How To Grow Cucumbers – Which?

Cucumbers are relatively easy to grow, either in an unheated greenhouse or in a sunny place outdoors. Some species can even be grown in a hanging basket.

How to grow cucumbers: month after month

The best cucumbers

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How we try cucumbers

We grew different types of cucumbers and harvested fruit two to three times a week and recorded the number and weight of cucumbers for each type and evaluated them for quality. We also examined the varieties in terms of how easy they were to harvest, their taste and whether they landed in powdery mildew.

When to sow

From mid-late April or mid-May in the north, sow cucumbers for cultivation in greenhouses or multipurpose. For cucumbers, sow outdoors in mid-late May.

Use 5 cm pots or large modules and sow them in one Best Buy compost to sow seedsSeeds must be 20 ° C or higher to germinate; Sow in a greenhouse, in a heated multiplier or on an indoor window. Pot in one Best Buy compost for growing young plants When the plants have the first true leaves, keep them warm until they have about five leaves. Be careful not to spill them or the plants may rot and die.

Take care of your plants


Plant it growing pocket or pots (10L plus in size) of Best Buy compost for containers mixed with one The best business medium in a greenhouse or multipurpose and trains as debris on pillars or cables attached to the greenhouse frame. Squeeze the side shoots when the plants grow and when they reach the supports, let the plants run down.

Plant outdoors

Cucumbers can be planted outdoors in a sunny place after the risk of frost has passed in late May or early June.

Grown in a hanging basket

New species have produced small cucumber plants suitable for growing in hanging baskets. Put one plant on a 30 cm basket, use one for this Best Buy compost for containers mixed with one The best business mediumHang the basket on the outside in a sunny place and let the vines hang without supporting them. The fruits are easy to find and should be picked when they are about four inches long.

Watering and feeding

Keep the water good – cucumbers are thirsty – and give them liquid fertilizer like tomato feed if you do not have one. Controlled discharge current in compost at planting.

Plants outdoors

Cucumbers outdoors need little attention. After transplanting, you can cover the plants with chips if there is still a little cold wind. Keep the area weed and watch the first fruits from the end of July. When fruit starts and lunch is above 22 ° C, you can expect five or more fruits a week, mainly in August.

How and when to harvest

Harvest in: July to October

Choose cucumbers before the color fades to a dark green color. Pale skin indicates seed maturation, as the flesh becomes harder and less sweet. Regular picking encourages the development of more fruit. So it is worthwhile to go undercover every day and look every other day.

Cucumbers outdoors are usually grown in September, but indoor plants continue until early October.

Common growth problems


Powdery mildew is the biggest problem to beware of. Remove the effect from the leaves, not too much of the plants, water them well and avoid getting the leaves wet when watering.

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Spider ant

Spider mites can cause spotted and yellow leaves. Beware of the fine tires they produce. They can be controlled by biological control such as Phytoseiulus or Amblyseius. These predatory mites feed on the pest and solve the problem for you.

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