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A foldable cutting saw in the middle of the road that does the work.

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centurion Garden and Outdoor Living, a company founded by the former president of Fiskars, kindly sent us a sample of their crime story for review.

It’s the time for grooming. Many plants that need attention are far too large for hand cutters or even 2 inch loppers. You want something portable that fits in your pocket. A folding story that is folding is the perfect tool for that.

As a side note, this is the third Centurion story sent me to rate. The first story had broken a tooth. The second saw had defective thumb equipment and the cut on the saw was only improved compared to the first defective saw. The third story was slightly better than the second and remained locked in an open position (read more about this below).


  • Adjustable blade density for handling: Yes (with Phillips screwdriver or flat screwdriver)
  • Special features: Lanyard or hook hole at the end of the handle
  • Cutting direction: Drag a stroke
  • A knife to deal with tolerance: Laus
  • Leaf locking equipment: Thumb
  • total length: 15-3 / 4 in
  • Folded length: 9 inches
  • Sheet content: Carbon steel
  • Leaf coating: Chrome plated
  • Curved or straight blade: Beint
  • Canine design: Triple grinding geometry (Centurion calls it DoublekutTM
  • Interchangeable blade: No.
  • Weight: 8-3 / 8 ounces.
  • Can be sharpened with a knife: Yes, but it is not recommended. Getting the right tooth angle is extremely difficult and improper grinding will damage the blade.


Check out Jack who covers the Centurion storyboard in the video below. It covers details such as locking equipment, handle and blade. He also shows the pallet history used and gives his opinion on the cutting results. Note that the video shows the second story we tried – the third story cuts a little better.



The story is wrapped in clear plastic on the front and cardboard on the back. It fits on a breadboard.

Most of the folding stories are packed in a similar way to Centurion is no exception. The clear plastic side at the front with cardboard back has a hole that is pierced through the package so that it can be hung on bread paper.


Most of the storyboards have a few up and down and swing with each other – known as “play” – when the storyboard is open. I found the work in the centurion looked pretty typical compared to other stories I’ve tried. The game was in acceptable range so I did not check it out. I found the side game loose but repaired (more below).

The blade locking device is a thumb. It’s one of the easiest to use (lowest thumb pressure) of all the stories I’ve reviewed.

Adjustable voltage

When I took the story out of the package for the first time, a lot was played side by side. I eliminated the game by tightening the adjusting screw that goes through the handles and the blade. I thank this centurion very much Use a standard screw that can be tightened or loosened with a Phillips screwdriver or a flat-blade screwdriver.

Screw and thumb handle to adjust the center of the folding hand saw

The adjusting screw prevented lateral play on the connection between the handle and the blade. The big thumb rod was easy to use (but the second saw we tried could not lock this thumb rod – but eventually the third saw did).

Centurion folding hand card with hand saw

Centurion gave advice on trimming the back of the package


As a certified carpenter, I know the timing, procedures and methods for repairing the ditch. Most homeowners need good information about the right haircut. Compared to other stories I’ve tried, Centurion gave some best tips on trimming, where, when and how to cut properly. (The cutting manual is at the back of the box.) Thank you very much for the information the company has shared. The health and strength of a tree or shrub depends largely on the correct pruning. If the trimming is wrong, deadly pathogens and other diseases can enter the plant.


Of all the breasts I have examined, I have never seen a saw where the saw blade snaps into place in a single angle (approximately 45 degrees) before it closes completely. Find out that this is clearly a requirement for hand saws abroad. It is an attempt to avoid cutting the hands when the blade is closed in the handle. If the locking device that holds the blade in the open position breaks down and the blade starts to fold, this corner lock will prevent injury. To free the blade from this point of view, all I had to do was squeeze the thumb rod and close the blade in the handle.

Centurion folding handsaw locking position

The blade clicks into place diagonally to avoid a hand / finger

INDEPENDENCE PROBLEMS (another story told)

In another story I got, my thumb did not lock the paper in the open position. With light pressure at the top of the sheet, it was rolled over and locked at a single corner (mentioned above). The thumb bar locked the blade in the handle when closed. I found that the inability to lock the paper in the open position posed a security risk.

I tried the third story and it was locked in the open position.

COPIES OF CUTTING (one saw / saw two / saw three)

  • Easy to cut: Poor / Moderate / Moderately better than two seen
  • How clean is the ditch: Low quality / average quality / moderately better than two seen
  • Cutting speed: Seen very slowly / slowly / moderately better than two

The first saw I tried had very poor cutting performance (middle picture – below). I immediately saw and found that the saw teeth were not as sharp as the ambitious competitor model (the top saw in the picture – below). When I was testing the second saw with sharper teeth (bottom saw in the picture – below) I noticed that the cutting speed was still slow. The swap saw cut faster than the previous saw, but only slightly. The third story had a slightly better cut than the first two, but nowhere near the top story.

Comparison of Centurion's folded hand stories

The centurion Double cutTM Saw blades (two shown below) did not cut as aggressively and cleanly as the other saw blade (above)


Think of carbon as the material that makes steel hard. The more carbon there is in steel, the harder it is. Carbon steel is the material of choice for breaking saw blades due to its hardness. As a result, the blade will be sharp for a long time through hundreds or thousands of cuts. centurion uses carbon steel in the stories I reviewed.


The centurion Foldable hand saw with rubber handles on both sides of the handle. Convenient grip with one Curved end (opposite the blade) prevents the user’s hand from slipping off the end of the torque when cutting with the blade.

Centurion folds the hand saw in the open position

The saw had good rubber handles on each side of the handle, which made it easy to hold.

Easy to carry

When folded, the saw is only 23 cm long. I found it easy to carry the saw in my back pocket. I also carried the saw in my back pocket, but it did not feel as secure as my hips. My back pockets are shallower than my back pockets and it is more comfortable to carry the story in my back pocket, especially when I sit.


The chrome plating of the saw blade is intended to prevent the formation of rust and the formation of sap and resin. The chrome coating offers a bonus, but it is not bulletproof. The coating can wear out after prolonged use, especially around the front teeth, and then the blade usually becomes dull. The saw rusts without chrome.

Light leaf oil is a good prevention. Add a splash of lubricant to the area where the ball passes through the saw blade and handle, along with the locking device, and you will keep the saw in top shape and prevent rust. My favorite lubricating oil is Three-flowAlso, do not leave the story out at night (as it will be covered with morning dew) or in the rain, of course.


Wear an eye protection. Safety glasses prevent the saw from falling into your eyes when you cut in the air or on a windy day. They also protect you from flying metal if the saw blade breaks. (Leaves bent at opposite angles may break.) We recommend Wiley-X for eye protection. Wear good gloves too. One slip of very sharp blade and you may need a few steps or worse. Full leather gloves offer you the best protection. Be sure.


centurion Garden & Outdoor Living offers a limited lifetime warranty that their products are free from defects in materials and workmanship.


Finally after trying out the third story, Centurion The fold of the hand that was folded added the meaning of one star. The first saw had major cutting problems. The cutting ability of the second story improved slightly, but the performance did not match higher competitors with a straight blade. The inability of another story to remain locked in an open position also raises concerns about security. The third saw cut better than the first two and the locking device worked just fine. The cutting ability of the third story was slightly better than the second story. Overall, we gave the third story an additional star due to minor improvements to all three rating criteria.


You can buy the centurion Breakable clipping story from Amazon

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