Gardening Jobs For January – Which?

Buy seed potatoes

The early bird catches the worm and the early buyer catches the best varieties of potato varieties. Keep track of potato days in garden centers or gardens. These usually offer a wide range of potatoes to buy as well as expert advice.

Choose potatoes without long stems or mold. When you bring them home, put them out of the bag in a seed bowl or old egg carton and leave them in a cool, light place until they are planted, also known as Cut potatoesThis prevents the ladder from becoming too long.

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Feed the fruit plants

Grow fruit trees and shrubs in your garden by sprinkling potassium sulphate on the bottom of the plants and carefully chopping it into the soil surface – be careful not to damage the roots near the surface. It is a good idea to mulch the plants afterwards to retain moisture in the soil.

Feeding them gives you the potash they need to bloom and bear fruit well. Check the fertilizer packaging and use it in the recommended doses. Do not be tempted to add anything extra as it may damage the plant.

Avoid balloons on hellebore

This common fungal disease causes round, brown spots on the leaves and stems of helborene.

The best advice is to get rid of the infected growth that you find. Ashwood Nurseries, which specializes in hellebore, among other things, recommends cutting off all weak or diseased leaves to prevent the growth of the new season from being infected by the fungus. It also prevents the leaves from covering the flowers when they appear.

Here’s our practical guide on how to do it grow like hellebore

Planted bare root tree

Whether you are planting ornamental or fruit trees, it is a good time of year when deciduous plants are dormant and you can buy them bare-rooted (not in a pot), which is cheaper. Many mail order companies specialize in selling trees this way.

Plant them as soon as they arrive in the mail. If you have to wait (for example because the weather is wet) dig the garden and put the tree in it, ready to lift when you can plant it properly.

Do not dig the planting hole deeper than the roots, but at least twice as wide. Put the plant in the hole and spread the roots. Then fill it with soil while gently pushing down to remove air bubbles.

Vegetable jobs for January

There is a lot to do, even when it is cold.

  • Start with an early harvest
  • Sow beans in gutters
  • Heat the soil

For all our January vegetarian guidelines, Watch our video