Gardening Jobs For December – Which?

Make a Christmas wreath

You do not have to pay for an expensive wreath in the shop because you can easily make one with materials from the garden. Use a circular piece of floral foam for convenience, which costs approximately £ 5 to £ 7 in the garden or online.

Be generous with the decorations to hide the floral foam underneath. Holly berries are a traditional finish, but bright red chilli is also great. Slide short pieces of wire through the stems to attach them to the wreath.

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Buy pots for light bulbs

For Christmas color and smell, you can not beat pots of onions such as hyacinth or paper white daffodils. If you have not planted in the fall, do not worry that you can now buy potted bulbs that have already grown.

Place them in a well-lit place in a cool place so that they stay in top shape for as long as possible. The leaves of the fertilizer look good when supported by a few twigs from the garden.

After the bulbs have bloomed, you can throw them away or plant them in the garden.

Feed the birds

Providing birds with high-fat (energy-dense) food during the winter helps our feather to survive the worst of the weather. Adjust the amount you spend as needed, wash bird feeders regularly and discard old food.

Bowls are good for bottom-dwelling birds such as blackbirds, starlings and finches, but beware of rats, which can also be attracted to. One technique that can prevent rats from climbing on poles to reach hanging feeding troughs is to pass the rod through an inverted flowerpot.

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Choose vegetables for the festive table

For many vegetable growers, it is an honor to offer plenty of fresh produce for Christmas dinner. Our green expert, Steve Mercer, usually expects to have Brussels sprouts, carrots and parsnips fresh from the garden and pumpkins and Edward potatoes from their stores.

To finish off the Christmas meal, you may want to go out and clean the vegetable garden. Crush all old plants and storage sticks and nets in the shed. Many gardeners follow the tradition of digging the soil now while others prefer to cover the surface with compost or fertilizer and let the worms work hard.

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