LaCrosse Women’s Alpha Lite Boots: Review

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I look forward to using these comfortable and durable work boots for years to come

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Our 60 hectare farm is at the foot of a valley. We actually have two seasons in our area – snow season and mud season – we need good boots all year round. Unfortunately, I chased pigs through the mud on my slippers, milked the cows in slippers and tended the yard with my husband’s fertilizer size 13.

I needed my pair of reusable boots for both safety and comfort. Fortunately, a pair of LaCrosse Alpha Lite boots came out for testing.

Who doesn’t love LaCrosse shoes? I’m from Wisconsin, the home of the LaCrosse shoe company, and the locals all own LaCrosse boots.


  • STYLE: 610034
  • Weight: 3 kg in pairs
  • FLOOR: 14 inches
  • Insulation: 5 mm kidney material
  • COLOR: Gray / balsam green
  • CLOTHING: Polyester jersey
  • CONVERSATION: Best for mud
  • FOOT BETTER: Portable EVA footbed
  • BJÁLFUN: Nylon shaft
  • SERVICE AREAS: rated at -20 to 60 degrees or “mild”. (It seems that LaCrosse keeps cold and Arctic food for temperatures below 20. Hoping to stay indoors if it’s colder than -20 degrees, but it’s good to know there are options for people who may need it.)


The giant box is surprisingly light. Given the weight, I thought I might just get boots to try on. Luckily, I found two boots that were beautifully wrapped in an upholstered box. As an added bonus, the box is a lot of fun. Mom and I had a brief argument over whether the box should be my new garden box or a puzzle storage box for her. She won.

Lacrosse Alpha Lite Boot Unboxing

The boots came in a nice box that we reused for storage.

TRY the boots

I’m a woman with a big frame. I usually avoid women’s boots due to tight calves. I often wear medium-high boots for comfort. The LaCrosse Alpha Lite boots, however, offer some elastic at the top for a comfortable fit – the material is not stiff like many boots are. The flexibility of the material allows the calf to sit on top easily without gaps, which prevents water, mud or fertilizer from falling into the shoe. When I walk in my husband’s giant dirty boots, dirt inevitably gets into the top opening of the boots and makes my feet wet and dirty.

Lacrosse Alpha Lite boots on hay bales

The Alpha Lite boots fit my calves perfectly.

Larger size is for thick socks

I admit that I’m lazy when I put on my boots. My favorite boots and shoes were worn without bending. I tend to flop in the summer and hide the rest of the year for simplicity. However, the LaCrosse Alpha Lite boots need to bend and pull due to the 90 degree ankle angle. But with a little jerk, his foot slid straight into him.

I ordered my boots size larger than normal shoe size for heavy wool socks. I prefer the boots to be a little bigger in the summer when I’m in thinner socks but it’s hard to wear on cold days.

LARGE INSULATION – Even in freezing

I have tested the boots on all types of surfaces, including snow, ice, water and mud. The boots offer great grip in mud, water and snow. Walking on icy spots in the boots proved to be quite a challenge as the stairs were still slipping. My feet, on the other hand, kept me in my mid-thirties when I wore them to do the housework. Also, my feet kept quite dry as I walked through water. The boots fulfill their waterproof position.

Lacrosse Alpha Lite boots that are in the water

The boots were completely waterproof

Comfort all day

The boots proved to be comfortable for all-day tasks and offer a very light, non-limiting and flexible design. I moved with ease and confidence as my husband danced behind me in his tennis shoes, trying to avoid puddles and mud as I formed my boots. He hopes I will check out the LaCrosse men’s boots next time.

Lacrosse Alpha Lite boots in the ladder

The boots offer comfort and protection when working.


I cheated when I took off my boots. Knowing that I hate bending over and handling mud shoes my husband bought Boot removalI can recommend shoe cleaners for anyone who takes off their dirt boots every day. The boots come off easily as soon as the first suction breaks.

Lacrosse Alpha Lite boots with chickens

LaCrosse Alpha Lite women’s boots offered comfort in wet or dry areas.


Ever since I opened the box, I saw that these boots offer excellent design and construction. I appreciate the grip, flexibility and comfort of the boots. I have often forgotten that I was wearing work shoes because they felt so light. A little more space for my foot to slide through the ankle would be desirable, but most likely the space felt tight due to the wide legs. Even so, my boots and boots were easy to wear. I look forward to using the boots for years to come.

Lacrosse Alpha Lite format

The shape of the boots is great for lounging in the mud.


LaCrosse Footwear, Inc. guarantees that general-purpose footwear is free from defects in materials and workmanship for 180 days from the start date of purchase. LaCrosse guarantees that waterproof footwear and clothing products will be available for 180 days under normal conditions of use.


My favorite things about LaCrosse boots:

  • Light design. You can dance in these boots.
  • The generous diameter of the calf at the top allows taller women to wear the boots.
  • Convenient construction that prevents my foot from slipping into the tail.

Least favorite thing:

  • Narrow ankle path when the foot is inserted


The LaCrosse Alpha Lite boots are from Amazon as well as directly on LaCrosse website

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