LaCrosse Alpha Muddy Mule Shoes: Product Review

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Sturdy, comfortable garden shoes that are easy to put on and take off when the urge to garden arises!

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Do your favorite shoes wear out quickly? Do they smell like fresh manure? Min. I used them as multi-purpose shoes instead of wearing shoes that are specially designed for gardening. I have football boots, tennis shoes, running shoes, ski boots, hiking boots and shower shoes. I’m not sure why I never thought of buying a pair of shoes that were meant to work in the mud. I decided to order a pair of garden shoes from a well-known brand. Big mistake. The shoes did not fit properly and were uncomfortable. When I was asked to try Alpha Muddy Mule from LaCrosse Footwear, I took my chance.


  • content: handcrafted premium natural rubber over 3.5 mm insulating new construction
  • Air Circ Liner: Quick-drying mesh that allows air to flow into the trunk while walking
  • Footbed: upholstered, removable polyurethane
  • wave: Nylon (the shaft supports the foot between the insert and the outer sole)
  • Color options: Gray on gray (style # 612420) and brown on green – the color I tried (style # 612421)
  • height: 2.5 cm at the heel
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs. in pairs
  • Dimension: Men and women sizes 7-15 (not half sizes)
  • Also: The Alpha Muddy Mule LaCrosse footwear is designed for low temperatures from 0 to 70 ° C0 F. Other LaCrosse footwear products provide colder weather protection.

Out of the box

The shoes came before I bought myself more fertilizer and pots of soil! Kudos to LaCrosse for sending the shoes so soon.

After taking off my sharp sandals, I sat on the porch with my new LaCrosse garden shoes.

I chose clogs because they are the best shoe to take off quickly without touching the soles covered with feces. I am also warm by nature. When the temperature reaches 650 Q. I’m uncomfortable. Clogs seemed to be a cooler option in terms of temperature.

LaCrosse Alpha Muddy Mule shoebox

I smell neoprene in the morning

Fits perfectly

Have you ever tried something and thought, “My God! It fits like a glove! “Well, that’s what I was thinking, when I wore the Alpha Muddy Mule Clog, I felt very comfortable.

LaCrosse Alpha Muddy Mule shoe

The shoes fit comfortably and the nylon around the foot is stretched to fit well and hold the heel.

Buying shoes online is a challenge. Width, weight, arch support, size, comfort – with so many features to keep in mind, it’s rare to order shoes that fit the first time you try. Maybe I was lucky, but Alpha Muddy Mules fit well as soon as I wear them.

I especially liked the nylon stretch around the heel. The other blocks I have bought have a stiff heel. Every time I step into these shoes, the heel pops up and the foot slips out of the shoe. Elastic nylon Alpha Muddy Mules protects the shoe.

LaCrosse Alpha Muddy Mule shoe insole

Shoes with removable insoles.

In the trenches

I tried on a lot of shoes that felt great in the store but hurt when I wore them for an hour. The real test of the LaCrosse blocks was how they held and felt when they were doing large-scale gardening.

I got Alpha Muddy Mules to work. Since I got these shoes, I have worn them in the yard for more than 120 hours and walked the dog for another 40 hours, run errands, cleaned the pond, fed the fish and walked around my majestic villa.

LaCrosse Alpha Muddy-Mule shoes in nature

Then I pulled over and built a 15 meter high stone path.

I have dug about 25 holes with mine Earthquake power snailThe steps of the blocks were tested by digging into saturated red clay soil. Several times the stairs were filled with clay so I felt like I was in cement shoes. But after a quick rinse with the garden hose, the steps regained their grip.

The LaCrosse Alpha Muddy Mule is carried by a snail

I wore Alpha Muddy Mule Clogs with the excellent Earthquake Power Head Auger.

Dirty feet

I worked in the yard for a while with my other works. My WiFi Sun Joe Li-Ion 40V 12 Inch Battery Wheel + Cultivator kicked compost, pots of mold and mulch all over my shoes. When I removed it, a dirt ring was stuck over the school line. Thanks to the nylon elastic material, my feet were completely free of dirt.

Easy to clean

When I had mixed the fertilizer in the garden, I rinsed the shoes with my garden hose. Then I cleaned them using a trick my friend taught me years ago: condition boots and shoes with a small amount of olive oil to make them look like new. I rubbed a little olive oil on the top and sides of the blocks and they look great. And as an added bonus, my feet now smell like my Italian grandmother!

LaCrosse Alpha Muddy Mule shoes cleaned with olive oil

Upper cleaned with olive oil.


When it’s time to replace these shoes, I’ll order another pair of Alpha Muddy Mule clogs. That’s why I like them so much:

  • Comfortable fit without breaking time.
  • Good performance in dirty, dirty conditions.
  • Be comfortable after dressing.
  • Nylon elastic around the heel keeps the shoes in place, even when dirt passes through.
  • Neoprene and waterproof materials keep your feet dry.
  • They look great making them my favorite shoes. I will probably buy a few more for the home and non-gardening food.
  • Easy-on / Easy-off means my hands never have to touch fertilizer or mud.
  • Very durable. I expect them to last for many seasons.

Suggestion for improvement: Give half sizes. Adding half-size options ensures that each user experiences a perfect and custom fit without the possibility of too tight / oversized shoes to become uncomfortable.


LaCrosse offers a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. “Sport footwear” (except when used for professional, special or industrial purposes) “- are insured for” one year from the date of original purchase “. The warranty covers leakage during normal use.


I love the LaCrosse footwear Alpha Muddy Mules and they surpass the much more expensive shoes I bought from another company for the same purpose. If you park or walk in wet, muddy or difficult conditions, these shoes are what you need.


You can buy the LaCrosse footwear Alpha Muddy Mule shoes from Amazon or buy them directly from lacrosse for about $ 90 plus taxes and transportation where applicable.

If you prefer shoes that go further down the ankle than the mules, these are also available as ankle boots with an elastic band on the side and a pull tab:

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