Craftsman V60 Max 60-volt Cordless String Trimmer (CMCST960): Product Review

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The Craftsman 60V Max Quickwind line trim is part of Craftsman’s new 60 volt outdoor equipment.

Sears first introduced the Craftsman tool to the public in 1927. My experience is that hand tools are a valuable standard (competitive price, great responsibility and great performance). When I got the chance to try out the Craftsman V60 Max line-up, I jumped on it because of the symbolic name in the tools. But part of me wonders if the well-known quality of craftsmanship would remain strong after the acquisition of Bond Mfg. (Which also owns the Stanley and Black + Decker brands). Apparently I did not have to worry about anything.

Craftsman 60V wire cutter head 2

The Craftsman trimmer in its natural environment


  • Unit of weight: Approximately 10.2 lbs. with battery
  • Cutting width: 15 inches
  • Diameter of the cutting line: .08 “
  • Cutting lines: 2 (double line lining)
  • Type of line feed: Butt lining
  • Battery type: V60 MAX (60 volts) 2.5 Ah lithium ion battery
  • Charger: V60 MAX fast charger included
  • Charging time: Approximately 75 minutes
  • machine: Brushless
  • Multiple speeds: Yes – HI and LO
  • Shaft length: 50 inches
  • Wave style: Straight, telescope (adjustable in length)
  • Edge performance: No.
  • Additional features: adjustable handle; High speed coil; Part of the VersaTrack layout system (tested in a later review)


The tool arrived quickly and in great condition thanks to a composite box that kept things securely in place. Included was the mower (in parts), battery and charger and instructions.

Unpack the Craftsman 60V Sting Trimmer 3

The packaging includes a ready-made mower, battery, charger, protective cap and instructions

Charge the battery

I did not waste time charging the battery. It’s a simple act. Connect the device to the mains. Then slide the battery into place.

Craftsman 60V wire charger 4

Slide the charger over the slots in the battery

The screen flashes green during charging. It takes about 75 minutes to fully charge the battery (less the first time it is charged because the battery is already partially charged). When the battery is green, it is fully charged and ready to use!

Craftsman 60V wire cut charger 5

When the battery is green, it is fully charged.

The instructions state that the battery should be charged at a temperature between 65 and 75 ┬░ C0 F for the best battery life.

Here you will find our frequently asked questions about Li-ion batteries >>

Assemble the trimmer

After charging the battery, I turned to assembling the device. For the form, I scanned the instructions. I’m glad I did. It says, “Do not remove the zipper until the mail is set up.” It is ironic that I had a knife in my hand to cut a volume when I read this. So I slowed down and read how to do it right, which was incredibly easy.

First release the lock on the trimmer to extend the letter to its full length.

Craftsman 60V Thread Cutter Cable Tie 6

Release the lock on the bar and pull it out to its full length

Then uninstall the Remove tab and slide the top of the mail to the bottom until you hear it “click into place”.

Remove the tab for the Craftsman 60V cord cutter

Remove the tab marked Remove and slide the top of the mail to the bottom until it clicks into place

Then tighten the screw to secure the rod.

Craftsman 60V corded voltage shaft

Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screw to secure the rod

Easy to customize

Then I checked the length of the handle to see if it matched my arm length. It did. But if not, there’s a simple tweak for it. In addition, the embroidery length is adjustable so you can create your own perfect fit. Great gesture.

The overall balance of the device changes slightly as the length of the shaft changes. Fewer people will find that the battery feels a little heavier and lifts the trimmer head off the ground.

To adjust the handle (the same procedure is used to adjust the lever), loosen the lock on the handle, slide it to move the handle closer or farther from your body, tighten the lock, and then gently turn the screws to make sure it does not move. themselves while the device is in use.

Craftsman 60V string trimmer Adjustment of the front handle

Release the lock on the handle to create a custom fit for the length that suits you best

Finally, attach the protective cap to the end of the tool cutter. The screw and wash bag are glued to the bottom of the protective cover. Use a screwdriver with the washing machine, then tighten it in the hook. You know it’s turning in the right direction when you can read the pressure on the top of the cover when the mower is in use.

As with many new wire cutters, the cover is relatively small and does not improve protection much (see safety first below). There is also no “flower protection” on the front of the trimmer head to let you know if you get too close to plants you do not want to cut.

Craftsman 60V wire

Use the supplied screws and washers to attach the protective cap to the end of the clip

That’s it. You’m done. It took me longer to take the packaging apart and throw it in the trash than to put the device together. I call it a win in my book!


I could not find the Craftsman trimmer’s speed announcements, so I use food: it spins really fast! Therefore, be careful and prudent when using the device. Wear closed shoes and Eye protection at least. I would also recommend gloves and pants as dirt gets in your shins when you hit these weeds.

Never make any changes to the device when connecting the battery. Remove the battery before adjusting the length of the handle, removing debris that could clog the mower or replace the cord.


Well considered and not too heavy

When I picked up the trimmer, I noticed that something was missing: a shoulder strap. Most machines have a slide to transfer weight from the arms and hands to the shoulder muscles. But unfortunately no shoulder straps.

Another thing I noticed is that the Craftsman trimmer did not need a shoulder strap. It weighs only 10.2 pounds, approx. weight of a large watermelon. Unlike the watermelon, which carries its weight in the dense center, the balance of the trimmer made the device feel lighter. I’m not going to turn it as fast as a stick, but it was not so difficult that I felt the need to take a break.

3 switches: fuse, ignition, power setting

The device has three main switches: safety, ignition and power mode. To start the device, squeeze the safety device (which is also double-sided, which is a nice touch for left-handed people) and pull the trigger.

Craftsman 60V Thread cutter safety button

Note the security inside the thumb

You can not really hold the device without pulling the trigger. I liked that it felt normal.

At the top of the handle is a power setting where you can control both the LO and HI power. In almost all of my tests, I found that the LO setting worked just fine. As an added bonus, the battery saves the battery by using the device in LO so that you can use it much longer without having to charge it.

Craftsman 60V wire trimmer high-low switch

LO is great for everyone except the thickest, tallest grass and weeds

Easy to change the cut line

It is easy to replace the trimmer line or head. To remove the head, adjust the eyes of the bobbin case to the arrow. Squeeze the sides of the upstream housing and pull it straight up. You now have access to the reel line to replace the whole case or to add a new line to the unit.

Craftsman 60V wire cut loosens the wire head

Push the side of the perforation cage and lift it straight up

Drive the Craftsman trimmer through the stairs

I have tried the Craftsman Trimmer for three uses: mowing the grass by the side of the road, tall weeds and around trees and landscaping.

Mowing grass by a paved path

I do not have sidewalks but I have many sidewalks. The instructions clearly state: “The trimmer is not a tanner.And my street has no beginning in the traditional sense. If it did, I would be tempted to change my perspective to create a beautiful clean edge. But I used it to clean up the grass and weeds that were reaching the road.

I put the bottom of the device on the sidewalk, turned it on and slid it from side to side, parallel to the grass. I’ve been learning this since I read the instructions Going from side to side will reduce the amount of flying debris (like little stones) that will strike me again. As soon as the nylon thread made contact with the grass, I pushed it down the street until I cut the grass away.

I was happy with the result. I was holding the LO device and it was pushing away the grass and weeds that my mower could not reach.

Mow long grass and weeds

The instructions recommend working tall grass and weeds from top to bottom so as not to strain the machine or block the line. Now that the cannabis season is about to begin, I do not have the high stems that will come in a few months. But I have used it in some mixed weeds and plants.

Craftsman 60V string trimmer to cut weeds

When used against tall weeds, the Craftsman wireless wire cutter had no problem cutting the stems back into nothing in a matter of seconds.

I wanted to see the difference between LO and HI so I let it run at a higher RPM for a few minutes. The machine never hesitated. The field turned into a slightly louder moan and the weeds fell down immediately.

Craftsman 60V wire at high speed

For fun, I ran the tool on HI for a few moments. I heard the spins whine at a higher pitch and the performance was great

Cutting grass around landscaping and trees

To test space, I used the Craftsman trimmer in landscapes in my garden, for example B. in trees, shrubs, fences and rock walls.

Craftsman 60V thread for weeds

Use the trimmer on weeds. Publisher’s Comment: Scott is not in long pants in this picture but he should be! Protect your feet with a wire cutter.

Here, the low weight and balance of the device made a good difference to the result. Because it weighs so little, I can easily control the trimmer in and out of tight spaces and also approach fragile plants.

Abilities Craftsman 60V wire

It was light and agile enough to get under the bushes without tearing them up

Craftsman 60V wire around wood

I managed to switch between landmarks without damaging the poles or tearing my paws

Craftsman 60 V thread around the sofa

This allowed me to clean the lower side of my raised beds

It was also helpful in removing weeds and grass from garden stones along my paths. I could get a similar look during mowing if I took the time to move each stone, beat it and return the stones. But it was much easier. In less than a minute, the raised stones came out of the weeds.

Good battery life

I drove the device on two full battery trips. I’m not complaining but the battery took too long! I wanted to finish work but the battery still had power. Finally, I cleared out some of the sidewalks and neighbors’ sidewalks. So I went back to look for weeds to hit!

Got just over the morning and I had 2 of the 3 bars left when I finished work. So I waited for the weeds to grow again or appear in other places so I could start over. I know that a long-lasting battery will be useful when I’m in the heat of the weed season.

In terms of driving time, I do not have a good grip on a particular track. I tend to start and stop a lot, go from one place to another and clear the way for newly fallen sticks and branches. But I worked outside for over an hour and most of the time I had the trimmer in my hands.

The Craftsman Trimmer battery has a built-in power indicator that shows how much juice you have left before you need to charge it. Press the button and the battery and you will get an answer immediately.

Battery life Craftsman 60V cord cutter

To see how much power is left, press the button on the battery

Do you need the Craftsman trimmer?

If I have to choose a wire cutter from my collection, this is the one I keep. Therefore:

  • Easy to assemble and use. I assembled the device in less than 5 minutes … and I’m not a techie. The manual is fun to read, but the tool is very intuitive to compile, load and use. I have tried many devices with more bells and whistles and usually these accessories do not make my yard look better or make the product easier to use. There are several things that can be done with just one safety, shutter and power switch. And the Quickwind flushing system makes it easy to change heads or trim lines.
  • Power. I had no problem cutting anything I needed to achieve with the LO setting. And when the weeds become unhealthy, the HI setting works great. I have tried 40V and 120V devices recently and although it is easy to assume that “more is better”, this device had enough dryness to use 60V power.
  • Battery life. I’m not kidding when I say that the battery lasts longer!
  • Light and agileAn added bonus of the 60V battery is its light weight. Using a 120v tool costs weight. I have some 120v clippers that I can not use without the shoulder strap. And then I can not hold out long because that weight takes its toll after 30 minutes. This device is lightweight and makes it easy to get into a cramped space in your yard.
  • greenNo gas, mixed proportions, vapors or inaudible noises. It is quieter than any option and does not use fossil fuels.
  • Complete line of 60v mix and match toolsMost people who use power tools want compatible batteries and accessories. Craftsman has a full range of tools (lawn mowers, blowers, hedges and even chainsaws) that use the same battery. That means you no longer have to look for the right tool for your tool. They all work!
  • VersaTrack system compatibleAs I will explain in another review, all of Craftsman’s new power tools work with the VersaTrack system, a wall-mounted storage system that keeps your tools close, organized and ready when you feel like gardening.

If I complained I would go back to the beginning:

  • Shoulder strapI’m a big guy and it’s an easy tool. And while I’m sure almost all users can easily use the Craftsman trimmer, I would add a shoulder strap so that the least affected people could easily use it.


The Craftsman trimmer has a 90-day money back guarantee. If you buy it and you do not like it, send it back for your money. In addition, the Craftsman trimmer (not the battery) provides a limited warranty for 4 years against defects in materials and workmanship.


If you want to deal with weeds and tall grass without the use of toxins or fire – and if you need power in a small, cheap mower – check out the new Craftsman 60V Max Quickwind line cutter with lightweight 60V battery. If you are used to using a gas cutter, you will not miss the steam. If you are used to using an electric mower, you can take the device with you wherever the weeds grow!

Note that this is not a teat cut and should not be used for this purpose.


Craft tools are available online from two sources: Amazon and LowesThe 60V line trim is also available at several Lowe stores. Call before checking availability. The prices are usually comparable. So buy from the source that suits you best.

You can find it on it too Lowe’s Website

Extra 2.5 Ah batteries (model number CMCB6025) can be purchased separately. You can also buy the trimmer as a The package comes with an extra batteryIt is always a good idea to have an extra battery (although the running time of this trimmer was simple enough to manage a large yard with just one battery).

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