Corona QuickSaw® – 7-inch Folding Hand Saw (QS 7800): Product Review

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Exceptionally well-constructed quality story that cuts and cuts and cuts.

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Corona kindly sent me QuickSaw (QS 7800) to use and check.

When it comes to portability, nothing beats a 7-inch (blade length) jigsaw. It is lightweight, fits in your pocket and can cut even large branches better than a 2 inch monster.


  • Adjustable blade density for handling: Yes (flat head screwdriver)
  • Special features: Hole to attach a strap or hang on the wall
  • Cutting direction: Drag a stroke
  • Leaf locking equipment: Thumb
  • Total length (including knife): 15 ¼ í
  • Folded length: 8 – ½ inches
  • Sheet content: Carbon steel (hardened hardened)
  • Leaf coating: Chrome plated
  • Straight or curved blade: Beint
  • Canine design: Triple grinding geometry
  • Interchangeable blade: Yes
  • Weight: 5-3 / 4 ounces.
  • Can be sharpened with a knife: No Pulse carbon steel is too hard to grind.


In this video, Jack explains the features of the Corona QuickSawincluding the locking device, unique double cutting position, handle and blade. You can also see QuickSaw in action when he cuts through a piece of dead mesquite wood.


Corona Quick Saw packaging

The saw came with a clear plastic side at the front and cardboard at the back

The saw was delivered with clear plastic windows on the front of the package and cardboard on the back. A hole punch on top of the package allows it to be hung on a breadboard. This type of packaging is typical of most saws I try.

When Corona sent the story to me, it came in a regular box with some packaging material. The saws were received without scratches or dents.


I really like the handle. It is made of a single piece of rubber material that runs almost the entire length of the handle. A hook on the back of the handle prevents my hand from slipping when I pull the knife through a tree. (The saw blade cuts the tension.) The handle provides a great gripping surface, one of the best I’ve found in the stories I tried. There is also a hole in the back of the handle to attach a strap or hang on a hook or nail in the storage area.

Corona shortcut handle

The rubber handle offers great grip

Adjust the handle to the cutting tension

Corona QuickSaw The 7-inch breaking hand saw (QS 7800) has a large screw that can be used to adjust the tension from the handle to the blade interface (with a straight screwdriver). I did not find it necessary to adjust the screw in any other way as the working voltage was perfect.

Corona Quick Saw adjusting screw

The large lock is easy to use with a smooth screwdriver

Tight tolerance

Of all the stories I’ve reviewed, QuickSaw offers one of the tightest tolerances between a knife and a handle. It is a very small “game” when the blade is in the open position – nothing swinging from side to side or up and down. I like well-designed tools with built-in quality like QuickSaw

Metal thumb handle and aluminum front

Another quality characteristic of the saw is that both the front of the saw and the thumb rod (to open and close the saw blade) are made of high quality aluminum. It gives the feeling of precise craftsmanship and these parts work seamlessly together.

Corona Quick Saw aluminum front

The front lever and thumb on the high quality aluminum saw speak quantity for quality

Double cutting position

The QuickSaw also has an over center action, which Corona calls “Double Cut Position”. The design allows the magazine to cut articles that are difficult to reach. The idea of ​​double trimming is interesting, but it works best for outdoor branches good cutsThe design can be useful in very harsh constraint situations, but I think it’s more practical when making undercuts than getting into challenging places (as Corona calls this feature). Of all the felling stories I’ve looked at, Fiskars also offers this “too central” operation, which was marketed to cut branches more easily and make the right cut. I would use Corona QuickSaw for a good cut instead of reaching for difficult branches.

Corona QuickSaw over the middle

“Dual cutting positions” should allow history to reach places that are difficult to reach


Most of the saw blades I test use traditional carbon steel. Carbon steel is the preferred material because of its hardness and ability to make thousands of cuts before it wears out. In the production of carbon steel, a bath of oil or water is turned off (immersed) when the blade is very hot. Pulse-haired teeth, on the other hand, are produced in a different way. Carbon steel is still used, but the process “involves both heating and cooling within a few thousandths of a second using high impact energy generated by high-frequency electricity,” said ARS (a leading manufacturer of cutting and cutting tools).

The biggest advantage of pulse-haired teeth is that the blades last three times longer than the usual type of carbon steel blades. However, this technology also translates into a premium for the product. In my opinion, a relative increase in the cost of hardened white papers is more desirable than regular papers. The only disadvantage of heart rate monitors is that they cannot be sharpened due to hardness. However, we also do not recommend grinding conventional carbon steel sheets as triple grinding geometry is difficult to sharpen properly. You can sharpen carbon from steel, just one wrong measure and you’ve ruined your knife.

Easy to carry

In a completely closed (and locked) position, the story easily fits in my back pocket. It was very comfortable to go with when I went between places. I tried my back pocket which is shallower. I felt I could still wear it here, but I did not feel so safe. It never fell out but only moved when I left. Having it in my front pocket makes it more comfortable, even when I sit down.


  • Easy to cut: Very easy
  • How clean is the ditch: Very clean
  • Cutting speed: Raw

While this may not be my favorite story of anything I’ve looked at, it is one of the most recommended.


It cut like a dream. The saw is easy to cut and makes a smooth, clean cut and cuts both alive and dead. The operation over the center allows cutting down for the correct incision.


I like to take care of my tools because they work better and last longer. Foldable hand saws are no exception. The QuickSaw has a chrome leaf that prevents rust and prevents the formation of juices and resins. It’s a nice bonus, but not bulletproof. Over time, the layer on the blade wears out, especially around the teeth. In this case, rust is inevitable. I have found that a thin layer of lubricant on the saw blade, thumb and the point of rotation where the saw blade passes through the handle will keep your saw at the top. My favorite lubricant is Three-flow

And finally: do not leave the story out at night. Morning dew will take its toll. Do not use your story in the rain either. If necessary, dry it after use and be sure to lubricate it well before putting it away.


You are dealing with a very applied tool. We strongly recommend using leather shoes when cutting or trimming branches. Tights without gloves can send you to the hospital in a few steps or worse. And do not forget to wear safety glasses. We advise Wiley-XThese goggles prevent that sawdust in your eyes and metal fly if the saw blade breaks (and can if it is bent at extreme angles). Be sure.


Corona offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


This is one of my favorite stories. The aluminum frame and thumb rod are of high quality construction and the excellent rubber handle offers great comfort. The Impulse-hardened blade offers a long service life and high-quality cutting. I like the blade outside the center – not so much to get to hard-to-reach places, but to cut out branches with the right cutting distance. Overall, this is a quality product that cuts well. As a bonus, it has a removable blade.


QuickSaw is available from Amazon

You can also buy it from Corona website: for $ 40.90 plus sheets + shipping costs (price not available at the time of this review).

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