Gardening Jobs For April – Which?

Shape your lawn

After winter neglect, your lawn will now benefit from a little TLC. Start typing once a week. Start with the leaves in the highest position and lower them gradually over the weeks. Contact us when your mower needs to be replaced Best buy a lawn mower

For a perfect finish, mow the lawn with scissors or long-handled scissors lawn mower

Finally, feed the grass. If it has weeds or moss, treat it one at a time Treatment of weeds, fodder and moss killings

Kill weeds

Overcoming weeds at the beginning of the season means preventing them from being sown and becoming a problem. Chopping the border once a week works fine.

Perennial weeds like fools come back when cut off. To remove them permanently, you need to dig them out of the roots and everything or use herbicides glyphosate

Plant out beans

After pinching sweet beans last month, they should have strong side shoots that bloom well.

Place them next to a support that they can climb on by wrapping their sinews around them. They need to be tied with strings at the beginning to get them to work.

Harvest salad

Sowing salads early should now be ready for harvest. Instead of pulling up the whole plant, cut the leaves and new ones should sprout.

Good salads include leafy lettuce, rocket, mizuna and mustard.

Vegetarian jobs for April

In April, the weather will be warmer, so it’s time to start sowing and planting.

For all of our DIY vegetable garden guides for April, Watch our video