Gardening Jobs For July – Which?

Get a great harvest of vegetables

Now is the time to reap much of what you sow, but keep in mind that there is still time to plant additional plants. Keep hydrating and keep your fingers warm on sunny summer days.

  • Pick vegetables while they are at their highest and harvest them regularly instead of making them taste or be bitter. Remember that if you have more of something than you want to eat or want to store, then it is just as useful to recycle it by throwing it in compost.
  • Limit tomato growth by pinching out the growing tip of the crater tomato Plant when it reaches the roof of the greenhouse. Push the runners out as they mature.

Vegetarian jobs for July

From radishes to wild beans, this is where you will find the best vegetables to sow outside in July.

You can find more information on our Video guide on vegetarian work for July.

Feed your grass

For many of us, the grass is the center of the garden that lets everything else stand out.

  • As long as there is no drought, it is worth feeding the grass regularly – try our Best Buy grass food.
  • Put the knives on you in dry weather lawn mower let the grass grow a little longer. This will keep it greener and help maintain moisture.
  • Do not despair if your grass turns brown as it will quickly turn green again when it rains repeatedly.

Encourage late summer flowers

Now that we are in July, the park has just reached its peak.

  • Cut early flowering perennials back to the ground and they will send fresh leaves and maybe even the bonus of some extra late summer blooms.
  • After cutting, give them a boost with a good splash of water and a little tomato food.
  • Take advantage of the desperate need of plants to plant seeds by removing flowers when they fade. This will encourage them to produce more flowers instead.
  • Remember that plants in containers are dependent on you because of their water as they benefit little from rain. Sleep well at least once a day in sunny weather.

Keep your pond in top condition

Ponds and other water features also need to be taken care of in July and August to keep them healthy and beautiful.

  • Look out for yellow leaves If they remain on lily pads and other aquatic plants, remove them immediately. If you drop them in the water and let them rot, the water quality will decrease.
  • Remove the cover herb This allows oxygen to get into your pond. Use a net or rake and do not forget to give the aquatic life a chance to get back into the water by piling the weeds by the pond for one day.
  • Fill the water levelWater can evaporate quickly from water bodies and ponds during the summer. Fill when the water level drops sharply. Rainwater from a rain barrel is best – substances in tap water can affect the nutrient balance in the pond.
  • Hose banIf your area is forbidden by water hoses, you can use it to fill the pond when you have fish.
  • Clear filtersRemember to clean all filters and pumps.