Gardening Jobs For November – Which?

Put the mower away

In November, the weather should be cold enough so that the grass does not have to be mowed regularly, although in winter it usually needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Clean the bottom by cutting off dried grass and making sure the waste bag is empty. In the case of a petrol engine, drain the fuel as unleaded petrol cannot be stored.

Plant tulips

Planting the tulip in November is not going to prevent the fungal disease of tulip burns, despite what you may have read elsewhere. However, it is a good time to plant the tulips as they enjoy cool, humid conditions associated with this time of year.

Look for onions with whole skin and no signs of fungus. The tulip should be planted two to three times as deep as the bulb.

Sharpen scissors

It’s a busy time of year to clean up. Therefore, make the job easier by sharpening scissors. First remove the hardened juice with steel wool.

Then hold the clipper firmly in your hand with a fine grinder (or sharpener) and apply both edges of the cutting blade to the shower cutter and only the outer edges of the blades to the cutting tools.

If you do not feel like doing it yourself or if you have other problems with the clipper, check this first as some manufacturers, such as: B. Felco, offer services.

Order berry plants

Save money by ordering berry root plants by mail order, which are usually cheaper than potted plants. They are only available during rest periods so you need to be quick.

Try to plant them as soon as they arrive. Otherwise, soak them well in a bucket of water and plant them roughly in the corner of the garden until you are ready to place them right in front of them.

Vegetarian jobs for November

Check out ours Video tutorial on vegetarian work for November.