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This unique shovel means business! It not only digs through root-contaminated soil, but also cuts off branches in the road.

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Winner of the Golden Shovel Award 2014Updated 7/25/19

When you look at the sawtooth blade on the Root Assassin shovel, you can see that this tool is for sale. Still, I was skeptical. I have worked in dense clay all my life and my current garden is on a rocky ridge where I deal with both types of clay. and Stones. I doubted that even these aggressive shovels could handle challenging tasks.

The video on the company’s website shows that the shovel is used as a saw to cut through limbs, dig into the ground, cut effortlessly through grass and cut through boring roots with one stroke. Again I was skeptical. Would this shovel really work in real life? Is this really a “super shovel” that helps gardeners deal with roots and rocks and difficult soils? Can it do all this? and Editing Articles?

Dig the root of the killer shovel

The root killer shovel sinks easily into the ground with very little effort, even through thick grass.

Information and features

  • 16 double-edged sharp teeth on each side of the blade
  • 14-gauge shaft and carbon steel blade available
  • With powder coating
  • Step forward and turn to secure your feet position
  • Available in two versions: original (48 “long with D-handle) and Long handle (58 “long with straight handle)
  • Weighs 4 pounds
Cutting branches with root killers

Although it was a bit uncomfortable to use, they shoveled the shovel through branches, even thick branches.

Prune branches

First I tried the root killer as a saw to cut branches. Although it was a bit difficult to cut through wood with a shovel, and it was not as effective as a hacksaw, it worked. If you dig in the yard with your Root Assassin shovel and see a branch that needs to be cut, you can deal with it right away and save yourself a walk to the tool shed or garage to buy another tool.

Looking grass

by digging roots with a Root Assassin shovel

If you come across a root, keep digging and pulling through the penetrating fibers. The shovel scored easily through and made digging easier.

It was amazing how easily the Root Killer cut grass and thick root mass like a hot knife through soft butter. This is of course the device you need when planting. The tip tip, designed to penetrate hard soil, allows you to cut holes the perfect diameter for planting onions such as crocuses or spring flowers (Ipheon), digging into the grass and larger holes for trees or shrubs is a breeze.

The sharp tip and slight curvature of the blade make the shovel unsuitable for trimming as it would be very difficult to cut a straight, sharp line.

On the other hand, it is a great tool for making deep and narrow cuts. While Root Assassin Shovel can duplicate successfully, it cannot and should not do everything.

Dig and cut roots

long root killer shovel

It would have been a little easier for me to dig with the root killer if I had been taller.

The assassin also stood up for his claim as a rooter. We dealt with a dead bush that needed to be removed so it did not take us long to find roots with significant girth. Little was sawn, in addition to which more was dug and each root was easy to cut.

The shovel worked like a charm and made the potentially demanding job much, much easier.

Original versions against long stalks

Treat the root killer shovel

The upholstered handle is easy to grip and comfortable.

The original scoop is 1.2 feet high but the long handle measures 58 inches.

A commercially available narrow steel tip is 14 measures, at least 12 inches long.

When I was 5’3 “I found that my foot was firmly on the steps, in a position where I could put my weight and strength on a blade to dig, like climbing poles – Unless the shovel is partially buried in the hole I did not reach the footstep but My 6’4 “tall husband had no problem at all.

Root killer shovel with long handle in use

For taller people, the version with the long handle is a good length and offers a lot of leverage when digging.

With the original root killer, the handle is comfortably wide, suitable for large or small hands and made of reinforced rubber that is both durable and slippery. The longer version has a foam cover that covers about half of the shaft to increase comfort and slipperiness on the surface where you are likely to take a shovel.

The 6’4 “husband really enjoyed using a long-handled shovel, but I preferred the shorter version. He could use a long shovel as a tombstone and push a shovel straight into the ground. The teeth and weight of the cutting table (the shovel is solidly built) made him able to dig well with less hard work.The extra length made it a good leverage and because it is so well made it did not have to bend.

For me, the long-handled trunk was too long to be used easily, especially when I used the footrest to put all my weights in the excavation.

Footprints on a root killer shovel

Manufacturers claim that the level is falling, but I did not notice. I’m sure it does not matter somehow.

Manufacturers claim that the screw was turned over to get a secure foot position, but I could not see it. To me, it seemed almost perfectly parallel to the ground when the shovel was held upright.


Root Assassin LLC is behind all the products they sell. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the purchase, the company will replace damaged products for life for free.

You can reach the company online through the website


Often, hybrid tools do not do both. The root killer is a lucky exception. If you are digging a hole in the root zone, this is the perfect tool. Although I would not use this tool to cut a branch simply, if it is in my hand when a branch is about to cut it, it does the job effectively.

Root Assassin Shovel lives up to its name and the manufacturer’s requirements. I highly recommend it.

Where to buy

The root killer shovel is available directly from the manufacturer or through Amazon

Note that there are some “knockoffs” on the market right now that are not sold by Root Assassin and do not carry the same warranty. The design of the shovel is patented and therefore imitations are illegal. Make sure you buy the original!

Root Assassin does too “Mini” version this serrated digging / chopping shovel (see our review

Root killer shovel

This unique shovel means business! Perfect for digging in heavily rooted areas, it even cuts tree or shrub branches that are in the way. Robust, comfortable and easy to use.

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