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A new idea to provide herbicides and fertilizers.

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Ever wished you had a herbicide / killer that can use both organic and synthetic weeds, does not need to bend, is safer to use on windy days, is not under pressure and does not need to carry heavy bottles or tanks? Well, FreedomWeeder came up with such a product and asked us to try it out.


FreedomWeeder came in a sturdy cardboard box that had been slightly broken during the shipping process. However, the products in it (FreedomWeeder and a 16 ounce bottle of specially formulated organic herbicide) were free from scratches or leaks.

A new idea to provide herbicides and fertilizers

FreedomWeeder was delivered without scratches

About FreedomWeeder

At first glance, FreedomWeeder looks like a long plastic pipe with a few PVC parts screwed to the ends. But looks can be deceptive.

What is special about this device is that it offers:

  • push point spotter at the bottom to control one weed,
  • hand pump spray for wider weed control and
  • drizzle cap dispenser to apply herbicide to a number of weeds.

An adapter for changing a backpack in FreedomWeeder is also available as a specially purchased item (we have not checked this).

44 inches long, the 1-1 / 4 inch tube can hold 20 ounces. from liquid herbicides (or other liquids, including fertilizers). And about 3 pounds (empty) is a pretty light thing to carry around your yard.

FreedomWeeder herbicide

A specially formulated organic herbicide was part of the package

Methods of applying herbicides

Spot applications – The most interesting feature of this product is the staining device. By pressing a pin at the bottom of the tube, organic or synthetic herbicides are released into a small or large pool (depending on how long the pin is held down).

FreedomWeeder spotting machine

A resilient pen releases the herbicide by pushing the pen into the white plastic capsule. This is used to apply the herbicide accurately. It’s also a way to get rid of weed killers on a windy day.

FreedomWeeder Pointing Tool on Large Weeds

Use the spot device

Spray – For areas with more weeds, there is a handy pump spray that snaps to the top of the FreedomWeeder pipe. Just pull the pump out, turn the spray cap ON and you’re ready to spray this big boring weed.

Spray with FreedomWeeder

The included FreedomWeeder spray nozzle allows you to apply herbicides to weeds that may not reach

Read all of this user guide from beginning to end before using the spray as it covers the safety of using FreedomWeeder in wind conditions and the hazards associated with organic and artificial herbicides. In this weather, they land in the air.

FreedomWeeder pump spray

FreedomWeed comes with a handy spray pump for larger weeds

At the top of the tube is a screw cap into which the liquid herbicide is poured.

FreedomWeeder screw caps

The screw cap allows the herbicide to be poured over the upper part of the tube and used as a “dispenser” to pour the herbicide onto the weeds when the hose is turned sideways or upside down.

Spray / liquid application – The FreedomWeeder can also “sweep” the herbicide through a hole in the top of the filler cap (the hole is also used to prevent a vacuum from accumulating in the pipe when using the pump syringe or point device).

The problem with this method is that I have noticed that a small amount of herbicide accumulates in the filler cap and slides down the side of the tube. Admittedly, you should wear appropriate protective gloves (preferably chemical resistant), but personally I do not like the idea of ​​being able to come in contact with the herbicide (both biological and synthetic). In addition, herbicide leak is just one more thing to clean.

I would remove this hole and use a pump atomizer instead. If a vacuum is formed without a hole, I would try to develop a tailgate system where the air can flow into the pipe but the material can not flow out.

Convenient storage clip

The device also includes a ‘PUSH-N-SNAP’ wall storage clip. It is attached to the wall with two self-tapping screws (included – they are attached to FreedomWeeder with adhesive tape). This is a split plastic tube that the device snaps into so that it can be hung vertically above the floor (without the tip of the staining device touching the floor).

FreedomWeeder screws

Self-tapping screws that can be fitted with a ‘PUSH-N-SNAP’ wall mount are included with the device

FreedomWeeder hangs

FreedoomWeeder hangs on the ‘PUSH-N-SNAP’ wall clip


FreedomWeeder sells an organic recipe that includes vinegar, organic liquid soap, salt and some other proprietary ingredients (all of which are explained when you buy the device). For those who are more environmentally conscious and do not want to use synthetic herbicides, the FreedomWeeder formula can be a good solution (but the company’s staff are also realizing that they are the ones who prefer the plastic and that FreedomWeeder can be used successfully for too long). these issues).

FreedomWeeder also sells 30% horticultural vinegar so customers can create their own organic herbicide. The company provides the recommended formula in the instruction manual. The “recipes” aim to create 10% and 15% herbicides. FreedomWeeder does not recommend creating a 30% formula as it is “too much” and should be avoided when using 30% pure extract. At this rate it is very acidic and needs to be treated with great care.

The science behind weed killing

Science shows that homemade, organic herbicide bases take longer to kill weeds than synthetic ones like glyphosate (Roundup) – Monsanto vara). These studies show that vinegar-based herbicides do not directly affect the plant’s root system. What kills the weeds is to use the vinegar solution again each time the weeds start to shed new leaves.

Vinegar kills the leaves (which are food for the weeds). But often the weeds sprout again and produce new leaves – then another use of the vinegar must be used. Eventually, the weeds in the root system will run out of energy and, in fact, starve to death. So get ready for the many uses of the formula offered by FreedomWeeder.

Remember that this method is not bad. On the contrary, it is an environmentally conscious method, but in almost all cases it takes longer to be effective than ready-made products.


As mentioned above, one shot of the FreedomWeeder herbicide is not enough to kill most of the weeds during the first shipment. Several applications were necessary for the success of the organic herbicide, even if the weed was completely dead the first time it appeared.


I used the hand pump syringe for this weed because it was difficult to push the syringe stock into the gravel. I found that the plant and the top leaves would initially shrink and look dead with the naked eye as long as I had a direct shot of an organic herbicide on the plant and the top leaves project.

FreedomWeeder weed regrowth

After a few days of rain, weeds reappeared like dead weeds. Keep in mind that vinegar based on FreedomWeeder herbicides may need to be beaten on the same weed to kill it.

I live in Tucson, Arizona where there is not a lot of dandelions, clover or crab grass. My only tests were weeds native to this part of the country. But weeds are weeds and I expect the same results as in other parts of the country.


  1. I did not have to bend over to apply the herbicide. The pipe is long enough to stand upright (as a reference point, I am 6 feet tall).
  2. The spotting device gave me high accuracy. I tried in vain on gravel (the pen did not press) but tried to see how much I could measure between the cracks in the brick patio and on my driveway. One press created a beautiful little circle of herbicides. When I held it in place for a few seconds, a small stream ran down my driveway or soaked the area around the weeds on the brick porch. In short, you have full flexibility in deciding how much or how little herbicide to use.
  3. The hand pump sprayer is a nice addition to clean large areas of weeds or cracks that are difficult to get into.
  4. The spotting device virtually eliminates wind drift.
  5. The manual is well written and contains many safety instructions, advice, installation / use information, maintenance tips and instructions on how to mix your organic herbicide.

Because I think it needs to be improved

Here’s what I would suggest to the Freedom Weeder manufacturer to make their product even better:

  1. Make a cap that goes over the tip of the syringe. There is no way to turn off your device when you want to take a break. If you set it aside, the herbicide will come out of the cap while you turn the end of it to disperse the herbicide from the syringe.
  2. Remove the dosing hole on top of the device (used to “sprinkle” herbicides) and replace it with a one-way valve to prevent liquid from leaking out of the cap if it falls over or if you place it on the ground before taking a break to take . When I used the “drizzle” program, I noticed that a herbicide was sliding over the cap and the side of the pipe. As stated in the manual, it is important to wear protective gloves when using FreedomWeeder for good reason. It is even more important to wear gloves as leaks can appear on the cap or side of the hose.


I found the instruction manual very good. It is well written and full of cautionary statements and warnings.

These are the basics of the guide:

  • Do not let children play with FreedomWeeder.
  • Do not use herbicides without protective equipment (gloves, eye protection, skin protective clothing, shoes and a suitable steam mask) when using herbicides.
  • Do not use the spray in windy conditions.
  • Never spray on the eyes

There are also other tips and precautions. It is therefore necessary to read the operating instructions from beginning to end.


FreedomWeeder is proudly built in the United States.


The FreedomWeeder is backed by a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The company will either repair or replace the device (of your choice). And the company will refund within 30 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied with the product, provided you have proof of purchase. This does not include shipping costs (to and from FreedomWeeder). it is the customer’s responsibility.


I like the idea of ​​FreedomWeeder. The tip of the cap is a fun way to reduce the use of herbicides by targeting only a small area. The pipe is long enough that I did not have to bend to use the weeds. And I love the ability to have a hand pump syringe when the spot does not work (like weeds growing in gravel) or when I need to remove a large lump of weed (when the spot device was too time consuming or just not effective).

I feel like it needs to be fixed, especially on the upper cover. You can spray herbicides on plants through the existing hole, but it also allows the herbicide to leak down the side of the hose as it can easily get into your hands.

And finally, I think it’s worth checking out the final cap for the spot device. Thus, the contents would not slide completely from the end of the pipe if it were tilted against a wall or fence.

I recommend FreedomWeeder – but with the caveat that you be careful not to accidentally hit the stain surface and be very careful with the aerosol to disperse the dose so as not to get herbicides on it.


FreedomWeeder is only available through the company’s website for $ 36.99 (sprayer, stain remover, dispenser). The site also offers FreedomFertilizer (2-in-1), FreedomWeeder (2-in-1) and Freedom Terminator (2-in) for $ 24.99 each (retail price when this review was published). -1). -1). All three (2-in-1) products contain only a stain stopper and dispenser (spray cap) and not the syringe.