DuPont Kevlar Heavy Duty Garden Hose: Product Review

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A solid hose that is surprisingly light and really kink-free. Just do not expect the Quick Fix operation to be quick.

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I tried 50 foot DuPont Kevlar hoses to see how it would withstand some of the standard hoses our yard and yard used. Garden hoses can take a hit, especially here in the southwest, where we have dry air and often high temperatures.

Unlike ordinary rubber or vinyl pipes, DuPont Kevlar pipes consist of a polyurethane / PVC inner core surrounded by fabric reinforced with Kevlar. You’ve probably heard of Kevlar body protection – it’s the same material used in the sleeve around this hose to protect it from damage.

[Editor’s Note] This hose is almost like that Stanley FATMAX ExoJacket hosewith the exception of Kevlar, which is incorporated into the fabric cover.

Dupont Kevlar hose in the packaging

The heavy hose is 15 meters long


  • length: 50 fat
  • Internal diameter: 5/8 in
  • Weight: 4.62 lbs
  • Explosive power: Up to 500 psi
  • Internal materials: Patent of “Polyfusion” core (polyurethane / PVC blend)
  • External materials: 400 denier nylon fabric reinforced with Kevlar
  • Left: Titanium-plated aluminum with “quick repair” function
  • collar: Yes. ABS (plastic) with TPR (rubber) handle
  • Drinking water: Yes
Dupont Kevlar hose packed

The hose is tightly wrapped in a circle

Lightweight for easy transport

DuPont Kevlar hoses are heavy but not difficult to carry. Weighing only 4.62 pounds, it is about half the weight of a standard 50-foot rubber garden hose. I quickly noticed how easily I could carry or pull the hose from one place to another. If you have ever had to pull a heavy hose through your yard, you will understand how much I appreciate the lighter weight of this hose.

Regular tube in small package

The hose is almost flat out of the box and pushes back into this shape when the water is emptied. However, when you add water pressure, it quickly turns up to the usual 5/8 inch size, making it ideal for all your irrigation tasks (including use with sprinklers or water hoses that require full pressure).

One disadvantage of flattening the hose when it is empty is that you cannot use it on a hose reel. No water will flow through when it rolls up (unless you roll up to 15 feet before use). Therefore, you need to find a place to hang it (for example, over a tubular or large hook) or insert it. When empty, it takes up less space than a comparable rubber tube and folds easily so you can store it in a large jar or box when not in use. Be sure to remove it completely from the jar or box before turning on the water.

I found that the hose got tangled easily, especially when it was empty. It is easy to solve, though; Just turn on the water and the hose loosens more or less by itself.

Dupont Kevlar hose up close

This is a strong, kink-free hose that is safe for drinking water

No-Kink Technology: Does It Work?

One of the biggest annoyances with garden hoses is their tendency to nod. A special multicolor technology (Kevlar polyurethane / PVC inner core material) used in this hose was designed to eliminate kinks.

I can confirm that this hose does not nod. It can bend in places, slow on flow, but it does not get these boring, waterproof kinks like rubber hoses. It makes it much more forgiving to twist or pull the hose around walls, sidewalks or rocks.

Dupont Kevlar hoses kinkless

The hose was kinky, even when I pulled it over a pile of stones

The Quick Fix feature is not fast

One of the features of this hose is the patent hotlines. If your hose is damaged, the packaging says that you can simply cut off the damaged part and reattach the connection to the remaining hose.

Unfortunately, the process was not quick for me. When I tried to remove the link (the instructions just say “Remove link”) I noticed that it would not deviate. I pulled, turned, and even used a wrench but could not pull it apart. The instructions are totally unsatisfactory; They do not tell you how to remove (or replace) a clutch or what tools to use. I tried searching online for more detailed instructions but could not find any tutorials or other useful information.

Dupont Kevlar hoses limited instructions Quick repair system

There are limited instructions on the back or box for the patented hose repair system.

This is a disadvantage of DuPont Kevlar hoses, but not a major one. In my opinion, Kevlar built into the fabric cover should protect the hose well. I doubt I have to fix it. However, I would like the company to send an easy-to-follow instruction sheet or video to demonstrate the repair process.

Easy interface

The ABS plastic collar and the rubber handle on the end of the hose were one of my favorite features.

If you have ever had to screw in two longer length hoses or attach a rubber suction hose or sprayer to your garden hose, you know that it is impossible to miss an object that is spinning and spinning while you are attaching the connector. Even attaching the hose to a faucet can be a hassle.

The DuPont Kevlar hose solves this problem. The handle on the hose strengthens your connection without moving the hose inside (it rotates but the hose does not). And it gives you a key password like power to establish a secure connection. I have not leaked any connections and last but not least no spinning hoses!

Dupont Kevlar hose collar handle

The collar and handle of the hose made it so easy to connect another hose or fluid without twisting the hoses

Safe drinking water

The hose is marked as safe for drinking water. It can be used in your organic vegetable garden without worrying about lead, which can be part of copper hoses. It is also great for motorhomes, boats and anywhere where safe drinking water is a concern.


The DuPont Kevlar hose comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.


I recommend this hose to anyone who does not want to wear heavy rubber hoses or hate kinks. At 50 feet, it’s a good length in most gardens, and at less than 5 pounds, it’s light enough to pull it easily or carry what you need. A gripping collar prevents the hose from twisting when connected to a wedge, sprinkler or other hose and the aluminum connections are securely fastened. Although you pay more for this hose than a regular garden hose, it should last longer as Kevlar woven into the nylon capsule gives it extra durability. In addition, I think the lack of kinks alone is worth the price.

As for the quick repair, I do not think it is a “sale” for this hose. Without better instructions on tools and how to remove the clutch and replace it, this is all but useless.

Where to buy

The hose is now available on Amazon. To date, we have not been able to find it on other websites or in local stores.

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