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“Swiss accuracy. Built to last. “One of the best bypass cutters on the market.

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I’ve owned a Felco # 7 bypass cutter for 24 years. (In the video below, I said 10 years ago, but I was wrong.) I bought it when I started my arboriculture business in the mid-1980s.

I thought it was time to write a review of the gold standard past the hand mills as mine still performs well after more than two decades. The only thing I change is the coil spring between the handles. (I attached the original spring to a branch and it started to fly.) The original sheets were never replaced. They have been sharpened dozens of times and are still cut as if they were brand new.

Felco is a Swiss brand founded in 1945. Felco made its first symbolic bypass scissors in 1948 – Felco 2. (This is probably the most copied bypass scissors in the world.)


  • Die head type: Bypass
  • Adjustable blade tension: Yes. Very easy to make micro-settings.
  • Fit and ready: Awesome
  • Locking equipment: Thumb lock
  • Spring type: Volute
  • Reported cutting diameter: 0.98 í
  • Available in right and left hand models: Yes
  • Special features: Lower handle rotation, wire cutter, corner head, all parts interchangeable, adjustable wrench / wrench (included with the clipper).
  • Bumpers: Yes
  • Touch the frame material: Very strong / lightweight aluminum
  • Handle content: Rubber handle on top, swivel lower handle made of composite plastic
  • Sheet content: Custom hardened steel – high carbon content
  • Leaf covering or coating: No.
  • Interchangeable blade: Yes
  • Is it possible to sharpen knives?: Yes
  • Weight: 10 oz.


In the short video, Jack shows off parts of the Felco F-7 (or # 7) clipper, including a unique coil spring, shock-absorbing bumper, swivel handle and ergonomic design.


It’s been 24 years since I opened my first and only Felco # 7 forest. The packaging is long gone. I believe it was wrapped in a thermoformed clear plastic side at the front and a cardboard mark at the back that slid into the plastic window. A notch on the top of the package allowed the scissors to hang on a breadboard. I bought it at a kindergarten store.

High quality, reasonable price

As a certified carpenter with a successful tree care company, I needed the most reliable and high quality hand cutter on the market. I paid about $ 45 in 1995 and used Felco # 7 at work every day. It probably made hundreds of thousands of cuts – or maybe more. I am convinced that cheap low quality loppers can not be compared to the performance of Felco loppers. If you want quality you will spend more. I’m a lifelong man and the Felco builders have never let me down.


Unlike many other construction manufacturers, Felco offers a complete range of spare parts.

Felco 7 hand scissors spiral spring

The web design wheel keeps dirt and debris out and compresses more than a traditional coil spring


Quality, quality, quality. Felco # 7 is built like a fine Swiss watch. Tolerance is almost “air quality” – from the forged, strong aluminum handles (which have high strength and light weight) to the carbon steel blades. Even precision bolts and screws as well as unique locking equipment ensure quality.


Let’s not forget the bobbin spring between the handles. The spring is a closed loop made of stainless steel that is specially designed to keep dirt and debris from clogging the spring. It also compresses beyond the traditional “spiral joint” which allows the handles / blades to close tightly.


Two bumpers in the handles (just in front of the spiral and just behind the blade assembly) provide excellent shock absorption. The bumpers are made of very “soft” rubbery material. When making the final cut, the bumpers absorb the impact when the handles collide with each other and make it easy to handle.

Felco 7 bumpers

“Squishy”, rubber-like bumpers (on both handles) take shocks when cutting

Felco 7 revolves around a firm grip on the planet

Felco swivel handle (top) and competitor grip with fixed grip (bottom)


Perhaps the most impressive feature of the forearm is the rotation of the lower handle. The design dates from 1966 and was made for the professional (tree grower, gardener or the serious gardener) who makes hundreds of cuts a day or thousands of cuts a week. The rotation of the handle helps to eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome and fatigue in the hands. It also distributes the cutting force of the fingers and increases the cutting force by 30%. I used one of Felco’s original beauticians, # 2 (without a handle at the bottom), and I can attest that # 7 provides a much more enjoyable experience as a professional carpenter. In all my years of tree care and daily grooming, I have never had any problems with my hand or wrist.

Other scissors have not offered the same comfort. Tight grip on the bottom relative to the rotating hand is not bad – it just depends on the number of cuts you make per day, week or year. For a professional who makes his living by cutting, the rotating handle is a game changer. For the homeowner or gardener / weekender, a solid soil handle should perform well. For anyone with hand or wrist problems, Felco beauticians no. 7 be the perfect tool.


I also like that all the clippers are interchangeable FelcoAt the time of writing, I have not found any other manufacturer that has “knocked out” the design and offers perfect business equipment. Watch our video Removal and replacement of Felco saw blades


The Felco design has a unique tensioning device for blades that includes a ball, gear lock assembly, gear micro-adjustment lock and garden lock with thumb lock. The method allows the user to “optimize” the cutting quality / performance and keep the clipper securely closed when not in use.

Felco adjustable parts

Precision components form an adjustable cutting device.


A version of these loppers was developed for left-handers and is available as Felco # 10. Many of the “copycat” versions of these loppers are only available for right-handers. Felco clearly wants to dominate the market for high quality hand cutting machines.


The fleas are said to cut almost an inch (0.98 inch). I made a ¾ inch cut in very hard mesquite wood. I cut slightly softer wood up to an inch in diameter.

  • Cut quality: Extremely clean cuts
  • Cut to bias: Yes
  • The quality of overly biased cuts: Extremely clean cuts
  • How easy it is to cut wood (manual force required): Easy. The rotary handle increases the cutting force by up to 30%.
  • Comfort in the hand: Very comfortable.
  • Best hand size to maximize cutting diameter: Big hands
Felco 7 fine cut

We did not have any problems cutting ¾ inch mesquite twigs. The cut was fine and clean.

Felco 7 wire cutter groove groove

The juice cut and the wire cut (the notch at the end of the blade near the frame on the snow) provide useful functions.


Juice that accumulates on the leaves often causes the leaves to stick together and therefore a juice cut prevents this problem. A wire notch cuts through a soft garden wire and prevents the cutting blades from cutting wire that could damage them.

A corner cutting head intervenes in a narrow cutting space. Attention to detail at Felco beauticians then reports on the competition.

Felco 7 diagonal

Felco 7 has a curved head to get into a tight intersection.


Felco # 7 snow products contain many metal parts. Many of them are made of carbon steel which rusts when exposed to moisture. It is a good idea to wipe the paws before putting them away. If they are damp, there is a good chance that the cutting blade has water vapor / water in the rotating device between the blades, which is not accessible with a dry cloth. Use more lubricant to lubricate this area. A little spray between the leaves is sufficient. While doing this, give all steel parts a thin layer of lubricant. It keeps your tools in top condition. We advise Three-flow

In addition, the rotary composite handle (both for Felco No. 7 and Felco No. 10) can be removed from the forged aluminum frame. Clean and lubricate it and push the lever back onto the frame. You should hear an audible click when the handle is attached to the frame. Now your loppers are completely cleaned, lubricated and ready to use.


Three Felco options are available for mills: corundum stone with high purity; hardened steel diamond cutter; and carbide sharpener. Visit Felco website to view the available options.

We also offer a comprehensive list of abrasive grinders. See our review of The best pencil statues for gardening and landscaping tools: instructions and suggestions


It’s a good idea to wear gloves when grooming, but it’s a personal choice. I recommend wearing gloves while using hand cutters but some people think they have better dexterity. For good gloves with great dexterity, look for a cotton-backed pair with a nitrile palm. Although less “wear resistant” than leather gloves, they offer at least some protection. I like Atlas’s nitrile gloves. They offer excellent grip and dexterity, good cutting resistance and keep hands clean. You can find them below Amazon

Wear goggles. A twig or rose bush in the eye creates a really bad day. We advise Wiley-X


Felco guarantees that its products are free from manufacturing defects. “All items that are found to be defective within one year from the date of purchase will be repaired or replaced when the item is returned to PYGAR USA Inc. together with the original purchase invoice. ”The customer bears the cost of returning to PYGAR.

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Seattle, WA 98107
PHONE: 206-258-2901
FAX: 206-258-2620
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If you are ready to buy a device for the rest of your life and do not want to pay a premium for it, then Felco # 7 (or Felco # 10) is for you. My 24 year old hooves are in great condition and well worth the investment. I have not changed anything except the hairline (which was my fault for losing it). The swivel handle offers comfort for people with carpal tunnel syndrome or easily tired hands. The 30% increase in performance helps to penetrate materials with a diameter of 2.5 cm (with less hand strength). Swiss accuracy. Made to last “is Felco’s motto. This is true. I have gone through MANY hand shears and this is by far my favorite.


The Felco # 7 bypass is available from Amazon.

The left-handed version, Felco # 10, is also available on Amazon.

The clips are also available on Felco on their website: Nr. 7 for $ 77.63 + $ 12.00 (shipping). Felco # 10 (for left-handers) is available from Felco at the same price and at the same shipping cost. You can also find Felco beauticians in Pruners Warehouse: Nr. 7 is $ 58.59 (free shipping) and no. 10 is $ 62.69 (free shipping).

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