Gardening Jobs For June – Which?

Make a good compost

Now that the garden is full and the grass is mowed regularly, there is enough material for composting.

  • Make sure you fill the compost bin with the same amount of nitrogen-rich material (grass clippings, fertilizers, shrubs) and carbon-rich material (flower stalks, shredded paper, woodcuts).
  • Moisten your compost bin. The contents should stick together but not drain water when squeezing out a handful.
  • If you want to compost quickly, the secret to success is to browse the contents of the trash once a week. When we tested this, we created a well-rotted compost in 10 weeks.
  • When adding clippings to the pile, add a shovel of soil as well. This accelerated the composting process in our experiment.

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Thin fruit

A natural June drop will throw lots of small fruits out of your trees, but for the best largest fruit it is worth seeing if you need to dilute more (remove excess).

  • Thin apples to one fruit per grape: for dessert, apple varieties between crossbars to 10-15 cm thin; and to cook varieties between clusters in 15-23 cm thin.
  • Pear should be cut into two fruits per grape with a distance of 10-15 cm.
  • Plums should be thinned at a distance of 5-8 cm.
  • Peaches should be thinned at a distance of 20-25 cm
  • Nectarines should be diluted at a distance of 15 cm.

Meadow maintenance in June

Due to the warmer weather, the grass should grow vigorously.

  • Mow the grass once a week as many mowers struggle with longer grass. Read ours Rating of lawn mowers If you are considering replacing a lawn mower.
  • Feed the meadow according to the frequency indicated on the package.
  • To clean the lawn quickly, simply mow the edges of the lawn to keep it all looking and tidy.

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Dead head roses

June is usually the month when roses reach their peak.

Break off just below the head – this allows new flowers to appear faster than the classic pruning method just above the leaves.

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Prune soft fruit

You now need to cut a variety of berries to ensure that you get a great harvest.

  • Gooseberries For plants grown as shrubs, reduce the growth of the current season to five leaves, excluding the twigs needed to grow the plant. For plants grown as a crown, cut all the side shoots back into five leaves. When your plant has reached the top of the carrier, cut the top back into five leaves from last year’s growth.
  • Red and white berries When the crown plants have reached the desired height, cut off the growing tip and shoot new growth in buds from the main stem.

Vegetarian jobs for June

From planting tomatoes and zucchini to sowing beans and carrots, June is a great month to bring lots of vegetables to the ground.

You can find more information on ourVideo tutorial on vegetarian work for June.