How To Get An Allotment

Most of the land should have a yard that is accessible from your home. If you do not know where your allocation is, contact your local council. If you live in a rural area, contact your local council.

In many areas, site parks are so popular that you may need to be on a waiting list. It can take several months to several years depending on where you live. While annoying, it may mean that you may need to accept a recently modified box on a well-maintained site.

A standard plot is around 250 square meters, although many places now offer half or less, especially when demand is high. Expect about 30-50 pounds a year in a whole lot.

What to look for in a plot yard

If you are lucky enough to be offered a free-standing plot, ask the local secretary or the municipality’s allocation representative for the following:

Access and parking

Even if you are within walking distance of the yard, you will sometimes need to leave heavy or bulky items behind.

Location of taps and rules for hydraulics

Many places do not allow hoses other than to fill a tank or rain barrel on your property. The distance between the crane and the field will be a decisive factor in the heat wave of the summer!

Horticultural supplies

Some locations have convenient stores for gardening or organize bulk orders for seeds.

Local sources of fertilizer

Some places take care of delivery or have specified areas for fertilizer, composted green waste, etc.

A common mower

It is expected that you keep the paths around your property clean and tidy and there are websites that organize working groups for public areas. Some locations offer shared lawn mowers, otherwise you will need to bring a lawn mower.

Sheds and greenhouses

Building a shed or greenhouse can be tempting, but vandals or thieves can often ruin your investment. It is often much better to invest your time and money to take care of your plants. Many property managers only bring their tools with them when they visit, but some sites have a common toolbox. Sometimes the location rules do not allow buildings. Check this out before you buy one.

If you still have your heart in the power socket, it’s worth doing your research. Find out who

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previous tenant

Having a lot of choices will save you a lot of groundbreaking work on a lot that was recently worked on. As a bonus, you can inherit soft fruit bushes or compost.


Ask nearby conspirators about things like theft, vandalism, and flooding. big pests too – rabbits, deer and pigeons can cause havoc if they are not ready. Talking to them will tell you more about the local soil and weather conditions and which plants will thrive.