Centurion® Multi-Gear Lopper 2X: Product Review

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Cosmetic haircuts are a ubiquitous product these days, offered by different companies in different styles, cutting capabilities and features. centurion Please give us your Multi-Gear Lopper 2X (2 inch cutting capacity) for review.


  • Die head type: Bypass
  • Cutting head drive: Gear (2-speed version for 2x cutting power)
  • Sheet content: Carbon steel
  • Handles: Extruded aluminum, binocular handles, plastic-like handles with rubber coating
  • Leaf coating: Teflon
  • Is it possible to sharpen knives?: Yes
  • Expandable handle
    • Handles not extended: 44 in
    • Handles half extended: 49 in
    • Fully extended handles: 53 in
  • Bumpers: No.
  • Cutting capacity: 2 inches
  • Weight: 5 kg 5 oz.


See Jack’s first thoughts on the design and performance of the Centurion Multi-Gear Lopper. This indicates the first set of loppers I got and did not change for the second set of loppers I tried.


Centurion Multi Gear Lopper back cover

Back poster with packing conditions. Clipping, safety and maintenance

The fleas came whole in a box. With cable ties on the cutting clip, the sign shows the product’s features on one side and tips on cutting, safety and maintenance on the other.


This is not my first rodeo when it comes to reviewing geared loppers. Nice episode of Centurion Loppers offers that many competitors are not the telescope handles. The binocular handles offer the device the option of being able to use it in tight spaces when the handles are pulled back, as well as the enormous lever / cutting force when the handles are fully extended.

Centurion Multi Gear loppers handle fully

When fully extended, the handle reaches a 53-inch open spread, causing tremendous cutting force / leverage

I also like the pin lock button. It feels safer when a pin fits into an elongated hole in the pressed aluminum handles rather than relying on friction cam locks or swivel lock handles available from competing products. (You can see how to do this in the video above).

Centurion Multi Gear Lopper handle buttons

Pulling and releasing the spring-loaded pin ensures the safe and secure position of the telescope

Centurion Multi Gear Lopper Cam

Gear loppers help to cut trees into large diameters


I discovered the centurion The Multi-Gear Lopper 2X increases the cutting force required to split large pieces of wood. I have reviewed loppers without a comb or “composite” cutting technique and there is one big difference between the two. When I’m looking for lightweight loppers for Arbeiten inch diameter jobs, I use non-composite loppers. But when I cut the big stuff (1 to 2 inches) where I would use a jigsaw, I use my lever.


When I hear the word “capacity” diminished (the term Centurion uses)) I interpret the term in such a way that it certainly cuts into a specified diameter. (2 inches in this case.) I only got a 1½ inch cut in very hard southwest mesquite wood. I thought I was getting closer to my potential.

I got another set of Centurion loppers to try and I got the same results with harder mesquite wood.

Centurion Multi Gear Lopper cutting diameter

Loppers cut 1 – mes inch mesquite wood

So I tried the paws on another southwestern forest – Palo Verde. It is softer wood and the paws cut it like a hot knife through butter. This was repeated by another group of loppers I tried.

Centurion Double Gear Loppers two-inch wood

The first article cut and the second test cut had no problem cutting through a 2 inch softer Palo Verde with

CLEAN ditch

The centurion The Multi-Gear Lopper 2X does not achieve particularly clean cuts. I run this for three reasons. What I call the “leaf spread” (pictured below) is where the leaf separates from the leaf (the leaf opposite the leaf) as the leaves work their way through the forest.

Centurion Multi Gear Loppers with leaf spread

Knife distribution creates an irregular cut

Second, the blade is not fully applied at the end of the cutting edge. If it’s intentional, I do not know why. I have used other loppers with a similar design but in these cases the whole blade was sharp and made a clean cut. I’m pretty sure that’s the boring part of the centurion Loppers help to break the cut and break the branch (which destroyed and split the core of the branch).

Publisher’s Comment: centurion sent me another flea to try. The other pair had a sharp tip on a blade. This allowed a cleaner cut to a larger material when cutting on the 2-inch range.

The second pair I tried had the same spreading blade on the blade as the first pair I tried. In one case, the blade was bent down into the counter blade when the diagonal was cut so that the blades did not pass each other (the two points on the blades touch).

Centurion Multi Gear Loppers barefoot

Part of the sheet that is not sharpened. I think this contributes to reduced performance. After trying another pair with a sharp knife point, it made a difference when cutting with the largest diameter of the wood shear capacity.

Finally the non-stick skin (Teflon) Leaf torn after several cuts. This will reduce the ease with which the blade flows through the wood.

Publisher’s Comment: Non-stick coating on another pair of loppers was maintained. I have put them through many more ditches than the original pair and there has not been any noticeable wear like the first pair.

Centurion Multi Gear Loppers without skin

Teflon The coating began to wear after several cuts


The comfortable handles fit my big hands but are not too big, which makes them easy to use for someone with smaller hands. The handles contain composite material and the rubber-coated part covers the handle and provides excellent grip.

Centurion Multi Gear Lopper handles

The handles are well designed and comfortable with a neck


Excellent tips for cutting the back of the poster offer users great benefits. Critical cutting information protects the health and energy of the plant. However, I would like to see a section on appropriate techniques for removing the main article from the stock or the article from the article. (Branches are the structures that are attached directly to the tree trunk. Branches radiate from the branches and form a huge canopy of trees or shrubs.)

NEED for bumper

One problem: the device does not have a bumper or shock absorber built into the interface between the cutting head and the handle. Bumpers take the “blow” out of the tool when the handles are, however, they hit each other after a cut. Bumpers are important when cutting larger materials. I found that the multi-speed fleas were stiff and had little “play” in the system, which made the impact load quite heavy when the handles came together quickly (as with brute force for large cross-sections).


At the time of this review, I could not find any information about the replacement parts. If you take good care of your tools, they will last a long time. The only thing that needs to be replaced over time is a sharp blade. It seems to be easy to replace it by removing two screws. If your blade becomes dull or has burrs, sharpen the blade and remove the burr the counter-newspaper. There are several excellent sharpener on the market today.


Protect yourself as with all cutting tools. Bera high quality gloves to avoid cuts and scratches. Wear good quality safety goggles. Tools may break, branches may fall, or a flickering branch may pierce your retina. Protect your eyes. We recommend this Wiley-X safety glassesIf you cut your head, wear a hard hat. There are several brands available, but choose one that fits well and meets ANSI (American National Standards Institute).


centurion offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


I like a few things about the paws: the drive head for increased cutting strength; the telescope handles for increasing the leverage of a piece of wood that is difficult to cut with a large diameter; the comfortable handles and the rubber handles; and secure, resilient pins that lock the binoculars in place. However, some improvements are needed. First, Centurion might consider redesigning the cutting head to avoid spreading the blade. Then you need to sharpen the cutting blade right at the tip of the blade. Finally, it is recommended to insert a bumper into the device. Compared to other loppers with binoculars and bypass heads, this is not my favorite. I think it needs to come back to the drawing board for improvement.

Publisher’s Comment: Although the sharp tip of the blade made the difference in the clean cut and the nonstick material remained in place, issues of the blade distribution were still present and a biased cut saw the blades touch. I would have liked to give these loppers higher marks but these two areas stood out with splendor. As a result, I have kept reviews the same.


The centurion Multi-Gear Loppers 2X can be viewed on the Centurion website At the time of this review, there was no link to buy Centurion Website. We also searched for it through a web search. The only reference we could find was the 2018 National Hardware Show which mentioned that the product was available in 2019. We will update this review as soon as the loppers are available.

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