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At the National Hardware Show 2019 in Las Vegas, we came across a company called HeroclipThe slogan is: hang up your things, let go of your handsTMThey gave me three of the carbine-style multi-clamps (Medium, Small, Mini) to try out in the yard.

Do you always want to hang tools for garden tools, a bathtub, a bucket, a water can, a garden hose, a basket or a number of garden or landscaping tools so you can work on the project without keeping these things on the go? use another tool? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hang your tools on a shelf, door handle, rack, tree or shrub?

Now it’s possible with HeroclipA breakable hook with a clamp attached to it solves all these challenges and much more.

Heroclip tub worn cut

Medium Heroclip hanging pot Moved the installed plant to collect clippings without having to bend and put in the container

Heroclip packaging on the front

Packaging poster


content: All Heroclips consist of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, carbon-steel nickel-plated rivets, stainless steel gates, and nylon composite alloy for the swing arm.

Mini Hero Clips

  • Closed: 1-7 / 8 “x 2-1 / 4”
  • to open: 1-7 / 8 “x 4-1 / 4”
  • Weight: 0.7 ounces.
  • Please wait: 40 lbs.

Little Heroclip

  • Closed: 2-1 / 3 “x 3”
  • to open: 2-1 / 3 “x 5-1 / 5”
  • Weight: 1.1 ounces.
  • Please wait: 50 kg

Medium Heroclip

  • Closed: 3 “x 3-3 / 4”
  • to open: 3 “x 7-1 / 4”
  • Weight: 2 aurar.
  • Please wait: 60 lbs.
Heroclip packaging on the back

Poster with packaging on the back


All Heroclips come packaged on a sleek pegboard-compatible poster. It is printed on both sides and the clamps are fastened with cable ties. It’s a nice neat package with lots of ideas for using the clips on the back of the card.


The people from Heroclip designed a handy device they call the Hybrid Gear Clip. It’s actually a combination of carbine (a nice name for a piece of metal shaped in a loop with a spring bar called a “side”) and 3600 Rotating hook.

By pushing the gate inside the carabiner, the outer hook can be turned 90 °0 swung from the carbine and onto a nylon composite swivel rod to be positioned as a hook. The hook can be rotated 360 degrees to increase its versatility0 Suitable for almost any hanging position, while the carabiner (with closed spring side) is permanently attached to what it is attached to.

Heroclip carbine and Heroclip

Heroclip left and carbine right. Heroclip is not suitable for climbing like the red carbine (right).

Basically, what you have here is a carabiner with a hook that spins and spins back and forth parallel to the carbine. However, if you do not open the swivel hook, you have a standard snap hook that you can use to attach items permanently (for example, to attach a water bottle to a backpack).


Heroclip like a hook clamp


Heroclip as a carbine

The point (or “beak” like Heroclip) call it) the hook has a rubbery composition that should “grip almost any surface”. And the body vortex rotates 180 up and down0 Bend over the back of the carbine.

Heroclip beak and rotation

The “beak” and nylon composite rotation form the hook / rotation mechanism

Stainless and corrosion resistant

All the knuckles that hold the device together are made of carbon steel with a nickel-plated coating, the hook and the carabiner are made of anodized aluminum from aircraft, the rotation is made of nylon composite alloy and the gate is made of stainless steel. All components make the device corrosion resistant. However, be careful when using it around fertilizers as it can be very corrosive and damage Heroclip when exposed to these substances.

What can it be used for?

There is almost endless use for Heroclip in the garden (not to mention everyday use).

My favorite use involves holding a pot jug next to a raised metal container (when I separate and cut) and hanging the tool in the yard on a door handle near my yard bench (where my bench is covered with pots of mold, tools and pots) and hanging my Maine Hod ( vegetable / fruit basket) when I’m picking grain from my raised greenhouse.

This is also a great invention to help gardeners who struggle with obedience. You can use it to hang things on elevated planters, on the edge of wheelbarrows, on trellises, on belt loops, and much more. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Heroclip garden bag on the door

Little Heroclip Hang a garden bag on the door handle of my garden shed next to the garden bench. The tools are at my fingertips when I need to use them.

3 sizes for each application

Heroclip comes in three sizes (medium, small and small). I tried all three and found that I used the little one the most. But I found use for the Mini too (like hanging a 5 liter bucket on a raised bed and wire rods). And I used the medium Heroclip hang a hose on the grid to keep it away from delicate plants while I watered the plants below.

The size you use is highly dependent on the Heroclip application and if you are going to glue the clip permanently on whatever you are hanging. Personally, I would have at least one of all sizes.

The clamps come in a variety of colorsI asked for red for my review as it is a color that is good to see in the garden.


Heroclipsays that their products are “built to last. We stand behind all the products we ship and work hard to fix defects in Heroclip

If you have problems with your Heroclipyou can contact the company at [email protected]You want to know 1) when you bought your Heroclip, 2) where you bought it and 3) the problem you are having.

Heroclip Maine Garden Hod

Little Heroclip with a basket to collect produce, Maine Hod, from a raised space


What can I say, I love Heroclip and I can only recommend it. Although this is not usually a “garden tool”, there are so many users in the garden. And if you want to attach shopping bags to your shopping cart (or a number of other uses), just bring them out of the yard and use them in other applications. I now carry one on my keychain – for that matter.

I like that they are made of high quality material, are reliable and have a long service life. The fat and production are excellent (no sharp corners or misaligned parts). The aluminum of the aircraft is anodized (not painted to prevent flaking). The swivel / swivel arm is a composite nylon blend that makes it very strong. The rivets are made of nickel-plated (corrosion-inhibiting) carbon steel. The gate is made of stainless steel and is therefore stainless. Everything, Heroclip is corrosion resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

A new idea, you think. If it is not a hook boat, then it is a direct carbine (for applications where you do not need a hook and rather need a traditional carbine).



Heroclip is available in small, medium and small colors as well as in different colors and consists of a combination of carbine and 3600 Rotating hook so you can use it both as a clamp and a hook

Heroclip is available from Amazon in medium little and Mini, all in different colors. They can also be purchased from Heroclip directly from their website

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