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Solid edge with comfortable footsteps and handle for the most difficult sides.

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Corona EdgeMASTER is a powerful yet lightweight tool that was specially developed to help gardeners mow garden beds or between lawns and sidewalks or driveways quickly and cleanly. The long handle chair has a Corona ComfortGEL handle, torn footsteps and a carbon steel blade.

Corona Edgemaster handle

Corona EdgeMASTER fits most sizes and has a ComfortGEL handle.


  • Weight: Just over 4 pounds
  • length: 40 inches from the top of the handle to the bottom center of the blade
  • Leaf size: The 5.8 “blade (from top to bottom) is approximately 7.5” wide and decreases only towards the lower center
  • Sheet content: Carbon steel
  • Footrest: Strongly torn surface
  • Handle size: 14 cm wide
  • Handle content: ComfortGEL filling
  • Special features: Corona says the blade is self-sharpening but can be sharpened if necessary without voiding your warranty
Corona Edgemaster tip and footrest

Tip the blade with the blade under a ribbed footrest.

Trying out EdgeMASTER

I drove the EdgeMASTER in an area along the driveway where the grass thickens and individual grass blades are also thicker than many species. At first I found it difficult to get the cutting knife into the thick and weeds, which I acquired the thickness and dullness of the cutting knife. However, with a little more weight on the footsteps, the blade easily slipped into the ground. It was easy to place the blade close to the concrete to create a clean edge along the driveway.

I also tested EdgeMASTER against plastic edges and fences in our vegetable garden, where the tool easily cut through weeds and roots and I could stick it into the ground up to the vertical surface.

Through the footsteps

The footrest is large enough to carry a lot of weight and the torn surface prevents it from slipping (Corona calls this a “double traction footplate”). You can use either side of the base plate to suit your style and roll the blade back and forth for an even cut. It is easy to switch back and forth between the legs to press on either side.

Corona Edgemaster used at the edge of the driveway

When he stepped on the edge cut, he was pushed to the edge of the driveway.

You can also roll the blade back and forth to cut through grass or roots. It worked well for me; I was able to create a thin and straight edge where the grass ran over the driveway.

The thickness of the steel blade made it feel very strong. I was not worried about tilting the device in either direction and turning the blade (unlike some other brown drawers I have tried). Corona EdgeMASTER can withstand heavy loads.

Remove Corona Edgemaster grass roots

Shake or use the blade to remove the grass roots.

Second test

I took EdgeMASTER to my daughter’s new home to try it out in some areas that had not been hit or cut. The tool was also light and easy to put in my car.

Corona Edgemaster narrow space

Bermuda grass had grown in the space between the sidewalk and the fence (left) but could be easily removed with EdgeMASTER (right).

Corona Edgemaster fits in a small space

EdgeMASTER (and its base) fits into the small space between the sidewalk and the fence.

She tried EdgeMASTER on Bermuda grass, which grows in the space between the sidewalk and the fence, and does a great job there.

Then she went to an area where grass had grown over the sidewalk. Her husband had used hand scissors to cut the grass off part of the sidewalk a few days earlier. It was easy for her to push the lace band down with one foot and turn it over to get a neat edge. The end result looked much nicer than the area trimmed with hand scissors.

Corona edgemaster sooner or later

Before he was shot: Thick grass grows over the sidewalk. After this: A nice border is created with the help of the edge cut.

With the EdgeMASTER magazine

The blade on the Corona EdgeMASTER looks very different from a typical brown cut. It has a ribbed surface (instead of the usual flat surface), is “self-sharpening” (I’m not sure what that means) and is almost square with a sharp tip (rather than a crescent-shaped one I’m used to seeing).

It is made of heat treated carbon steel which is durable and I found it easy to dry after use. I recommend cleaning (or at least wiping it) after each use to prevent rust.

Although it is heavy and can carry a lot of weight and fluctuate back and forth, I had two problems with the blade: 1) it was not sharp enough to easily cut through hard surfaces and 2) the thickness of the blade (plus torn surface ) made it a little harder to fit in cramped spaces. The “self-sanding” operation did not appear to sharpen the blade after prolonged use. I would sharpen it before I use it (check out ours for the best grinding tools for the job The best pencil page

Corona Edgemaster steel blade

Carbon steel blade Corona EdgeMASTER

EdgeMASTER Comparison

I have used a long-edged edge with curved blades before, but the blades were thinner on these tools. As a result, I was concerned about the thickness and almost rectangular design of the Corona EdgeMASTER blade and how well it would fit into thick lawns, dense soil and roots.

To test the difference, I found an old standard brown boat and tested it in the same area as I tried the EdgeMASTER. Yes, when applied correctly, this model only cuts cleaners with thin leaves, cuts easily through a typical lawn and fits in a narrower space. But when I tried the thinner blade in the same difficult conditions I tried the EdgeMASTER in, it did not perform much better than the Corona cut. In addition, the standard curved blade felt like it could bend if someone forced it very hard. In addition, the old standard brown cut has a wooden handle that is not as comfortable as the ComfortGEL handle and can break.

My comment is that the Corona EdgeMASTER works best on difficult handling, but the traditional device works better in more typical conditions. I’m sure I can stomp or jump on the EdgeMASTER footrest, slide the device back and forth to pinch it in an enclosed space, and basically do anything to get a clean edge. These are things I would not do with a standard edge trimmer.


As with all Corona tools, the EdgeMASTER comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.


The Corona EdgeMASTER is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand heavy abuse. This makes it a good choice for edges in difficult conditions, for example B. in compacted soils, strongly matured lawns and with thick roots. The ComfortGEL handle protects your hands as a model without additional cushioning and the strong rib foot gives you a secure grip when you put your weight on it. You can move the device back and forth without worrying about bending or breaking a blade, shaft or handle.

The blade would benefit from pre-use sanding and the “self-sanding” function seems to last for the device.

Overall, the EdgeMASTER is a great choice if you need a powerful tool for hard edge work. More traditional edge devices like this Radius PRO Edgercould be a better option.

Where to buy

EdgeMASTER (LG 3684) is available at Amazon. It is also available on the Corona website It’s currently sold there for about $ 43 (plus shipping). You can also find it in some big stores like Lowe’s.

Corona LG 3684 Edge Master

The Corona EdgeMASTER is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand heavy abuse. This makes it a good choice for edges in difficult conditions, for example B. in compacted soils, strongly matured lawns and with thick roots.

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