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I’m a fan of my craft tools, most of which are as old as Keith Richards. But I’ve been a fan again for the past few months since I started testing the new line of Craftsman 60V Max wireless power tools. I found light weight, high performance and long life Craft string trimming and fan I tried earlier this year.

Now that the growing season – along with the bushes hanging over the sidewalk of my house – has reached its peak, I would like to try the 60V Max hedge.

I had high hopes for the Craftsman hedge when I started testing it. Would that be fair to the other Craftsman 60V Max wireless power tools?

Craftsman 60V hedge on the bush

Craftsman hedges in its natural environment


  • Approx. unit of weight: 9 pounds with battery
  • Knife length: 24 “
  • Sheet action: Double (ie both sides of the knife are cut)
  • Sheet content: Laser cutting steel
  • Cutting capacity: 0.75 “
  • Battery type: V60 MAX 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Best charging time: 65-75 ° F.
  • Charger: Including V60 MAX fast charger
  • Approx. charging time: 75 minutes
  • Length: 75 minutes
  • Additional features: A chainsaw that can cut branches up to 1 1/2 inches thick. Knife sheaths; Part of the VERSATRACK wall layout system


Colorful pictures on the box let me know that my hedge has arrived. As always, I tore up the box, took some pictures, and laid everything on the floor to make sure the box contained all the components.

Craftsman 60V protection packaging

Lulu helped me check the contents to make sure the tool, battery and charger were in good condition

I did not waste time charging the battery. It’s a simple act. Connect the device to the mains. Then slide the battery into place. Given the 65-75 ° F charge warning in the manual and the 90 ° F outdoor temperature (and regular in my garage), I decided to charge the battery to the nearest outlet next to the hob.

Craftsman 60V Rechargeable Battery Battery Charger

The charger slides into the battery slots. Then plug the charging cable into an outlet.

The screen flashes green during charging. It takes about 75 minutes to fully charge the battery (less the first time it is charged because the battery is already partially charged). When the battery is green, it is fully charged and ready to use!

Craftsman 60V protection Battery charger green light

Steady green light means ready to go!

After charging the battery, I flipped through the manual to see if anything new was being said to me. The operating instructions are as stated for all power tools and contain many warnings (do not use when wet).

Then I turned to the assembly instructions. Nothing makes me happier than to discover that I own it nothing to put together as is the case with the Craftsman 60V hedge. While I was waiting for the battery to fully charge, I cut the plastic tape around the lighter.

When the battery was charged, I slid it to the bottom of the hedge until it “clicked”. That’s it. It’s ready to go!


As with all sharp tools, use common sense when “dressing” for work. Although the instructions do not give detailed warnings about the use of the tool, it is always good to wear safety glasses and gloves. Even a small branch can severely damage the cataracts. As for gloves, I like the extra grip I get Good garden gloves (There is also a small distance between me and everything that bites).

I would recommend such closed shoes too LaCrosse Alpha Muddy Mule what I tried a few months ago. Since I am eternally stung and scratched by branches lying on the ground, I like to protect my toes.

Start your brushless motor!

To use the device, you must first remove the sleeve. It is a shaped plastic part that slides off the blade with a little jerk.

Craftsman 60V cutlery protection shield

The blade is protected by a sturdy plastic cover that slides off when you want to start the device

The igniter consists of two parts: a security lock You need to press this to start the device and the ignition itself that drives the device. Fortunately, the lock is like a small switch on the ignition.

Craftsman 60V safety hedge trimmer

The ignition must be pressed to start the device

Craftsman 60V security guard security depressed

Fortunately, the location means you can not pull the trigger without pulling on the safety

To start the device, place your hand around the trimmer so that you lower the natural safety lock while pulling the trigger. To stop the device, remove your hand from the ignition. It’s that simple. After using the hedge for a few minutes, I forgot that the lock was even present.

At the end of the hedge is a small saw with teeth (Craftsman calls it Chain sawYou can use this feature to cut branches up to 1½ inches in diameter.

A 60V hedge trader saw the end of the paper

The Power Saw feature claims to cut through 1.5 cm thick branches

The distance between the braces is quite large, that is what is needed to cut branches that are up to 3/4 inch thick. This opening also makes it easier to attach fingers. This is just another reason to be careful and wear thick gloves of good quality.

Craftsman 60V hedge finger in blade

Notice how easily a finger fits between the teeth of the saw blade. That means: keep your fingers free of the blade when it rotates.

The device has a ball handle to easily hold from many angles and to improve touch. Of course it has too Protective cover to prevent your hands from slipping into the teeth of the moving blade.

Handle for Craftsman 60V protection

The device is equipped with a circumferential ball handle and a blade cover

Run the Craftsman 60V hedge through the fire

I tried the Craftsman hedge on flowering plants (Nandina), shrubs (Beautyberry, butterfly bushes, sun loungers, forsythia and St. John’s wort) and some small branches (myrtle, cedar and east red button).

Prune flowering plants

I have planted different types of Nandina in my garden. If you do not know Nandina, the plants are thin, leafy and beautiful.

I turned on the craftsman’s hedge and I shaped the plants in a short time. The craftsman seemed a bit slow compared to other hedges I have used, but it was not a problem to make a surgical incision on my flowering plants. As some of these plants grew on the way home, I needed a straight and precise cut, and I was not disappointed.

Trimming the nadins was just a gentle warm-up, mostly to give me time to get acquainted with the tools. Then it was time to move on to something with a little more content.

Cut the bushes

The front walkway has seven different types of shrubs on the sides and most contain three or four of the same shrub. The people who owned my house before me planted shrubs very tightly together to create the perfect look in a short time. Although this policy has advantages, it also produces plants that grow on each other over time.

Last year popped volunteer up in one small meadow that was not planted by the previous owner: a little sweet beauty berry. But just as the kittens bring your children home that will turn into cats, so the cute little beauty bear went from the spire to the sidewalk at night. I turned my eyes to the now large bush and approached it as Bruce Lee was attacking a movie villain.

Craftsman 60V protection for grooming

In front of

In no time I cut the bush in half, leaves and twigs fell in all directions. Then I came up to it from the sides and reduced it to a three-foot-long messy limb. Finally I went in to give the station still standing the last blow.

Craftsman 60V protection after trimming

After this

And then I realized the craftsman did not have as much strength as I neededAlthough the large 3/4 inch cutting blade could fit into the branches between the teeth, it did not cut through properly. I was aware that the Craftsman 60V Hedge Trimmer claimed to be cutting branches of this size and continued until he chewed through a bush, leaving only the thicker trunk about six inches above the ground.

The stock growth cluster appeared to be somewhere between an inch and an inch and a half. This gave me the opportunity to use the chain saw at the end of the saw blade. Following the instructions, when the engine was turned off, I put the saw blade and the protruding red saw shoe on the trunk. Then I pulled the trigger.

Craftsman 60V hedge with saw

Use the saw at the end of the hedge

The chain saw cuts but it takes a long time. After using it to cut all the stems except as close to the ground as possible, I used mine ARS SA-G18HL jigsaw with a hardened steel blade on the rest. It fell neatly on the floor in half a dozen strokes.

Craftsman 60V hedge trimmer

The chain saw does the job in the end, but not quite as well as a clipper or clipper.

The Power Saw feature may work for some users, but it’s not my new “go-to” tool for cutting through 1 út “limbs or branches.

On the other thinner wooden bushes, the craftsman stood up well and cut my beautiful tree, sun loungers and foliage. But when it came across thicker pieces of wood, such as beauty berries, butterflies and holly, the cut took longer than expected and longer than other wireless devices I tried.

Craftsman 60V protection for smaller branches

The tool gave me a beautiful clean cut on softer, thinner bushes

I used the Craftsman 60V hedge to cut my holes vertically and to remove some of the sting you grab as you pass. After a while, I leaned into an awkward corner and had to take a break. It would have been nice if the trimmer had a pivot point on the handle to change the blade angle by ninety degrees.

Craftsman 60V hedge needs to turn his head

When making an incision up and down I wish the device had a pivot point so I could hold it straight instead of having to turn my body in such an angle

Prune branches

Finally, I tried the Craftsman hedge fund against small disciplines to see how it would perform. No, hedging is not the best tool for the job, but I know most people who use hedging will probably push the envelope and choose to use the tool they already have in hand instead of finding the right one for the job. That’s where the test comes from. But instead of trying the tool on hardwood, I only cut softwoods like pine, cedar and oriental redbud. I have not tried to cut anything larger than ½ inches in diameter.

Craftsman 60V hedge trimmer

The tool cutter had no problem cutting stubborn red buds, cedar wood and pine branches

The Craftsman 60V hedge made a clean cut on all the branches that fell into the teeth. Using just one device to remove the troubled growth that hangs over a driveway or garden bed is a nice plus instead of having many tools at hand.

Will a craftsman be a hedge for you?

Here are some things I liked about the tool:

  • Easy installation. I like things that are “plug n play”. This hedge goes from the bucket to the yard as soon as you can charge the battery. You do not need to find a screwdriver or pliers to assemble it. Charge it, insert the battery, remove the capsule and start working.
  • Clean cuts. The craftsman excelled at cutting thin materials such as nandina and the soft ends of holly, butterfly bushes and beautyberry. When cutting through this type of vegetation, the blade never worked or hesitated as it reached precise cuts in foliage.
  • Long battery life lasts. The running time of this device is around 60-80 minutes, so you do not have to stop often to charge the battery. There is more than enough driving time for most residential buildings.
  • Light and agile. To use the device safely, two hands are required: one on the ignition and one on the handle. Less than 10 pounds, it’s easy to balance in your hands and never felt heavy or clumsy. The two cuts make it easy to cut hedges from side to side or from top to bottom by making minor changes to the handle.
  • Green. No gas, mixed proportions, vapors or inaudible noises. It is quieter than any option and does not use fossil fuels.
  • The battery can be used with all other 60V Craftsman tools. Most people who use power tools want compatible batteries and accessories. Craftsman has a full line of tools (leaf blower, hedge trimmer, wire cutter, mower and even chainsaw) that use the same battery! That means you no longer have to look for the right tool for your tool. They all work!
  • VersaTrack system compatible. As I will discuss in another review, all of Craftsman’s 60v tools work with the VersaTrack system, a wall-mounted storage system that keeps your tools close, organized and ready when the urge to park arises!
Craftsman 60V protection VersaTrack hook

This clip can be used to attach the hedge to the VersaTrack system

Here are some things I do not like about the Craftsman 60V hedge:

  • I have used a variety of mowers over the years, all of which have performed well. But of all the trimmers I have used, I would give the performance of the Craftsman Hedge Trimmer 60V Max near or below. The first time the trigger was ignited, the surgical movement was found to be slightly anemic. Although the device works well on thin, soft growths, it lacks the ability to quickly cut into harder or woodier materials.
  • Flipchart missing. When you scored holly bushes, it did not take long to wish I could turn the blade so I could make simple cuts up and down without having to stand in an awkward corner.


The Craftsman trimmer has a 90-day money back guarantee. If you buy it and you do not like it, send it back for your money. In addition, Craftsman provides a 4-year lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


This wireless hedge is suitable for long battery life (60 to 80 minutes with a single battery charge), low weight (less than 10 pounds), good mobility and reasonable price for light to medium household use. It makes a neat cut on a thinner stem, perfect for users with small gardens and hedges who want to keep a neat appearance.

However, if you are looking for a hedge that can cut through thicker vegetation, then this is something you should pass on.

Craftsman 60V hedge empties your wild bushes

Overall, Craftsman hedges can help you tame your wild shrubs


You can buy the Craftsman 60V Max hedge on amazonYou can too Buy it from Lowe where it is listed for $ 219.00 at the time of this review.

Turned on additional battery can be purchased separately if needed.

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