Gardening Jobs For October – Which?

Plant spring pots

If you have not already planted a few containers with spring color, then it is time to plant bedding such as violets and wall flowers, as well as spring flowering bulbs.

Keep your pots in a safe place, for example B. under the terrace to encourage flowering in winter and prevent plants from rotting in wet winters. Cyclamen and Brussels sprouts are particularly prone to decay in humid conditions.

You do not get crowds in colder weather but milder periods should show a good show.

Be sure to get yourself one

Clear leaves

The easiest way to remove leaves from the lawn is to run over them lawn mowerThe operation of the mower blades helps to shred the leaves and make them rot faster.

Collect such leaves once a week – if it takes longer, the grass grows tall and becomes harder to mow.

To clean porches, steps and other surfaces, a leaf blower is a better bet. Blow the leaves on the grass so that the mower picks up or blows on the tarp and pulls them onto the compost.

Protect fragile plants

If you have sensitive plants like canna, then it’s time to bring them indoors before the frost kills them.

Choose a bright, frost-free place like a greenhouse or a cooler. Then keep them on the dry side during the winter so they do not grow much.

The plants can then be brought back to growth in the spring by gradually increasing the water they receive

Rotate the compost heap

Since the garden is tidy for winter preparation, a lot of material is produced for composting. To allow it to decompose quickly, flip the contents regularly to stir well and let in plenty of air.

Degradation rate naturally decreases in colder weather but increases rapidly in warmer weather.

How to create a leaf shape

Which? Gardening has tried several methods to create leaf shapes and this method has proven to be the best:

  • Chop the leaves by running a mower over them or grabbing them with a leaf blower.

  • If the leaves are not yet moist, sprinkle them with water.

  • Put them in a black plastic bag and seal them when they are full.

  • Insert a few holes in the pockets with a garden fork.

  • Leave the bags in the quiet corner of the yard.

  • Your light, crumbly leaf form should be ready in 12 months.

Vegetarian jobs for October

The winter vegetable season begins in October.

  • Sow winter salads
  • Clear the greenhouse
  • Buy garlic

Read our instructions on how to do this vegetable jobs for October