How To Grow Chillies – Which?

In addition to being tasty, peppers are easy to grow. They are good in pots and thrive on a sunny terrace, balcony or window sill.

How to grow peppers: month after month

Best chilli varieties

How we try peppers

We have chosen 16 chilli varieties with colorful fruit and attractive foliage or good taste. This includes some old favorites. We saw the seeds in our greenhouse in early March. All the peppers were in 9 liter jars in one Best Buy compost for containers We added some fertilizer with controlled release to this and stored in multiples. They received tomato feed once a week as soon as they began to bloom. At the end of September, we evaluate the plants in terms of their decorative value and how much fruit they had produced. We also asked a small tasting group to rate the taste and temperature of the chilies, both dried and in sauce.

When to sow

You can buy plants in the garden center in the spring or sow seeds in a heated multiplier or on a warm window from mid-February to March. They need a minimum of 18 ° C to germinate. Start with peppers at the beginning of the year, you can let the fruit ripen in the summer.

Sow the seeds thinly in pots or bowls of a Best Buy compost to sow seedsCover with a thin layer of fine compost or vermiculite. Just keep the compost moist; The seeds do not germinate when they dry out.

Carefully insert the plants into individual pots with a Best Buy compost for growing young plants and potted until they are in the last container, which should be 25-30 cm wide. Use one to pot in the last container Best Buy compost for containers and mix one together The best business medium

Take care of your plants

Where to grow

If you are going to grow your chilli plants outdoors, wait until the chances of frost have passed in late May or early June before heading out in full sun. Peppers will be killed by frost if taken out too early. Or put your plants on a sunny window sill in the house.

Feed and water

Feed the plants weekly tomato fertilizer from the first flowers and water when the compost dries. This can be done twice a day in warm, dry weather.

Secure all but the shortest varieties with sticks to support the stems under the weight of fruit development.

How and when to harvest

Harvest in: September-November

The fruit should ripen in September or October, depending on the summer. If the peppers do not mature outdoors, place the whole plant on a sunny indoor window sill to encourage the process. Mice like to eat chilli, just like birds. Therefore, if your plants show signs of attack, you may need to protect them.

If you want chilli the following year, try to bring the plant indoors as soon as the frost threatens. You can continue to harvest ripe peppers over the winter and cut the plant back a bit to encourage new growth in February.

Save your crop

It is easy to dry peppers or freshly frozen so that the excess can be saved later in the year. They can also be pickled in vinegar or added to spices for seasoning.

Common growth problems


These sap insects can weaken the plant and cause poor growth. Crush everything you find or use the appropriate organic insecticide.

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