Greenworks 1800PSI Electric Pressure Washer (GPW 1803): Review

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Stylish, PWMA certified high pressure cleaner for beginners that offers a good ratio for price and performance.

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There are so many different electric pressure machines on the market today. Which one do you choose? In this test, I looked at the Greenworks 1800 PSI electrical pressure equipment (GPW 1803). Let’s try it and see what we discover.


  • print: 1800 psi (lbs per square inch)
  • Water consumption: 1.1 GPM (liters per minute)
  • Water temperature during use: Cold water (less than 1040 F)
  • Length of pressure hose: 25 fet
  • Length of power cord (with circuit breaker): 35 fet
  • machine: 13 Amp. Electric
  • wheels: 8 “diameter, plastic
  • Mouthpiece: 250400, Turbo, soap
  • Nozzle cleaning needle: Yes
  • Soap tank: Yes (integrated as part of the pressure washer)
  • Certification: PWMA (Association of High Pressure Equipment)


This device was manufactured specifically for Lowe and delivered by local dealers. It arrived in a truck and was transported by hand to my garage by the crew who moved. The box was undamaged and all its contents remained intact.

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine box

The box came through with no bends or scratches

The components in the box have been tightly packed with plastic trays and air-filled bags to protect the machine’s finish and ensure safe travel during transport.

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine open

Plastic bags and inflatable pillows protect the device from scratches and damage during transport

Before assembling anything, I should always check that all parts are present, along with the instruction manual and other information related to the machine. Everything was taken into account.

Greenworks 1800 PSI pressure equipment loose parts

All parts are included with the operating instructions, assembly instructions and accessories

Instructions for the PARLIAMENT could be clearer

Written assembly instructions for this Greenworks pressure equipment were not very helpful. The graphics were better but not great.

Written instructions do not specify which parts are included and where the parts must go to assemble the device correctly. So I mainly rely on the diagrams when I put the device together. When I was assembling a lot of washing machines, I had to look at the diagrams and twice over to make sure that all the different screws were put in the correct holes. My main concern was to use the wrong screw in the wrong hole and remove the threads.

The assembly process included:

  • Adding two 8-inch wheels,
  • Assembly of the front plate and the spray gun holder,
  • Adds power cord and hangers for high pressure hoses and
  • Insert the handlebar into the lower upright tubes of the high-pressure hydraulic frame.

I then hung the power cord on the appropriate hook and did the same with the high pressure hose. I connected the high pressure hose to the washing machine pump, put the spray gun and attached the other end of the high pressure hose to it. I finally squeezed the gun into the gun holder on the handlebars.

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine installed at the rear

This is what the back of the pressure equipment looks like when it is fully assembled. Check the neatly wound high pressure hose. This is how it came out of the box. Winding and winding problems started when I was using the device (see below).

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine at the front

Here is the front of the pressure gauge when it is fully equipped


The cleaning performance and speed that can be cleaned area with pressurized fluid depends on the water flow (measured in liters per minute or GPM), spray nozzle pattern and pump pressure (PSI). If I wanted a machine that could clear large areas quickly, I would look at a semi-commercial or business model – it could cost hundreds of dollars more than a machine like the Greenworks 1800 PSI GPW 1803 power press.

It’s a misnomer that just because you have the same PSI, you have the same cleanup rate. You can use the same spray pattern and pressure, but the water flow for private labels is much higher which allows for faster cleaning.

Greenworks 1800 PSI (GPW 1803) is a good electric high pressure cleaner for beginners. A variety of cleaning tasks can be performed with the nozzle provided (below), from washing the car to removing paint (slowly).

The following is what Greenworks contains about the nozzles:

  • 25.0 (green) – “The narrow fan head” is a good nozzle for cleaning decks, sides, sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  • 400 (White) – The “Wide Fan Tip” nozzle is ideal for washing windows, patio furniture, boats, cars, landscaping equipment, RVs and more.
  • Soap (Black) – “Soap tip” is used to apply a special detergent to the surface before washing under pressure. The detergent (used only specially designed for washing machines) is sprayed at low pressure and helps to remove dirt from the surface. The soap nozzle fits at the end of the spray nozzle like any other nozzle.
  • turbo (black) – A 00 up to 150 Spray pattern. The turbo nozzle is injected into a rotating cylinder at about 3000 revolutions per minute (revolutions per minute). Its main advantage is that it can clean up to 50% faster than a traditional fan nozzle. The turbocharger on the Greenworks GPW 1803 pressure equipment also has 00 up to 150 Spray the pattern so that you do not need any special advice to complete the tasks that these narrow sprays need.

Be careful with the turbo nozzle; If it is kept too close to softer materials (such as wooden furniture), cracks can be cut in the wood.

A nice feature of this Greenworks unit is that the nozzles are marked according to their application. For example, it can be seen with 400 Nozzle for washing cars (these can be boats, motorhomes and similar vehicles).

NOTE: Paints such as motorhomes, cars, boats, etc. May be damaged if you use the wrong nozzle or if you hold the syringe too close to the painted surface.

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine nozzles

The nozzles are clearly marked for each use. However, read the instruction manual to familiarize yourself with the nozzle that corresponds to any cleaning / nudity draw.


There are some warning and warning signs in the operating instructions. Do yourself a favor and read the manual. It is easy to hurt yourself or others by accident.

Here are some basics (but not all):

  • Wear gloves and goggles with side or face shields.
  • Never point the spray gun at spectators or pets.
  • Do not use it in wet or rain (as this is an electrical appliance).
  • Before replacing the nozzle, turn off the engine, press the high pressure hose by turning on the gun, and use the handle locking device.
  • Hold the spray gun with both hands, one on the lighter and one on the wand. Do not operate with one hand as the force of retraction may cause you to lose the Missing Gun.
  • Never perform maintenance work without completely switching off the appliance (and unplugging the power cord) Release the pressure in the pump and the high pressure hose / gun.
  • Leave the device outside the freezing point.
  • Read the manual on use, safety and maintenance.


Before I grabbed the gun and started testing, I had to connect the garden hose. The attachment to the hose piece on the side of the machine is very easy.

Greenworks 1800 PSI pressure hose garden hose connection

It was no problem to connect the garden hose next to it the pressure equipment

Connect the right nozzle

The first thing to do is decide which mouthpiece to use. After choosing it, I slid it into the copper bracket at the end of the spray gun. All nozzles that come with the machine are compatible with quick connectors.

The most important thing is to make sure that the nozzle is correctly positioned in the copper-float connection table at the end of the spray gun. Otherwise you will push the nozzle out of the spray tube and chances are you will never find it again.

The key to inserting the mouthpiece is to retract the copper collar and slide the mouthpiece into the collar. Pull the nozzle towards you as you slide the copper collar back (away from you) over the metal end of the nozzle. Pull the mouthpiece firmly to make sure it is in place. And that’s it, you’re good to go.

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine nozzle and quick coupler

It is easy to insert the nozzle into the quick connection in copper

How did it work

Use a soap syringe and dispenser

I started with the soap dish nozzle and the built-in detergent nozzle on the front of the unit. Sá 40.0 Soap nozzle Use soap under low pressure (never use soap with a high pressure nozzle).

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine soap nozzle

The black nozzle is the low pressure nozzle for dispensing specially formulated high pressure cleaners

The soap dish on the front of the Greenworks 1800 PSI pressure equipment GPW 1803 automatically mixes the detergent with water. It is a great help; You do not have to worry about diluting the concentrate and calculating all the math to correct the proportions.

When I buy a high-wash soap, I prefer the stuff I do not need to dilute. Be sure to read the instructions on the washing machine bottle before you buy. In some cases, dense soaps need to be diluted before being poured into the soap dispenser.

I like that the soap container in this unit is on the front of the pressure equipment, easily accessible and with a large cap (so it is easy to pour the detergent out of a bottle without spilling anything).

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine in soap

I like the big cap for pouring pressure equipment – it helps prevent spillage. Another great feature is a quick guide (printed on the soap tank) on how to start a washing machine.

After applying the soap to my car and letting it sit for the manufacturer’s recommended time (be careful not to dry it as it leaves streaks), I switch to my 40th birthday0 Mouthpiece and began to wash the soap off. The detergent should work mostly and work in conjunction with the nozzle. You can get into trouble with a washing machine quickly if you only rely on the washing machine to do the job (so do not use 250 Nozzle to wash your car and other similar vehicles).

Both the soap nozzle and 400 The mouthpiece worked fine. In terms of car wash performance, the GPW 1803 performed well and I was pleased with the result.

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine soap

I used the low pressure soap nozzle to disperse the soap to start the car wash process

Greenworks-1800-PSI-washing machine-washing-cart-with-40 degree nozzle

After spreading the soap, I’ll switch to 400 Nozzle and started spraying the car

Use the high pressure nozzles

First I tried the turbo nozzle. It was like magic cleaning a moldy part of the concrete of my walkway. With the turbo nozzle, I was also able to blow small, peeling paint pieces off furniture.

Greenworks 1800 PSI high pressure cleaner nozzle

The turbo nozzle was very effective in clearing mold from my concrete path

So I tried 250 traditional blow nozzle on the moldy concrete. It also easily shot out of shape. It lasted longer than the turbo nozzle but was just as effective. However, it did not remove any peeling paint.

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine 25 degree nozzle

The 25th0 The nozzle did a great job of removing mold from my concrete path

With 00 By spraying the turbo nozzle, I was able to remove stains in hard-to-reach areas, including cracks and areas that would otherwise have been inaccessible.

Overall, I was very pleased with the cleaning results Greenworks 1800 PSI GPW 1803 electric pressure washer. It worked well to wash my windows, clean the car, remove mold from my concrete walkway, remove peeling paint from wooden outdoor furniture and even cover areas on the second floor with 00 Jet.

Confused and kinky hypertension

Of all the pressure chambers I have tested, this pressure hose was the most difficult to handle. It was difficult to roll back and forth (even when it was not attached to the gun). I have used all the right winding techniques, such as For example, if you run the hose in a straight line and turn the hose when you wind it, it just does not wind up easily. It also tended to kink quite a bit, especially when I had a coil in the circuit and was pulling the hose towards my work area.

All of this happened even though I used it at a temperature in the seventies0 F area so that the hose was fine and flexible.

I would recommend replacing the high pressure hose that this unit comes with Flexzilla ¼ ”flexible hybrid of high pressure cleaning hose

Greenworks-1800-PSI-pressure washer-Kink-hoses-2

While preparing for work, I had to remove the spray gun from the high-pressure hose to complicate it.

Greenworks 1800 PSI high pressure cleaner jumble dishwasher

Even when I released the high-pressure nose gun, it was still difficult to roll up

Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine kinked hose

The hypertensive tube tended to nod


The GPW 1803 electric high-pressure cleaner from Greenworks 1800 PSI comes with a three-year lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


With the GPW 1803, Greenworks has a beautiful 1800 PSI pressure fluid with some notable features. I like the tight size, mobility, the spray heads that are accessible, the big hood for the detergent container and the handy hooks for both the high pressure hose and the power cord. It is also certified by the Association of Pressure Equipment Manufacturers (PWMA).

It does its job well by performing typical high pressure cleaning tasks such as washing a car, cleaning a driveway and removing small paint chips (slowly).

However, I found the hypertension tube difficult to treat. To fix it, I had to pull it out of the gun. To roll it up, I had to separate it from the gun and the machine and put it in a straight line. It tended to nod.

I would replace the high pressure hose on the Flexzilla hose device and that’s it. Yes, you have to pay more for this conversion, but I found the comfort and performance of the Flexzilla hose made the Greenworks 1800 PSI washing machine GPW 1803 a much better machine.


This washing machine (type GPW 1803) is offered exclusively to LowesAdmittedly, it’s retailing for $ 179.00 with free shipping.

Note that the Lowe website states that the unit has 5 nozzles. That’s not the case. GPW 1803 has only 4 nozzles (Turbo, 40025.0 and soap). Very similar to GPW 1800 (sold on Amazon ) has 5 nozzles (it is also 0)0 Jet).

You can use … Flexzilla, flexible hybrid blended polymer high pressure cleaning hose (25 ‘) on amazon.

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