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Earthquake, Ardisam division, kindly send us a newly developed Rototiller 29702 Victory CRT Kohler 196CC solid wheel. Ardisam has been around since 1960 and at their headquarters in my home state of Wisconsin, they have maintained that quality for small businesses and grown into an international brand. Earthquake reports that they design and build tools for those who choose to do the outdoor work themselves.


When we created our first garden on our new farm last year, we might have been a little captivating. For many days we marked, processed and pulled grain stalks. With blisters on our hands and dirty knees, we stepped back and admired our work. We had just converted a large grain field into our garden. I felt I was so capable and had no idea that the work had really just begun. Preparing a 1-hectare garden is one thing, but managing a 1-hectare garden is much more difficult.

The first spring, my husband, my sons, and everyone I could persuade to do with our land control. The poor earthquake did not take a break. So I took the opportunity and looked at another rear pole where I knew we could turn off the spring steering wheel about half the time this year if we could get it running at the same time. We tested Earthquake 29702 this spring when we ordered our garden.


  • Motorcycle badge: Coal burner
  • Machine type: 4 rounds
  • Fuel type: Unleaded gas with more than 87 octane
  • Launch system: Pull the cable back
  • Fuel Capacity (GAL): 0.73
  • Shift (CC): 196
  • Chokes: On the bike
  • Pressure valve: No.
  • Recommended oil / capacity (fl oz.): SAE 10w 30/20 OZ
  • Low oil leak: No.
  • Steering style: Ganga
  • Many elevations: 3
  • surgery: One-handed or two-handed
  • Self-driving: Yes
  • Moth depth (inches): 10
  • Measuring width (inches): 16
  • Toothpaste: Welded steel
  • Tooth speed: (Rpm) 216
  • Number of speeds: 2, forward / backward
  • Bending your teeth: CRT
  • Transport style: Bronze gear drive
  • Wheel diameter (inches): 13.5
  • Wheel width (inches): 5.38
  • Wheel material: Metal hubs / rubber tires
  • Composite dimensions (inches): 57.2 x 20.9 x 43.7
  • Net weight (lb.): 153
  • Total weight (lb.): 163


The joystick came together in part in a sturdy cardboard box. My husband and truck driver easily pushed the box from the back of the half and onto the back of our pickup truck. When I got home, the couple and I pushed the box onto the back and lowered it to the floor. The box weighed about 160 pounds.

The joystick was tightly packed with foam blocks and a ball cover to protect it during transport. We cut the box on the sides so that it lies flat. The box worked well as a fastener so my husband did not have to sneak in the mud.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller packed

The quake was well packed

BEFORE we start assembling

Before we started assembling the steering wheel, we did an audit of the parts and confirmed that we had received instructions on assembly / use. We also looked for smaller accessories. Everything seemed fine so we started.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller Parts and Manuals

All parts of the earthquake came perfectly


The live meeting lasted less than an hour. Assembly including handle attachment, side guards, depth adjuster and wheels to the body. The only tools we used were screws and 16 mm and 17 mm sockets. The well-written installation guide has lots of pictures.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller not fixed

Rototiller not attached

I really like how the company packed things. Pimple protection parts that can rub against each other during transport. The paint processing of the mill came in pristine condition.

My husband argues that assembling a joystick is not necessary and does not require written instructions. As a helpful woman, I sat in my garden chair and read the instructions if he could pick up something useful. I actually saw him look over my shoulder before I assembled the folding pins for the wheels.

The side covers were easy to install with the included screws and wrench.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller with side shields

Side walls installed

We then filled the oil reservoir at the bottom of the engine. Engine oil is included in the delivery. The oil bottle is larger than the tank. So be careful not to overdo them. When I read the instruction manual, I noticed that the company has a template that can be copied on cardboard for use as an oil dipstick. My grandfather would do it and it made me laugh. It is also interesting to note that this is a 4-stroke engine and that no oil needs to be added to the petrol.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller completely together

The Victory Rototiller earthquake is complex and ready to use


We put the choke on ON (moved the yellow lever all the way to the left as far as it will go) and pulled the starter rope three times. It drove immediately. We reset the choke and allow it to heat up at a lower engine speed. (After first use, it always starts with the first puff). Now it was time to start in the garden.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller Choke

The three are marked with a bright yellow button. You can not miss it.


Our soil had not been touched since the autumn harvest. We did not remove any residue such as sweet corn steak and withered tomato vines. The joystick tore through the rubble without slowing down. As in a mission, the joystick kept silent while my husband followed him.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller in action

Earthquake Victot Rototiller scores easily through debris


Adjusting the cutting depth is easy and intuitive. They can reach a maximum depth of 10 inches. We chose the minimum depth because the soil had been well grounded in the past year and did not require too much tillage as virgins need.

To adjust the depth setting, simply pull the locking pin out of the bar that holds the bar. There are some holes in the so-called trailer bottlenecks. Adjust the depth by lifting or pushing the vertical bar. When the rod is in the fully retracted position, the rototiller will reach a depth of 10 inches. When the depth adjuster is fully inserted into the top hole, the working depth is only a few centimeters. Deeper setting is usually used to work on harder floors. Adjusting the depth control is a trial and error, but when it was installed, the Victory rooting machine had a wonderfully soft, fluffy, ventilated floor.

Earthquake rototiller close-up in action

The depth control (black bar) of the earthquake repellent kept the joystick at the depth we chose


What is the story behind CRT (the mining technology behind the victory)? According to Earthquake stands for “CRT for Counter Rotating Tines. Models of this model offer better revolutionary properties and are great for gardens or places with compacted soil or that need a little more DC. Although Earthquake offers rototillers with standard rotary gears (SRT), “… these models are great for stirring and turning dirt for the planting season,” I found that the CRT did a great job of creating rich, soft soil and shake it through an old corn stalk and tomato roots.

In CRT system, the teeth rotate in the opposite direction to the rotating wheels – the rototiller moves forward while the teeth rotate backwards. The power of the rotating wheels is stronger than the CRT, which ensures that the Rototiller always moves towards the rotating wheels.


To rotate the teeth and wheels, you need to squeeze the two handles together. The smaller black handle (curved) is pulled and held towards the red main handle. When they are together, the teeth will start to rotate automatically. Comfortable handle makes it easy to hold the two bars of the handle together during use.

To turn around, release the smaller black bow handle and pull the handle to the right under the handles toward you. This turns on reverse mode. I grabbed the bow handle and squeezed it until it landed in the main red handle and the machine automatically selected. The teeth turned in the opposite direction to the reverse gear.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller safety and joystick control

The handle offers three height options: low, medium and high. It is adjustable with a screw and a nut. My 6-foot, 1-inch type prefers medium length. He says it was comfortable and he did not feel tense after about 30 minutes.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller handle height adjustable

The height of the handle can be adjusted with a screw and a nut


The wheels are made of hard plastic. The earthquake started with this new wheel design in 2018 after realizing that inflated tires can lose pressure over time and are vulnerable to roads. When we took out the older joystick, I saw a low tire that needed filling. The new wheel design offers practical, time-saving operation.

Earthquake Victory Rototiller Wheel with fixed pin, no tires

I’m really looking forward to the fact that this cultivator will no longer have flat tires in the future

The earthquake wheels have small paddles all around, which provide great traction. The joystick pulls forward and does the ground work more like driving a well-trained dog than pushing a 150-pound machine through the garden beds.

The wheels offer two modes: freewheel and drive mode. Pull the split pin out of the tire and insert it into one of the two holes to make changes. In drive mode, the pin engages the axle and the wheels rotate as the axle and teeth rotate. In freewheels, the wheels rotate slightly independent of the axle.

Although difficult to adjust, the ability to put the joystick in freewheel mode is amazing. It hurts to pull an earthquake into the yard without having space from the shed. This Victory steering wheel moves very easily in freewheels.

Earthquake lynch pin

Save the frustration and try to insert the spindle pin from the side that is not blocked by a screw


Tillers can be dangerous. They have sharp teeth, a hot muffler (when the machine is running) and a lot of moving parts that can cause serious damage. Earthquake recommends that you read the instructions and controls before starting the steering wheel. The company has a full safety page in the manual.

Earthquake Victor Rototiller Processing Field

The Earthquake Victory is a real goalkeeper


Earthquake offers a 5-year lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The Kohler machine is backed by a 2-year warranty.

INCREASE Symbols and MINUS symbols

Here’s what we liked about the 29702 Victory CRT Kohler 196CC Rototiller with full wheels:

  • The joystick is aggressive and easy to tear through soil and roots.
  • The self-drive is obvious as it is effortless to go behind it.
  • The joystick is easy to use and the use of the handle is effortless.
  • The teeth left the floor fluffy without large lumps.
  • Cleaning the engine is not offensive.
  • The wheel design means no flat tires. Every tire on this farm is losing air, so I appreciate a machine that will not punch next spring.

In my opinion, the technical equipment could be improved here:

  • It is uncomfortable to pull in the rotation to change wheels. I have to sit or sit on the chin, tilt the steering wheel and position the steering wheel.


We loved the new addition to the tailor family. The earthquake 29702 Victory CRT Kohler 196CC Rototiller with fixed wheels is easy to use, low maintenance and effective in its tasks. I’m happy with the results of my garden beds. It left a beautiful aerated soil that is great for planting or creating rows between plants. Based on my tests, I definitely recommend this joystick.


Earthquake 29702 Victory CRT Kohler 196CC Solid Wheels Rototiller Available on Amazon

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