Heavy-Duty Plant Caddy (Cascade Manufacturing): Review

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Extremely reliable high-quality planter with a beautiful hammered texture. Built to last a lifetime.

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Heavy Duty Plant Caddy Cascade Manufacturing is not some lightweight plant doll that will fall apart after just one season, collapse while driving or just contain a small plastic pot. It is a Real Caddy – in the fullest sense of the word.

Designed for flower pots weighing up to 450 lbsCaddy is made of powder coated steel that easily accommodates large, heavy plant containers (or anything you can put on them, such as central heating).

To meet this weight, the caddy itself is quite heavy and weighs from 12.5 to 22 pounds (depending on the size of the caddy).

Cascade Production of high quality plant caddy wrapped in paper in a cardboard box

I think it is good that the company uses environmentally friendly packaging whenever possible and that all paper packaging is 100% recyclable. In addition, a personal letter is included!

Rolls on 3 continuous wheels

The caddy has three sturdy rubber wheels that roll well over flat surfaces and can be rotated 360 degrees so that it can be moved relatively easily. I say ‘relative’ because it’s not easy to push planted over 200 pounds, even if the wheels move freely!

Optional locking device is available if you want to move the plant trolley. If it has a lighter plant it might be a good idea. However, with a large and heavy tub, I found that the wheels would probably not roll unless I intentionally tried to move the cat.

Wheels and rims in a high-performance plant trolley

The three wheels rotate smoothly, rotate 360 ​​degrees and give the plant trolley good steering ability.

Very stable

What I like best about the Heavy Duty Plant Caddy is its low center of gravity. With the platform only ½ inches above the ground (and under the wheels), the plant pupa is incredibly stable. Unlike most tires, you do not have to worry about the tub overturning when you move it. The pot stays firmly on the edge and there is no tilting.

Bottom, wheels and rims on a strong plant trolley from Cascade Manufacturing

The caddy floor is only 1 cm above the floor and under the wheels which makes it very stable. You can also see the beautiful hammered copper texture.

Stylish and solid finish

Heavy Duty Plant Caddy is available in two beautiful powder coated versions: hammered copper wire and hammered black. This is not your typical plastic sheet or matte painted texture.

The coating makes the whole caddy rust resistant so it can be outside all year round (although it looks so good that you also want to have one inside!). Although the finish is very strong, it is possible to cut, bend or scratch it if you hit it hard enough. Heavy clay plants can also scratch or carry the surface of the seedbed when moving the pot.

My plant pupa has a large Meyer lemon tree that is watered regularly all year round. As there is no saucer under the pot, water flows over the Heavy Duty Plant Caddy at least once a week (more often in the summer). After a year, there are few small spots that the heavy pot supports the only rust mark.

If you notice damage to the surface, I recommend updating it with enamel paint to prevent rust from exposed steel.

Cascade Manufacture heavy duty factory caddy bottom

After a year of use, only a few small rust spots remain. You can see where the tips of some raised “points” were conveyed by rubbing the heavy plant pot as you move. Otherwise, there is no sign of damage or rust (the spots are mineral needs after the very hard water in Tucson).

Designed for water flow

The bottom of the pot on which the pot rests has “points” that raise the bottom of the pot slightly so that water can easily flow out of the bottom of the pot. The middle hole drains the water quickly from the basin and if you center your pot over it, the water can also flow freely out of the pot.

The “dots” otherwise give the very smooth surface a slight texture and prevent the pot from slipping when the cat is moved.

If you do not like the water flowing on the floor or if you use the plant pupa indoors, just put a saucer under the pot.

Available in 3 sizes

Heavy Duty Plant Caddy is available in three sizes: 14, 17 and 22 inches. This number stands for Internal diameter from the edge of the cadence; The outer edge is 5 to 5.5 inches wider.

The outer edge is the only problem I have with this extremely strong plant caddy. Although the edge is decorative and helps to keep the pot in place when the dolly is turned over, it also limits the size of the pot that can be used with the plant caddis. Other plant pupae are suitable for pots hanging over the dollar. you can not do that.

The edge also makes it harder to figure out what size caddy to order. As your flowerpot shrinks toward the bottom, measure the diameter 2 inches above the bottom to make sure it fits the edge of the cadence (if you’ve ever tried this, you know how heavy it can be!). If the plant is 14, 17 or 22 inches wide at the base and flares out, you will probably need to buy a larger cable.

Measuring tape with inner diameter of a high-performance plant trolley from Cascade Manufacturing

The specified inner diameter takes into account the wider parts of the rim above the wheels. However, the edge limits the size of the pot that can be placed on the caddy.

Made in the USA

Cascade Manufacturing, based in Bellingham, WA, manufactures the plant in its metal industry workshop. The company is owned and operated on site.


All Cascies Manufacturing Rolling Plant Caddies come with a one year warranty. The warranty does not apply to coatings or rollers as they may be damaged by an “operator error” (that’s my name, not yours).


This is a plant caddy that was built to last. there is nothing “cheap” or boring about it. The recessed floor design makes it extremely stable, the wheels roll smoothly and the finish retains its beautiful appearance even when exposed to constant scorching sun and wet rain. Although it is a bigger investment than most other plant dolls, its quality, craftsmanship and design make it a worthwhile purchase, especially if you need to move heavy pots (or other items) around often.

Where to buy

The Heavy Duty Plant Caddy can be bought from amazon but it’s a little cheaper to buy directly from Cascade Manufacturing, with prices (excluding shipping) ranging from $ 144.99 for the 14-inch model to $ 224.99 for the 22-inch model.

Shipping costs and time vary by location. A quick search on the Cascade Manufacturing website found different shipping costs and time. For example, it’s $ 12.88 for 3 days to Seattle, WA and $ 34.32 and 7 days to Portland, ME.