Mini Meadows: Grow a Little Patch of Colorful Flowers Anywhere in Your Yard by Mike Lizotte

Mini Meadows: Grow a small patch of colorful flowers in your garden

By Mike Brown
History Publisher, 201
Volume, 152 p

Do not skip the title Small pasture turn it off – this is not about creating a wild, unspoilt garden full of “weeds” and bugs. It surprises you how beautiful a pasture can be, even in urban or suburban areas.

Author Mike Lizotte is the owner of American Meadows and has been browsing since he was fourteen years old. He was known as the Seeder, 18 years old, and was a grazing economist at the front desk of the seed company he worked for (he still works, by the way, but now he and his partner own the company). All his life he has studied meadows and plants, read books, talked to other gardeners and planted meadows.

Mini Meadows author

Mike Lizotte has been in the meadows since he was 14 years old

Advantages of a meadow

The author helps readers clearly understand many of the benefits of the lawn regardless of its size, such as:

  • A meadow uses less water than a traditional lawn.
  • It only needs to be beaten once or twice a year.
  • It provides food and shelter for pollinating insects, beneficial insects, birds and other organisms.
  • The variety of birds and insects makes the garden more interesting for children.
  • It’s a great plan for erosion and hills that are hard or even dangerous to beat.
  • And if all this was not enough to convince you, the EPA says that filling up with lawn mowers spills 17 million liters of petrol every year.
Little no choice

Pastures are a great place for beneficial insects and a way to reduce mowing

What’s in the book?

í Small pastureLizotte has a short section for all possible questions or situations related to meadows. It covers topics such as:

  • Appropriate grazing size – Sizes can range from traditional grazing across the roadside (“Hell Strip”) to small containers.
  • How to prepare the soil and how to care for the pasture.
  • Which plants are suitable for soil type, exposure, pollination, water content, location and weather conditions? He provides a list of plants to help you choose the right plants.
  • This is how you attract positive pollination and wildlife into your pasture.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of plugs (small plants) over ordinary potted plants.
  • Selected quarters, perennial species, biennials, earthworms and some grapes – these are all in their parts with great color schemes.
  • Here’s how to collect and use seeds so you can grow your pasture or just keep it going.
Small no seedlings

From preparing the soil to selecting the plants, Mini Meadows offers a wealth of information.


Mini Meadows is a short but fun lecture with beautiful pictures in addition to the text. It is well organized and written in a conversational style that makes it very accessible. This is a simple book but inspiring, especially for those who are new to the park. And while much information is presented, it is not overwhelming.

The only thing I found doubtful is that a true self-sufficient lawn needs a considerable amount of grass – grasses and deciduous plants coexist and hardly touch grass as something that can be added. Otherwise, it provides fairly reliable information at all times.


Mini Meadows is available from AmazonYou can also find it through other booksellers.

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