enough time to fill at least three 5.3 liter buckets of water through the device. It has all the spray heads that are common in the industry and soap dispenser attachment and can pierce flexibly through a garden hose if you want unlimited water supply. With the ability to control the PSI of the base unit, you will find the perfect combination of nozzle and PSI for each task. The wheels make it easy to move the device (no need to lift) – just grab the handle and pull it behind you. With the exception of the gun holder, the machine feels solid.

Note that this is not in the same category as the electric pressure machine with cable. It offers a lot of flexibility but it costs performance, length and higher prices. For tasks that do not require a PSI rating or a medium to fast washing machine flow rate, this portable device does the job.


Sun Joe A portable portable washing machine (model SPX6001C) is available on Amazon. It is also available directly from Sun Joe website since it now sells for $ 279.00 + free shipping. You can get the whole line from Sun Joe electric and cordless washing machines on the Sun Joe website

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