Fiskars POWER TOOTH® Softgrip® Folding Pruning Saw (7″): Product Review

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A trick that coincides with unique sub- and push-button functions, but not intended for left-handers.

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You have been looking at this article for a while and know that it needs to be edited. But there is no ruse that a pair of gloves or even a set of 2 inch loppers can handle. You need a handsaw. However, you want a perfectly portable device that fits in your back pocket. How about a new product from Fiskars – their POWER TOOTH Soft grip Folding saw with handy undercut.


  • Adjustable blade density for handling: Yes (with 6 mm insex key)
  • Special features: Lanyard or hook hole at the end of the handle. Cutting the knife across the middle
  • Cutting direction: Drag a stroke
  • Leaf locking equipment: Press the key
  • Total length (including knife): 15 – ½ inches
  • Folded length: 9 inches
  • Sheet content: Carbon steel
  • Leaf coating: Chrome plated
  • Curved or straight blade: Beint
  • Canine design: Triple grinding geometry (Fiskars calls it POWER TOOTH
  • Interchangeable blade: No.
  • Weight: 8 aurar.
  • Can be sharpened with a knife: No (void warranty)

Packed for a desktop with a clear plastic side at the front and cardboard at the back


Fiskars sent me a breaking handsaw in a box. It passed the transport process without damage. The story package is designed to hang on a breadboard. It is closed in clear plastic with cardboard back.


Fiskars KRAFTANN Soft grip Folding circular saw triple sharp teeth was the only one I tried the crime story with a take action and a side push button to open and close the saw. Both were superior to some of the more traditional stories I tried.

Fish-collapsible-hand saw-closed

The breaking story in a closed position


The crime story is in a completely open position


The push button releases the blade and locks it in open, closed and over-centered positions.

It is perfect for activating your thumb. I found it incredibly easy to hold the saw in my right hand, press the button with my right thumb and voilà – the saw opened. Likewise, I made it easy for myself to close and climb the story by repeating the process. Due to the position of the button, it is not so easy to press the saw with the left hand (more on this below).

A hand saw that Fiskars puts together to open and close

The open / close button on the side is very easy to use (on the right hand side)

With the saw fully open, all I had to do was push the button again and turn the saw blade too far so that it was closer to my wrist. This feature made it easier to roll down branches. The design is the first of its kind I have come across and the only story (of all the models I have tried) that has it. For gardeners and DIY enthusiasts who find it uncomfortable to turn over a traditional folded hand saw to create a cut, this is a great part of Fiskars’ story.

Fiskars folds hand saws undercut-1

Saw “over the middle” to create undercuts


What’s the problem with a collapsible hand saw that easily turns into undercut tools?

Well, everything has to do with proper editing techniques. If you cut incorrectly, a heavy branch can break off in the wrong place and the bark can float off the side of the tree. This significantly damages the tree and forms wounds that attract pests and diseases that damage the tree even further.

With the undercut on this saw and the protruding cutting guide on the back of the package, you should be able to cut well every time.

Fiskars arm story broken-2

Actual dumping of the branch.

Fiskars folds the hand saw the right cutting technique

Correct cutting technique with Fiskars POWER TOOTH® Softgrip® pallet saw with undercut


  • Easy to cut: Getting started with trimming is easy. Easy to pull
  • How clean is the ditch: Clean
  • Cutting speed: Medium

In general, the saw made a clean cut. It was easy to pull through the wood with each cut. It was not the fastest story of the stories tested, but it came out well in both live and basic positions.


The saw has a beautiful rubber handle (orange color – Fiskars calls it their soft grip), which prevents slipping.

The handle on the back of the saw is slightly bent so that the chances of your hand not slipping due to tension. It’s not quite as prominent as some of the stories I’ve tried (which have more “hook” on the back), but the rubber handle makes up for it and the curvature on the back handle also helps.

A SPECIAL key to the magazine’s excitement

This particular model requires a metric key (6 mm) to adjust the blade to tension. I had to carry accessories into the meadow to make the story settings.

I prefer the pressure screw (which goes through the handle and blade) to be controlled with a tool everywhere in almost every home – a Phillips screwdriver or a flat-blade screwdriver. Not everyone has a set of six metric keys in their toolbox. If you own one, great. However, you may have to spend extra money to get one and keys of this kind almost always come as a set, making them more expensive.


Overall tolerance between the handle and the blade was good. There was a movement on the side of the paper, or “slack”. With the 6mm insex key I managed to tighten the screw so tightly that the play came out of the system from left to right.

There was also up and down movement on the paper, but I expected this. Most of the skateboards I’ve tried have a certain clearance at the interface between the handle and the blade – this is just a function of the design of the skateboard. Unless this affects the cutting performance of the story (which it did not in this case) then I am not drawing a sign for it.

Video Review

Watch this short video to see my first thoughts on the Fiskars crime story, as well as how the push button works and its actions under the substrate.


Think of carbon as a material that makes steel hard. The more carbon there is in steel, the harder it is. Carbon steel is the preferred material in a triangular saw blade because it is so durable and keeps it sharp for a long time.

To keep the folds of the hand saw blades sharp through hundreds, if not thousands, the cuts are heat treated first and then cooled by lowering the heated metal blade into a bath of oil or water until it cools.

Easy to carry

This saw is only 23 cm long when folded. I found it easy to carry in the waist pack without any problems. It can slip a bit depending on how deep the back pockets are, but I had no problem falling out. I still wanted to increase the safety of carrying it in my front pocket as it is deeper and just feels better, especially when I sat down.

Hard to open and close left people

The story has a lot to do, but one of the areas that I think really needs to be improved is the ability of left-handed people to simply control the push button with their left thumb. I did not find it easy in the current settings. If I turned the story upside down, I could open the story with my left thumb. This was difficult though as I had to turn the story around and hold on to the end (with the button). It was a strange angle, not intuition, and the knife clicked into me.


It was not leading to open the story with the left thumb.

Is it possible to open Fiskars POWER TOOTH Softgrip breaking story with your left hand? The answer is “yes, but …”. Basically, I had to either use the index finger of my left hand (which is not as strong as my thumb) or open the story with my non-dominant hand.

The story works very well for right-handed people, but left-handed people are challenged with the open / close system.


The use of the left index finger was not as heavy as the use of the thumb


The saw blade is chrome-plated to prevent corrosion and the formation of sap and resin. However, as with all saws I have tried, chrome can wear out after prolonged use, especially around the front teeth.

Keep that in mind. If you notice that the blade is becoming cloudy in color, it means that the chrome coating is gradually wearing away. And when the chrome disappears, the carbon steel starts to rust. The chrome coating is a nice extra bonus to prevent the blade from rusting or getting covered in sap and resin. However, it is not bulletproof.

A little regular maintenance extends the life of the saw. I recommend lightly lubricating the blade and any lubricant in the area where the ball passes through the blade and handling along with the locking device. My favorite lubricating oil is Three-flow And of course, do not leave your story out at night (as it is covered with morning dew) or use it in the rain.


Wear eye protection such as safety goggles Wiley-X (my favorite)Safety glasses prevent sawdust from falling on your eyes if you cut your head or on a windy day. They also protect you from flying metal if a saw blade breaks (and so can it if it is bent at high angles).

And do not forget about good gloves. These journals are extremely applied. One ticket and you’re probably on your way to the hospital. Full leather offers you the best protection. Enough said. Be sure.


Fiskars offers a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. It is important to keep in mind that Fiskars does not focus on sharpening its tools. This will void the warranty.


I like the dumping of this story. It is a unique feature that makes it easier to use for those who are not comfortable with turning a saw to make the undertones. I also appreciate the push button lock design. It works very well for right-handed people, although it is not easy for left-handed people. The saw has a sharp device A saw blade that cuts cleanly and has a soft grip Rubber parts on the handle that prevent slipping. As an added bonus, the story comes with great cutting instructions (request more companies to provide useful information).

I think a screw head that adopts a standard shingles or straight screwdriver would be an improvement over a 6mm six-pin wrench (I’m just thinking of the people who do not have this specialized tool to make changes if needed. Most have a screwdriver hanging around ).

Overall, this is a good, straightforward saw.


You can use … Fiskars POWER TAND Soft grip Foldable leg (7 “) from Amazon. It is also available from Fiskars’ website for $ 17.99 plus $ 4.95 for shipping.

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