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Reliable tool for preparing the soil for planting, weeding or aerating.

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I recently tried Corona’s DiscCULTIVATOR with ComfortGel Handle. The lightweight device released some of the weight from our garden path.

In recent years, we have usually dug about six to seven inches with a shovel and carefully adjusted the soil, which is hardened by a mixture of dry air, wind blowing from the soil and hard water from the well. After turning the soil, we used a battery-operated handrail (which no longer holds its charge) to loosen the top layer and mix the compost we add each year. Then we level the area with a bow shaker.

This year we used Corona DiscCULTIVATOR as a replacement device for the battery machine.

What is DisccULTIVATOR?

DiscCULTIVATOR is basically a 60 pin rod with three removable rotating steel rods at the end and is used for weeding, cultivating, loosening and rotating the top soil layer.

The peaks are screwed into a metal base that can be stepped on to drive the peaks deeper into the ground if necessary. In normal use, the teeth fall about 2 inches below the ground so the tool does not replace the joystick or anything that goes deeper than 2 inches.

It has a ComfortGel handle to reduce vibration and a curved shaft to relieve stress, especially when you press the head of the cultivator to break up hard crumbs.

Corona DiscCultivator teeth

Three steel pipes Corona DiscCULTIVATOR

Try using the cultivator

When I went to the park with the Corona DiscCULTIVATOR, I expected much of the same routine as in recent years, without the battery on the joystick. But I was wrong. DiscCULTIVATOR handled almost all projects with different tools together.

Corona disc breeder dirty

This is not a pretty picture; There is a dry lump of dirt in one of our garden beds.

Fold up the lumps and loosen the soil – With all three teeth I was able to roll the cultivator back and forth over the lumps of earth and break it apart. This was not only useful with my vegetable and flower beds, but also when I created an area for sowing wildflowers.

Lightweight corona disc breeder

The peaks of this breeder are strong, but the whole tool is light and ergonomic

Spread the changes and level the garden bed – After loosening the soil, I added mushroom malt in piles and then spread it out with DiscCULTIVATOR. It did a good job of mixing the compost into the first inches of the soil surface.

The teeth also helped to collect part of the bladder that was still in bed after the fall. The good thing is that the leaves do not stick to the teeth and do not clog the tools. In recent years, a battery-powered breeder has done a good job of preparing a bed, but sometimes it gets clogged with dirt or weeds.

In fact, I was able to replace the previous need for a bow rake by “leveling” the dirt with DiscCultivator. I could make extra passes or change directions to make the bed even after all the crumbs.

Create rows of plants or pines – You can easily create a series of plants by removing the two outer teeth. Even though a beautiful flat row for planting cucumbers and bean seeds is made only with the grower once. I also found that I could make small “slots” if necessary. Nice bonus.

Corona disc cutter

Based on my skills and the soil this year, these are beautiful small two-part ditches

Growing plants – After cucumber plants appeared in this artificial bed (yes!) I tested DiscCULTIVATOR’s ability to grow around plants and remove small weeds. By removing the center tooth, I was able to run the tool over the cuttings without chopping them up. It was easy to control and really helped to loosen the soil, which is already hardening from watering.

Weed from Corona disc breeder

After my cucumbers sprouted, I ran the disc grower (with 2 outer teeth) around it to loosen the soil and start weeding

Easy and convenient to use

Compared to an electric cultivator, the Corona DiscCULTIVATOR is much lighter and the ergonomic design of the curved shaft ensures less fatigue. It’s also easy to pick up and move or just roll where I want to make the next gap. The ComfortGel handle was comfortable in the hand and offered additional cushioning, which I enjoyed after working in the yard.

Corona Comfortgel handle disc breeder

Corona ComfortGel Handle on his DiscCULTIVATOR

The teeth were easy to remove and replaced with a coated ball that held them in place. It was a little easier to remove one of the outer teeth before removing or replacing the center where they mesh a bit. But it took so little time that I did not care.

Screw the Corona Disc Cultivation Teeth

The screws that hold the teeth in place are easy to loosen and tighten to replace tasks quickly.


Corona offers a limited lifetime warranty against production and material defects.


Coronas DiscCULTIVATOR dissolves the top layer of soil well, loosens lumps, makes changes and weeds around plants. For normal weed preparation and preparation, this is a great, flexible and ergonomic tool. It is sturdy but still light, has a comfortable handle that absorbs vibrations and the teeth come off easily so you have many widths and peak settings.

If you have really dense soil that has never been ordered or hard soil, this is not the device for you. You must first prepare the soil with deeper penetrating tools or use a non-tillage method (eg with a wide fork).

DiscCULTIVATOR is similar Garðtún rotary cultivator but has a curved shaft that makes the back lighter, especially when pressure is applied to the teeth to break hard ground. A further difference is the handle from the vibration-absorbing ComfortGel. The peaks are mounted on a metal base plate that you can use to step on the peaks to drive them deeper into the ground.

Where to buy

DiscCULTIVATOR can be purchased directly from Corona, where it is now listed on their website for $ 43.40 plus shipping. It is also available on Amazon for roughly the same price (with free shipping for Prime members).

Corona Disc CULTIVATOR (LG 3634)

DiscCULTIVATOR from Corona is a multi-purpose cultivator with a long handle that loosens the top soil layer well, breaks up lumps, spreads changes and weeds.

Corona disc incisors from the side

A side view of strong Corona DiscCULTIVATOR teeth

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