Gardening Jobs For May – Which?

Mow the lawn

The grass grows strongly when the weather warms up.

  • Mow the lawn once a week as most mowers have difficulty mowing the lawn if it gets too long.
  • A quick trick to make it look good when you do not have time to mow is to mow the edges of the lawn – with one of us Best buy the pumpkin

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Plant summer bedding

Sensitive summer plants such as ptarmigan and marigold should be safe to plant outdoors in many parts of the country from mid-May when the risk of frost has passed.

  • When buying plants, look for greens and shrubs with lots of flower buds instead of open flowers.
  • Dig across the ground before planting and remove weeds.
  • Thoroughly soak the bedding plants in water and then plant them at the recommended distances on the label or in the seed packet.
  • Monitor the weather and cover it with chips if there is frost.

Fight weeds

It’s not just the plants you want to thrive at this time of year – the weeds grow too.

  • Catch weeds while they are small by chopping borders and the vegetable garden once a week.
  • Paths, driveways and patios can keep weeds by spraying with weed killers. Many of these prevent weeds from returning for several months after use.
  • Perennial weeds like fools have roots that grow back if you just kill the leaves. They weaken over time when you chop them off or try to dig up the roots. You can also spray them with herbicides glyphosate

Vegetarian jobs for May

May is a fun month to eat winter fruits and stored vegetables but very few harvests from that year are ready. You can do enough now to harvest this year’s delicious vegetables.

  • Cover the potato sprouts formed with soil. This prevents light from reaching the tubers. When exposed to light, they turn green due to an increase in chlorophyll, which results in high levels of glycalkaloid toxins.
  • Take advantage of the space in the vegetable garden by sowing fast-growing plants like salads among long-term residents like cabbage when they settle down.

You can find more information on our Video tutorial with vegetarian work for May

Prune perennials

May is a good time to cut perennials such as lonicera, box and yew. This will make their edges look crisp and neat.

  • You can cut small hedges with scissors.
  • Larger hedges are best suited for hedging.
  • It is illegal to disturb the nest. So be sure to check the hedges for nesting signs before you start working.

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