Gardening Jobs For September – Which?

The harvest

When the leaves fall off, they are ready to be picked. Check them and use them first with any signs of damage. The rest of the crop can then be woven into old mesh bags, planters or even into cables.

Pumpkins and zucchini need to be lifted off the ground before harvesting to grow in the sun. If the weather is wet, cut them early and let them mature in a greenhouse or on a sunny window sill. To preserve the fruit, store them in a warm room for fourteen days and place them in a dry, cool but frost-free place.

The first apple varieties such as “Discovery” are best picked and eaten as they mature.

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Be ready for spring

Spring still seems to be long, but September is the perfect month to prepare a beautiful flower display.

  • Planted spring beds such as violets, wall flowers and sweet williams. There should be a good selection of plants in the garden center. Water them well before planting and soak them well in dry weather so that they can settle quickly.
  • Buy spring flowering bulbs. Choose sturdy, bulbous light bulbs and avoid showing signs of mold. Plant them as soon as possible so they can take root. Cool, humid conditions in late autumn are best for tulips. So wait until you plant them.

Keep the patio going

Enjoy the summer show until the end by keeping the containers in shape.

Turn off the plants regularly to encourage more flowering. Soak well in dry weather and give extra boost by feeding them weekly with liquid fertilizer. Controlled-release foods now have no steam.

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Replace polynomials

Autumn is a good time to split a planet like Hemerocallis. Lift the dam up and divide it into pieces either by tying it apart with two forks or by cutting it into pieces with a shovel or a bread knife.

Each piece needs a few leaves and roots. Older pieces from the center of the pile should be discarded, but newer pieces can be replanted or shared with friends.

Some perennials, such as B. sedums, are replaced every few years so that the crumbs grow vigorously.

Vegetarian jobs for September

Even when the weather is sunny and warm, the nights are colder now and there is dew on the ground in the morning. Autumn has arrived and it’s time to do an audit and clean up. But there is still time to sow some selected vegetables …

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