Gardening Jobs For August – Which?

Water patio pots

Remember that plants in patio containers are dependent on you because of the water as they have little use for rain. Sleep well at least once a day in sunny weather.

At the end of the month there will even be rubbish bins where fertilizer with controlled release has been added to the compost during planting. So start feeding tomato feed once a week.

Remove bloated flowers when they fade.

Lift the mowers during dry times

In dry weather, lift the leaves on your lawnmower to allow the grass to grow a little longer. This will keep it greener and help maintain moisture.

Do not despair if your grass turns brown as it will quickly turn green again when the rain finally returns.

Next month is a great time to give the lawn a little maintenance to get it back in shape after a lot of wear and tear it had over the summer.

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Cutting hedges

The Midsummer Mass is when most of us deal with our hedges as the new growth makes them look messy. If you use hedging, start at the bottom of each page and work your way up smooth, continuous paths. Cut the top last.

You can save time by spreading a plastic plate next to the hedge to cover the clippings. Brush or shave the clippings from the top of the hedge as they will look ugly if you leave them.

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Cut the strawberries

If you do not want to create new strawberry plants with cuttings, it is good to cut the plants back after they have fruit, otherwise they will spread very quickly.

Remove straw and remove weeds. New strawberry leaves appear soon. So do not worry if your plants look a bit bare after pruning.

Harvest vegetables

Pick vegetables while they are at their highest and harvest them regularly instead of making them taste or be bitter. Do not worry if you have more of something than you want to eat or store as recycling is as convenient as adding it to compost.

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