Jade Cooling Towel: Product Review

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This towel keeps you cooler when it is wrapped around your neck but does not easily fall into place during gardening.

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The Jade cooling fabric was developed to lower body temperature in warm weather. Most outdoor enthusiasts or athletes have seen or tried cooling towels, but is it a good choice for us who work in the yard or yard? On a hot summer day here in the southwest of the country, everything that keeps me cooler is welcome in the garden. So I tried the cooling cloth for a few hot weeks.


Brown paper packaging contains the cooling cloth, which was made in California by a former domestic worker. The gardener only needs to soak the towel in cold water for 20 seconds, unwind it for 2 seconds and shake it for 20 seconds.


The jade cooling fabric is made of a material that contains jade nanoparticles and is based on “technology” that goes back centuries. According to the Jade Cooling company, there is a myth about a queen in the seventh to tenth century who sewed jade into her clothes to cool them down during the summer. The company combined this ancient “cure” and modern technology to create materials that can help keep water cool and keep you cool.

The material does not use material to create cooling or to retain water. This is ensured by the natural jade nanoparticles. Made from 70% nylon polyamide and 30% microfiber polyester, it is a washing machine and according to the company, it has bactericidal properties.

Jade dryers have a UV protection factor (UPF) of 30. UPF is a standard assessment system for measuring the absorption of UV radiation by clothing or fabric (similar to the sun protection factor we see on sun protection packaging). The grade of 30 for the Jade cooling cloth falls into the category “Very good UV protection” and prevents up to 97 percent of UV radiation.


Block out the material. The dark side (below the picture) has a moisture transfer effect and the soft side (above) with jade data lies on the skin.

One size fits all

The towel is 23 cm wide and 36 cm long. I thought it would suit me well, but is also big enough to handle a heavier neck than mine.


The towel is a good length to cover the neck and front of the chest without being too long

Use the Jade cooling cloth

Jade cooler is easy to use. Simply soak in cold water for 20 seconds to soak it thoroughly. Then press on the water (according to the instructions, you should only do this for two seconds). Finally, shake the towel for 20 seconds and then wrap it around your neck.

When I used the jade cooling cloth, water was soaked in the shirt under the scarf. Then I flipped it out thoroughly before using it and had less leakage. Remember that clothing that comes in direct contact with the towel will also get damp because it is damp.


Soak the towel in cold water for 20 seconds

The instructions say to put a softer side to the skin (this side contains the jade particles). The outer layer has a dot-colored pattern to increase evaporation and absorb moisture from the skin. I admit that it was quite confusing to look for the “soft” side; Neither side feels rough or stiff.

According to the instructions, the cooling effect should be from one hour to 90 minutes depending on the humidity and temperature you are working in. I found it to take almost an hour but with little humidity outdoors.

If the towel is losing its cool feeling but still has moisture in it, shake it several times to turn on the cooling again. If it dries, follow the steps above to wet it again.


Instructions are printed on the towel package.


Does it work? In short, yes. My blue jade cooling towel kept my neck and chest cool for about an hour and 10 minutes. It was refreshing! The company claims that the towel can cool down to 30 degrees, but there is no way to test this outside the laboratory.

As usual in the Southwest, the air was dry the first day I tried the cooler package. I liked how long the towel stayed rather moist and cool – around 45 minutes. My husband and I tested both jade cooling drums in the warmer weeks that followed (temperatures in the nineties) and got similar results with an average cooling time of almost an hour, especially when a light breeze hit.

The instructions were easy to follow and the process was fast; I just put the towel around my neck.

Use the Jade cooler in the yard

The only problem I had with the towel was that it got in my way when I was in it according to the instructions. It fell off my chest as I leaned and ran from time to time. I just could not wrap it around my neck or sit while I was gardening.

We tried different ways to keep the cooling cloth in place and found some options that work – like this. The more you move, the more likely you are to wrap yourself out, especially if you bend, turn or reach over your head. It’s easy enough to repack but a little annoying to keep doing this. Here are some ways to keep your towel in place:

  • Wrap the towel around your neck and stick the ends under it on the sides.
  • Use a soft clip or bobby pin to hold them in place.
  • Wrap the towel around your neck, get the two ends and stick them in a hat.

What did not work was a knot in the jade cooling cloth to hold it in place. It was not as comfortable as turning some jade silk from my neck which reduced the cooling effect.


A hat, sunglasses and a chic chic cloth make it easy to work on a sunny day


The Jade cooling fabric has a limited lifetime warranty and a 45-day money back guarantee from purchase. If you are returning it under warranty or satisfaction, you will be responsible for the shipping costs to Jade Cooling.


If you want a scarf or towel to keep you cool on hot and sunny days, the natural approach of the Jade cooling towel works quite well. Just wet the towel, wrap it out and put it around your neck as it will keep you cool for about an hour. The fabric is soft and comfortable and no odor, irritating seams or bumps. However, I think it’s better for people who do not bend, twist or achieve much while wearing them. Hikers, walkers and joggers would probably find it more useful than a gardener, as I found it difficult to be in my place with regular gardening. But it made it easier for me to relax on the terrace with a cold drink after a hot day in the garden!

Where to buy

Jade refrigeration wipes are manufactured in the USA (California). The cooling cloths are available in blue, pink or gray. You can buy one directly from Company website At the time of delivery, towels are $ 17.99 plus $ 3.50 shipping.