Miracle-Gro Soaker System Kit: Product Review

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The Miracle-Gro Soaker system is an adaptable small drip system for slow and deep liquids. It includes a 50, 75 or 100-foot 3/8-inch heavy-duty hose and up to 20 of the company’s EZ-Connect fixtures to install irrigation systems in a variety of sizes and layouts.

You can get almost any plant in your landscape, so a water hose system like the Miracle-Gro Soaker System Kit is worth considering. To see how the hose and connections work and how easy the equipment is to use, I tried some custom settings in my yard and yard. I found it.

Miracle Grow Soaker Kit Box with parts

The box contains 20 items for customer-specific small leveling systems

Through horizontal hoses

Soaker hoses are rubber hoses with small pores from which water seeps slowly. You can find drinking hoses in various lengths (usually 25 to 100 feet) and diameters (from ¼ to 5/8 inches).

A water hose can be used to water the plants slowly to allow the water to enter the root zone of the plant.

For them to work best, you need enough water pressure to push water the full length of the water hose, but not so high that the fittings and end caps blow off. If water springs from the hose instead of crying, the water pressure is too high.

Drinking tubes work best in shorter lengths. It is difficult to make water cry in the full length of a 100 foot hose or multi-branch system. In these cases, too much water is thrown out through the hose near the candle and very little water at the end of the hose.

These types of hoses also work better on relatively flat surfaces. If you have a sloping garden, a water hose is probably not a good choice.

Through the Miracle-Gro Soaker system equipment

The Miracle-Gro Soaker system equipment is an affordable small drip system for your garden. This allows you to customize the layout of the water hose to your needs without wasting water by using excess hose that you do not need (as with most suction hoses).

Wunder Gro Soaker Kit T-Connect system

Simple T-linked system consisting of several pieces of soaker kit. Hose length is easy to cut and connect

What’s in the costume?

There are three different Miracle Gro Soaker system kits, each with a different length of flat tubing (50, 75 or 100 feet) and a number / type of connection. I tried the 100 foot device that includes:

  • 100 foot 3/8 “drinking hose
  • 4 female connectors – they are similar to ordinary garden hoses so you can connect the drip system to a faucet or other hose
  • 2 T-shaped branches – The long end is connected to a normal garden hose (the “branch” hose that supplies water to the drip system) but the two ends at the top of T are connected to the water hose
  • 6 T-connections – Allows you to connect parts of the water hose in rows or other custom layouts
  • 4 plugs with caps – the end of the hose is closed with the caps
  • 4 sockets – used to block water at the end of a pipe that feeds T-connected pipes
  • built-in water throttle to control PSI
Miracle Gro Soaker Kit Connectors and Plugs

Two T-connectors (left), T-feeder (top center), two outer caps (right) and two connectors (bottom center).

According to Miracle-Gro, the drinking hose is made from 65% recycled material, is lead-free and meets California standards for phthalate content.

How to set up the soaker system

The first step is to unpack the hose and fittings and familiarize yourself with the items. Then review your planning options and determine the best design for your soaker system.

Useful tips: You should plan ahead and put the suction hose in the sun for at least an hour so that it warms up and straightens up. If you have two people, if possible, pull the hose completely out to straighten it. When there is just enough to work with, set up your system.

Wunder Gro Soaker Kit Hose

You just cut the hose where you want to stop or connect the pipe

My first job was to water some sand cherry bushes in a raised bed. I designed a loop around both trees and used a T-connector to get extra water under one of them.

It is easy to cut the hose to the desired length with scissors or a hand cutter. Make sure you have a clean cut at a 90 degree angle. A hose with worn edges or an incised incision may leak when inserted.

It is also easy to attach one piece. All connections are EZ-Connect connections, which are designed in such a way that they are easy to push / turn on the drinking hose – without devices or glue. Note that they need to be pressed Holidays on the hose to prevent leakage.

Miracle Gro Soaker Hose Fittings

Simply slide the end of the cut water hose into a connector and twist it. As simple as that.

To create rows with the hose, simply cut the main line to the width you want and place fabric at each end. Then cut the line where you want the lines. Attach a T-connector to each cut and attach the water hose (do not forget to cover each row!). Then add feeder T to your main line to add water to the drinking tubes.

The box that Miracle-Gro Soaker comes in has great diagrams to show you exactly how to do it.

Miracle Gro Soaker Kit Box with illustrations

The kit box contains a handy list of parts and diagrams for setting up examples

Useful tips: Once the hoses are in place, it is a good idea to cover your soaking system with mulch to save water and protect it from the sun (prolonged exposure to the sun corrodes all hoses over time, especially the wet hose). In addition, the garden looks so beautiful.

Miracle Gro Soaker hose under mulch

I dug the T-linked lines I showed above in a few inches of mulch

If it gets slippery in the winter, a layer of mulch can also help protect the water hose. However, there is no need to empty and remove it from the yard. Unlike a regular hose, water does not stay in the drinking hose, so it does not freeze.

Irrigation capacity

The water hose worked well and was easy to build, connect and disconnect.

There was no leak, which seems surprising given that there is no glue or other material to hold things together. Element branded parts that connect the water hose are designed to catch and retain water. This does not mean a leak.

Miracle Gro Soaker hose is gradually leaking

The drinking hose leads a slow drop of water through the pipe

Keep the pressure low so that the water leaks slowly around the bottom to ensure water savings that this water hose can provide.

Starting a water hose can be a bit slow. Turn on the water and wait for water to cry the entire length of the hose (this can take some time, especially with a long suction hose). If the water is leaking properly, adjust the flow on the faucet so that no water spray comes out of the pores (you probably need less water pressure than you think).

This hose was easy to control and had a beautiful, even function when the faucet was used as a flow barrier. The system also comes with a nozzle pressure regulator that fits into the female end of the hose connection on the faucet.

Note that this is a 3/8-inch hose, so it will not provide the same amount of water as the thicker 5/8-inch water hoses.

[Editor’s Note] We’ve seen reviews online (mostly on Amazon) from people leaking from ports. All we can say is that Teresa followed the instructions on the package. It fastened the connections tightly to the smooth ends that were cut clean, adjusted the water pressure (on the tap) so that the water drips evenly over the hose and it does not leak at all.

Wonder Gro Soaker snake around tree

The simple cycle of the hose requires only one female supply connector and one male cap. I used this long elastic to pour dense dirt around trees near our patio. The water flows everywhere with a hose but does not get deep. The soak sucked slowly into the ground and was still damp the next morning.

With careful planning, you should be able to use almost any 30 meter hose with the items provided. You can also create a simple short hose to switch to different bushes or beds if you wish. I have developed three applications for watering with a water hose from Miracle-Gro Soaker system equipment. I found out that when designing the drink series I had used all the male hood pieces but had enough T-connectors available.

Spare parts are available

Make sure you plan the design in advance so that you do not have to change the connection after the suction hose has been attached. If you find that you could use the connectors more efficiently, then here’s another great feature: if things run out, you can order additional parts of all types in the system directly from the Swan. Be sure to select the EZ-Connect model.


Made in the USAThe Miracle-Gro Soaker system is insured against defects in material or workmanship for seven years.


This system is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to irrigate your garden space efficiently. The hose is easy to cut to any length to create a custom irrigation system. The connectors can be fastened quickly and without devices and do not leak (when properly attached). I recommend it for gardeners who water small gardens, drip water around trees or have more than one bed that needs constant watering.

Where to buy

The Miracle-Gro Soaker system kit can be purchased directly from Svanar’s website as well as on Amazon

The price is right for the hose as well as the equipment, especially considering that 50 foot hoses with only the head connection and cap usually sell for $ 15 or more. The included equipment weighs about 8 pounds. Both Swan and Amazon also have some spare parts. I would also look for retailers that sell Miracle-Gro products for the equipment and spare parts.

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