Spade vs Shovel: Which Should You Choose?

Shovel versus shovel? Wait, aren’t they the same? The English language would make you believe, but we’re here to get things right.

The names shovel and shovel are often used interchangeably, even in stores. No wonder people are confused! There is a difference between the two and it’s pretty big. We’re here to let you know who, what and when to use them. This saves you time and effort in your yard.

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What’s the difference?

The big difference is that paddles and paddles are made for different tasks. One can not really replace the other in terms of use and that is why most gardeners have both types. These tasks can be a bit similar in word, but it makes a huge difference if you have the right device for each one.

Simply put, dig shovels and shovels and cut. If you want to dig a hole, choose a shovel. When you need to move a pile of loose material, choose a shovel. Of course, there are many other jobs for which shovels and shovels are designed. To fix this, let’s take a closer look at the paddles and shovels.


A shovel is made for digging. Source: Domiriel

Shovels have usually scooped, rounded blade with a dot at the end. This is the classic shape that usually comes to mind when you think of a “shovel”. They also have a long handle that is opposite the blade-like blade.


Shovels are not just for digging, it is their main job. The curvature of the blade edge along with that sharp sharp point is just perfect for breaking into the ground and picking up debris. You will also find that the shape of the blade is what makes this tool unusual in breaking up the earth. Once you have dug a hole, you can easily fill the hole blade.

Are you looking for a groundbreaking floor in a new garden space? Also, due to the sharper tip of the shovel, it will cut well through weeds or grass. The bending angle of the blade can also be used to break the ground.

The handle is sometimes tilted as it meets the blade shaft so that the user has good leverage for the load. Shovel handles are usually a minimum of 48 or longer and allow access to deep holes.


Shovels are used to move soil or create clean cutting edges. Source: Andrew_Writer

In contrast to shovels, the shovel has a flat, rectangular blade, depending on the type and special application. Instead of being bent with a dot, the tip is flat and sharp. When comparing the shapes of the blades, a spade looks more like a spade in a deck than a real spade!

Shovels often have shorter handles than shovels, which gives you more control over use. The handles can have a D-shaped handle at the end to get a good grip and pivot point for the hand. The blade is usually less and less concave.

Interestingly, snow shovels are often large side shovels, just like compost. Due to their special use, we have to deal with a special task choose a snow shovel


The weakness of a shovel is the strength of a shovel. With a more precise shape than a clumsy shovel, shovels are great for more specialized purposes.

The sharpened, smooth edge of the air is used to cut through dirt and debris. It can break the ground and cut through the roots like a knife through butter. This tool is also ideal for edges where you need precise angles and clean lines, such as angles. B. ditch or garden bed. You can even use a shovel to gently scrape the weeds off the soil surface.

It does not look like much but a shovel is an elaborate creator. The ruler is perfect for lifting loose material. The size and shape of this tool make it easy to move loads quickly and efficiently. It may seem strange to choose a possibly smaller knife to make something with. Wouldn’t that take less stuff after all?

Still, think about the weight of the material you will be transporting. If you are not an athlete or enjoy exercising, you are probably grateful for the lighter loads. They also record in speed what you lose in quantity. This tool does the job faster.

Choose your shovel or shovel

Shovel versus shovel
Shovel versus shovel? We’ll find out what you need today! Source: Garrett Wade

It does not seem like a big decision but treat your shovels / paddles like any other garden tool. There are many different materials and properties that have a great impact on usability. Most knives are made of steel but the material of the handle is different. Here are the most common handles.

content Service bad choice
Wood Strong, classic Splinter with age
fiberglass Does not wear out Expensive and irreplaceable
steel Basically bulletproof Heavy
aluminum cheap Easy to bend

Read our article on to learn more about the things to keep in mind when buying a shovel or shovel choose the best shovel

guiding products

We recommend a few shovels / shovels to get your tools off to a good start.

Fiskars long handle digs a shovel

This sturdy shovel is made entirely of steel, so durability is guaranteed. A sturdy blade has a particularly large footprint to break into the ground. It also has a sharp tip and unbeatable price. The strength of this shovel, as well as a lifetime warranty, makes it a great choice for your garden.

Bully Tools 12-foot circular shovel with long fiberglass handle

If you’re really going to leave your shovel, this is for you. This shovel is valued for its strong, unbreakable handle, which consists of three fiberglass walls reinforced with wood. The steel blade is especially thick for durability. The price is reasonable for the quality you get here.

Fiskars 46 inch steel square garden spatula with D handle

Fiskars returned to the list for good reason. This paddle is made entirely of steel from the handle to the blade. At the end of the handle is a large D-handle that fits easily in glove hands. Critics praise the durability and versatility of this spade. If you have decided on a shovel, this is a great option.

Finally, comparing shovels and shovels is not entirely reasonable as they are designed for different purposes. If you want to get the job done right then there is really no substitute for the other. You can dig or move with your shovel in a pinch, but it is nowhere near as effective. So when choosing, think about the project that is available and decide if you need to dig a power shovel, a sharp shovel or both.

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