Best Reviews on Terrace Heater 2020: Complete Buying Guide

When the days get shorter and the weather changes, it is difficult to sit on the terrace. The cold air will start to nibble on you and you will feel the urge to move to stay warm. Inviting guests to an afternoon barbecue means ending the good times early due to the cold that creeps in.

When the evenings get cold and you want to spend them outdoors with friends and family, the patio heater will warm you up. The patio heater takes up little space, distributes a lot of heat to the patio and keeps everyone warm as toast.

You get gasoline and electric models and choosing the right model for your home requires a bit of research. Where you live in the United States matters. Homeowners in the Nordic countries need much more powerful heating systems than those in the south.

In this review, we look at all the leading brands to find the best patio heaters for your garden. If it gets cold outside this winter and you need to keep warm, turn the switch over and do not worry about Jack Frost biting your nose. Here is our guide to the best central heating machines, read through our selection and then check out the buying instructions.

Our main choice

If you do not have time to go through all our offers for the best patio heaters, here are our main deals. Choose a heater that suits your needs and place an order. You will enjoy heating on your patio in a few days.

Best choice: Terrace heater Golden Flame

This burnt-free burner is a great choice for a shipyard. You never have to worry about the wind blowing the pilot out and this gas burner will heat you up for hours on cold nights. It is a good choice for homeowners and some small restaurants can use it outdoors in cold weather.

In second place: Pamapic patio heater

Homeowners and restaurant owners who want their central heating to perform at their best will love this model. The Pamapic Commercial Heater is powerful enough to heat large patios and recreation areas and provides plenty of heat in a 360 degree area. It is a good choice as a heater for factories, workshops and restaurants.

Budget Choice: AmazonBasics Outdoor Terrace Heater

Amazon Basics patio heater with wheels, propane 46,000 BTU, retail and residential - anthracite
Amazon Basics patio heater with wheels, propane 46,000 BTU, retail and residential – anthracite

  • An outdoor gas heater with 46,000 BTU provides heat up to a 9 foot radius. Ideal for commercial cafes and restaurants or terraces
  • Made of aluminum, solid plastic and solid steel with durable powder coating that withstands external elements
  • Piezo ignition system for easy start at the touch of a button; requires a 20 pound liquid propane tank (not included); Chain to secure the included LPG tank.
  • Safety valve with automatic shut-off; Water cooler to add weight to the bottom; Bicycle equipment included for easy transport
  • Measures approximately 18 x 89 inches (LxH); weighs 38 pounds

Homeowners looking for the cheapest deal on the patio will find that this model is the best patio heater available. AmazonBasics has a solid reputation and a money-free guarantee without nonsense. This heater works well and will last for many years. It is the best value for money and everything you need to get through the cold weather.

Top 8 reviews on patio heaters

Now that you know our top picks, it’s time to pack them in more detail. We will also dive into other product offerings to give you an idea of ​​the best patio heater available.

Patio Heater Golden Flame – The best patio heater overall

This model takes the top spot for the best patio. Taken as a whole, we classify this heater as the best value for money, the best performance, the best user performance and the best efficiency. There is a whole series of eligibility requirements that Gullni loginn must meet, but we believe that it is an absolute winner and belongs on your terrace.

The Golden Flame has an impressive 41,000 BTU rating, making it a great option for medium to large terraces. Some smaller restaurants may also find them useful for outdoor heating. This heater has a matte mocha texture that is easy on the eyes and a stylish design that does not make it look like an eye ulcer on your patio.

An outstanding feature of this model is the flyless burner. One of the big problems with gasoline-powered freestanding burners is that they go out when there is a gust of wind.

You must tap the match to turn on the burner and start heating. During this time you will lose a lot of heat on your patio and your guests will get cold. Thanks to pilot-controlled burners, your heating will never go out, even in the wind.

The flightless system is efficient. You do not have to worry about losing fuel in the wind as the flying light has gone out on this model. If you are worried that the heater is heavy at the top and no one wants to roll over, you can add 30 pounds of sand to the hole bottom to increase the weight.

If the heater is tilted, the automatic shut-off switch is activated to prevent serious accidents. The mirror of this type is wide and offers a long range for the heat coming from the burner. Overall, the heater is the best model on the market, with the right balance between price, performance, durability and user-friendly use.


  • Flyless burner
  • Weather resistant
  • Windproof
  • Fillable base for extra weight
  • Powerful 41,000 BTU output
Bad choice:

  • Sucks petrol at maximum setting

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PAMAPIC Patio heater – second place

Commercial patio heater Pamapic is our runner patio heater in this exam. It may not be as powerful as some other versions, but it has a lot of power for the home patio, as well as light retail and business use.

With this model you get a professional basic design that will hold your fuel tank. Go to the tank and connect through the door on the side of the body. The practical design makes it attractive as all the fittings and the 20 pound petrol tank are not visible.

This model allows you to reach up to 18 feet depending on the weather. At 46,000 BTUs, it is a powerful heater and a special fiber optic ensures maximum thermal coverage. This system works as if there were 55,000 BTUs available.

Stainless steel burners offer a long service life and you also get the safety feature against turnover. The manufacturer also includes a cover for your heater when you buy it.


  • Easily accessible tank compartment
  • Efficient and powerful 46,000 BTU burner
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Has a coat

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Outdoor terrace heater AmazonBasics – The best budget model

Homeowners on a budget looking for the best patio heaters they can afford can browse AmazonBasics patio heaters. This model has everything you need for outdoor heating at an affordable price. If price is your biggest buying factor, this model is your first choice.

Even though this model has a bottom price, it still offers you great value for money. The heater has a durable construction with a bronzed texture that looks attractive on the terrace.

This heater generates 46,000 BTUs of heat, enough to cover a medium-sized and large patio. You can pair this heater and with it your Heat out the dining room of your restaurant or bar. This model has a start-up device that facilitates start-up that allows you to turn on the ignition with the first turn.

The AmazonBasics model generates even heat and distributes it on the patio without creating hotspots. We think it deserves your attention and it is the best buy for this review.


  • Affordable
  • High yield 46,000 BTU
  • Easy start

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Fire Sense Deluxe propane patio heater

This Fire Sense model is another major competitor. This brand does some of the best heaters in the business for both indoor and outdoor applications. This model offers you and your guests great warmth on the terrace on the coldest evenings and has several advanced features.

Fire Sense has a patented convex heat sink that draws heat from the device further than most other models. The sand-filled floor ensures that none of your guests accidentally drops the oven while getting up from a chair or accidentally bumps into it while walking around the terrace.

The efficient design of the burner and hood will keep more heat on your patio and make it a very efficient machine. You use less petrol than expected, saving you money on heating costs for your patio.

We like a stylish hammered bronze finish on this model, which gives it a pleasing aesthetic that looks like it belongs on your patio.

When it comes to performance, this model gives you 46,000 BTU of heating. Due to its strong heating effect, it matches other top heaters in this test.

We like how the manufacturer integrates wheels into the base of this model to facilitate movement around your patio. Slide it out of the way when not in use and slide it out when the weather is cold.


  • Fillable base
  • High yield 46,000 BTU
  • Attractive hammered mocha texture
  • Integrated wheel in the base

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Legacy heating CAPH-7-S patio heating

This model is another great option. It is probably suitable for larger courtyards, as the 47,000 BTU rating is more powerful than most other models featured in this review. This heater can heat up to 20 feet around the device and provide your guests with great warmth.

Restaurants and bars also find this type useful for outdoor areas on cooler evenings in autumn and winter.

We like how the manufacturer plays a role in this model. It is easy to control this device anywhere on the patio.

With Legacy Heating, you have the option of choosing your new heater in one of three different versions. They have a powder coated, hammered black texture, 304 stainless steel texture, or an attractive powder coated suede texture.

The Legacy is also compatible with 20 pound propane tanks. Buyers, however, need to be careful as this model does not include a tank with your purchase. You must add this to the final cost of the heating budget.

The only problem we have with this outdoor temperature is the foundation. You have to lift the floor to cover the tank which makes changing the tank heavier. We prefer a door to be built into the foundation to facilitate access to the fuel tank.


  • 47,000 BTU high power
  • Caster offers mobility
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fits 20 pound propane tanks
Bad choice:

  • No propane tank included
  • Not suitable for covered terraces

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Star Patio Parasol Electric heating on the terrace

This model is one of our favorite designs and if we were to hand out models for innovations in the heating industry, this company would receive the highest recognition.

Star Patio Parasol Electric Patio Heater is the easiest to use model on our list. This heater is easy to install and can be installed on a parasol or a standard umbrella in many ways. No hardware is required to install. All you have to do is lift your arms and make sure they are in place before turning on the machine.

This model is a good choice for restaurants and outdoor areas where tables with parasols are used. Keep your guests warm with the Star Patio umbrella heater. Lay your arms down when not in use and the heater coincides with the natural form factor of the umbrella.

This heater is suitable for smaller areas and provides at best a 12 foot diameter. We like adjustable power settings on this model. You have the option to run it with one of three modes: 500 watts, 1,000 watts and 1,500 watts. Each setting turns on one of the three heating lists.

The only drawback to this heater is that its use with a 500 watt setting tends to distribute heat differently. Overall, this is a clever design innovation and we believe that homeowners with a smaller patio will love this model.


  • Easy construction
  • Electric model
  • Three power settings
  • Automatic closing
  • Efficient and effective
  • Waterproof and dustproof
Bad choice:

  • Not as powerful as a gasoline-powered model

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Lava Heat Italia patio heating

If you are looking for a stylish and elegant heater that adds a modern patio furniture and theme, then take a look at the patio heater Lava Heat Italia. This model brings you the best in home design and functionality.

This heater has a capacity of 56,000 BTU, making it the most impressive in this test. This heater provides heat to a 20 foot diameter around the heater base. The power is enormous and if you stand too close to this heater at full power you will start sweating.

This model is a great choice as a commercial heater. Use it to heat your restaurant or bar outside the area. There is enough electricity and enough heat from the machine to ensure that your guests do not get cold.

At the center of the 4-foot-high heater is a borosilicate glass tube. This material is very weather resistant and offers excellent insulation. This model gives you excellent thermal coverage and allows you to place it anywhere on the patio as it is a gas-powered model.

You get a 10 foot gas pipe and all the connections to this model so you can place it anywhere on the patio and still get the warmth you need for your guests. The device is delivered fully equipped and is ready for use immediately. With a simple setup, you’re up and running in minutes.

Attractive, black hammered varnish of this type is attractive and easy on the eyes. This heater is an ideal addition to the modern terrace of a modern home.


  • Attractive hammered black coating
  • 56,000 BTU high power
  • 4 feet high stands
  • Comes fully equipped
Bad choice:

  • Uses most of the gas from the model in this test

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AZ Hiland HLDS032-B table heater

If you are looking for a compact and portable heater that you can take with you on the go, the AZ Hiland is a great choice. This model is ideal as a tableware or as an outdoor oven for the next flash trip.

This heater is 38 inches high and weighs 17 pounds. Approved design heater allows you to rest in the center of most banners. This propane-powered model has an 11-000 BTU rating, making it ideal for three to four people who want to sit on your patio. With one fuel tank, you have a running time of approximately 3 hours.

You also have the option of one of five attractive colors to choose from to match the decor of your patio. AZ Hiland is a great little heater model and very financially friendly.


  • Compact and removable
  • Affordable price
  • Good for camping
  • Five color options
Bad choice:

  • Not suitable for large terraces

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Other best-selling options

Best seller # 1

Amazon Basics patio heater with wheels, propane 46,000 BTU, retail and residential - anthracite
Amazon Basics patio heater with wheels, propane 46,000 BTU, retail and residential – anthracite

  • An outdoor gas heater with 46,000 BTU provides heat up to a 9 foot radius. Ideal for commercial cafes and restaurants or terraces
  • Made of aluminum, solid plastic and solid steel with durable powder coating that withstands external elements
  • Piezo ignition system for easy start at the touch of a button; requires a 20 pound liquid propane tank (not included); Chain to secure the included LPG tank.
  • Safety valve with automatic shut-off; Water cooler to add weight to the bottom; Bicycle equipment included for easy transport
  • Measures approximately 18 x 89 inches (LxH); weighs 38 pounds
# 2 bestseller

48000BTU Outdoor Terrace Heater with Cover - Commercial Portable Stainless Steel Floor Stand with Wheels for Parties
48000BTU Outdoor Terrace Heater with Cover – Commercial Portable Stainless Steel Floor Stand with Wheels for Parties

  • Stable and tolerable: Our gas patio heaters offer 48000 BTU of heat and give you about 3 to 8 feet of heat. It is enough to use them in a cold outdoor area. Basic heating support on the terrace with additional propane tank (not included) distributes the weight perfectly. Equipped with a waterproof cover to prevent dust or rain and extend the life of the heater.
  • Comfort and safety: Our standard heaters are equipped with two smooth wheels (easy to move everywhere), automatic shut-off valves and system protection. The ignition button for the flame is easy to adjust and provides instant heat with a variable temperature control button. Automatic safety shut-off when the gas runs out.
  • Easy installation: Before leaving the factory, the patio heater has checked the integrity of the parts / accessories in the package (washing machines are not necessary), as well as the accuracy of all holes and interfaces. Set up a very small step-by-step installation effort. Important product features
  • ASSISTANCE SERVICE: Your satisfaction is our priority. We are always there for you if you have any problems with the quality of our products or problems during use. 【Quick and easy replacement is guaranteed. Please contact us. Us
sala# 3 bestseller

Terrace heating, outdoor electric heating, infrared heating for indoor and outdoor use, adjustable heating mode with display and switch, 500W-1500W, waterproof with IP65, freestanding, remote control and timer
Terrace heating, outdoor electric heating, infrared heating for indoor and outdoor use, adjustable heating mode with display and switch, 500W-1500W, waterproof with IP65, freestanding, remote control and timer

  • Efficient and fast heating: Thanks to the latest infrared heating technology, objects in the heating environment absorb infrared rays more steadily and faster. According to our test, the average time it takes to heat a 110-160 m² room is 5 seconds. And there is no temperature difference when the object is heated evenly. The product parameter is AC110-120V, 500W / 750W / 1500W ETL certified. The IP65 protection level offers high water and dust resistance. IP34 corrosion resistance

  • Comfort and beauty: Powerful tripod, all-metal structure, adequate infrared heating range. The height of the product is adjustable, the screen of the product reflects the current heating mode and the heating power of the product. The designed heat pipe and heating surface accelerate heating and do not waste resources. The heating element can be set up separately. The remote control can control the power, switching and timing functions of the product.

  • Safe to use: To ensure that the buyer does not have any safety problems when using the product, the product is equipped with double safety guards. First of all, this product is protected against overheating. Second, if you are a family with children or pets, protection against the product itself can also ensure that the product automatically shuts off the electricity to avoid safety risks due to collisions with children or pets.

  • Use the following scenario: The product is designed with the idea that it can be used in all indoor and outdoor spaces, whether it is an indoor bedroom, living room or children’s room or an outdoor table or garden. This product is ideal for use. For example, you can use this type of heater to heat your room. If you have cats or other pets in your home, their room also needs this type of heater to keep them warm and prevent them from catching a cold.

  • Service Center: You can always contact our customer service representative to inquire about product issues. Our customer service is online 24 hours a day. If buyers are not satisfied after receiving our product, they can send a request for return to us. We will reply the buyer within 48 hours, all due to the quality of the product carried by us through after-sales warranty, we offer buyers free one-year renewal service and return service.

# 4 bestseller

Patio Heater-Trustech Space Heater Infrared Heater with Remote Control, 24 Hour Automatic Shutter Radiation Heater, 500/1000 / 1500W, Super Quiet 3s Instant Warm Vertical Electric Heater for Backyard Large Room
Patio Heater-Trustech Space Heater Infrared Heater with Remote Control, 24 Hour Automatic Shutter Radiation Heater, 500/1000 / 1500W, Super Quiet 3s Instant Warm Vertical Electric Heater for Backyard Large Room

  • 【Advanced infrared technology】 With gold-plated carbon fiber tubes, a vertical infrared patio heater aims for high thermal accuracy that releases heat directly to people or parts instead of the environment and creates a comfortable and warm area around you. In addition, Trustech radiant heating saves a large amount of 40% to 60% electricity compared to other heaters that generate heated air and then transfer it to the human body. Higher efficiency and precise heating ensures energy savings.
  • 【Three second heating and three temperature setting room This room heating allows you to get started immediately and well within 3 SECONDS. Warms up quickly in seconds and provides instant and focused warmth. The infrared heater has a three-stage temperature setting in 500/1000 / 1500W mode. Just choose the ideal level according to your situation. Vertical infrared patio heater has a positive effect on your health by boosting your metabolism, for example B. Relieves the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis and relieves fatigue.
  • 【For Biggber Space & Overheat Protection】 The size of the heater is 31.7 inches. When adults stand, they can feel the temperature that a heater carries throughout their body. Compared to the small outside heater it offers you are a considered temperature protection. Our electric infrared heater is manufactured according to strict quality standards and with ETL certificate. Overheating will automatically turn off the power supply to provide you with the best protection.
  • 【Remote control and 24-hour timing】 The Trustech space heater is equipped with a compact and simple remote control. You can easily choose another heater without leaving your position. The infrared heater, which emits a soft amber light, ensures that you enjoy warmth. In addition, this space heater is very quiet when you are working to follow you so you can sleep soundly all night. The phone time allows you to set an automatic shut-off for sleep and be in a comfortable, warm and quiet environment throughout the night.
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use】 With great power, you can warm up your large garage in cold winters. Suitable for outdoor patios and outdoor shopping areas such as studios, balconies, backyards, bars and outdoor restaurants. Although this is an infrared heater on the terrace, you can also install it indoors. Just put it where you want it and enjoy the warmth. Please remove the black pearl cotton before use.
# 5 bestseller

Outdoor patio heater - 42,000 BTU pyramid propane heater, outdoor heater, portable heater, patio patio heater, with wheels, protective cover |  Avenlur (stainless steel)
Outdoor patio propane heater – 42,000 BTU pyramid propane heater, outdoor heater, portable heater, patio heater propeller, with wheels, protective cover | Avenlur (stainless steel)

  • Outdoor heating – Avenrin Pyramid propane patio heater offers you an even and comfortable warmth of 40,000 BTU. The rapid heating only takes a few minutes. This is a great heating solution for a late fall or winter party.
  • Safety – The safety design of the explosion protection of the pipe ensures that you can use it without any problems. To prevent high winds or accidental collisions, the heater has an automatic shut-off that automatically shuts off the heat when the device is tilted or tilted.
  • Simple igniter – Our patio heaters have a pulse igniter that can be ignited without being complicated. With a variable control button, you can easily adjust the temperature to your needs. Requires AAA battery (not included)
  • Uses a standard 20 pound propane tank that lasts between 8 and 10 hours. in high mode. Butane heat emission: 42,000 BTU
  • We are a proud American company based in New Jersey. All orders are shipped quickly from our warehouse or through Prime.

Purchase guide for patio heaters

After looking at our best picks for the best patio, you probably have an idea of ​​which heater is the right model for you. In this part of our buying guide you will find everything you need to know about outdoor heaters and how to choose the right model for your home.

What are the characteristics of a good patio heater?

What makes the best patio heater? What features are you looking for when choosing your model? It is a common mistake for people to choose the most productive model they can find or afford and continue with the project.

However, your patio heater has much more to offer than just its performance. We pack the features and the best private patio.

What types of heaters are available?

Patio heaters come in three different options for your garden or business.

Freestanding heating on the terrace

Most independent models have a fuel tank in the floor to ensure stability. The heater sits on an extension bar that is usually up to 4 feet high. These heaters are a great choice for bars, restaurants and even your patio.

The freestanding nature of the heater means you can place it anywhere on the patio. Freestanding models are portable and propane or natural gas models have a fuel source at the bottom of the unit. At the top of the heater is a heat sink that pushes the heat from the burner to you.

Wall terrace heating

If you want an electric model, check out the wall mount unit. These heaters use infrared heating methods to keep the patio warmer and warmer. They are not as portable as freestanding heaters, but they do not take up space on your patio.

Once you know you are standing in a specific area of ​​your patio, there is no need to worry about moving. If you want to attach a heater to the wall and direct its energy towards your tables or standing room, then all you have to do is stay warm.

Heating on the dining terrace

These heaters are compact and portable, making them ideal units for camping. However, they are also great for the patio. Put them on the table and let them all warm up.

However, you must make sure that you do not have anything on the table or that it absorbs the heat. This is fine when you drink hot chocolate but not ideal when you enjoy beer.

These heaters have much less power than freestanding or wall-mounted models. Still, they manage to give off a decent amount of heat so you can hold on to your torso and hands.

What are BTUs and why are they important?

When you buy a patio heater, you need to make sure that it generates enough heat to use. Trying to heat a large area with a small oven does not work and you end up wasting money on energy. The same goes for large heaters – it’s too much for the area and you end up overheating your guests.

Unfortunately, heaters are not available in the appropriate sizes S, M and L. To find out what size heater you need for your patio, you need to check the BTU rating of the models. BTU stands for British district heating and is a measure of the temperature needed to raise the temperature by 1 pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

To match the BTU heater to the application, you need to start measuring your patio. Add a few extra square feet to your measurements to meet changes in wind speed and weather conditions.

The next task is to understand the temperature change you need to achieve with a heater. Start this calculation by taking the difference in current temperature, measured in Fahrenheit, and then measuring the desired house temperature.

When you multiply these numbers together, you get a result that shows you how many BTUs it takes to heat the patio efficiently and effectively.

  • The area in Sq-ft x (current temperature in F – desirable temperature in F) = minimum BTU rating

The heater you want to buy also comes with power. The wattage method also gives you another way to determine the capacity of the heater you need to heat your patio.

Take a radius on the patio and multiply that number by 100. This number gives you the power you need in your heating system.

If you stick to heaters with this minimum production, you should have a strong enough heater for your patio. Always remember to increase your BTU or power slightly instead of going below the minimum rating.

What size patio heater do I need?

When you buy your patio heater, different models are available in different sizes, designs and types. The size of the patio heater also affects the price. Most freestanding patio heaters provide users with about 40,000 BTU of power.

Freestanding heaters have the highest ratings of BTU because they are due to the height of the stand you need to heat a larger amount of air around your patio. Due to this, table heaters have a much lower BTU value. Most table heaters have a rating between 10,000 and 12,000 BTUs.

The problem with table heaters is that the heat does not get into your feet. If you place them on the floor, they will not have enough strength to reach the upper body.

Wall heaters are your last resort. Most of these models are electrical units and are attached to your wall as a fixture. These models do not have a high BTU rating and are nowhere near as effective as freestanding heaters. Even so, they make the difference and having some of these heaters around your patio can create the warmth that you and your guests will enjoy.

Remember to use the measurements we discussed earlier when evaluating patio heaters. Choosing the wrong size heater for your patio can be more of a hassle than it is worth. The footprint of your patio is also an important part of deciding on your purchase.

Small terraces are better suited for smaller heaters. Table or wall heating are the best solutions in this case. These heaters provide the warmth you need, but they are better for five or six people sitting at the table. If you are doing more than that, you need a standalone model.

Wall heaters allow you to enjoy the entire area of ​​the patio without bumping into your heater. However, these models tend to dissipate heat easily and you lose a lot of heat if you are outdoors.

Wall heaters are also a great solution for heating entertainment areas in the home. The electric control of these heaters means that there is no dangerous carbon monoxide in the air formed when gas is burned.

How does central heating work?

Patio heaters are designed and constructed to heat quickly and keep outdoor areas warm. To ensure the fastest and most efficient heating possible, most outdoor heating systems are operated by gas-powered systems.

Whether it is natural gas or propane, the fuel you burn in your heater gives off the heat on your patio.

With a gas-powered system, you store fuel in the bottom of the heater. As a result, most gas-fired heaters are often free-standing units and you can move around your patio. The base is attached to a pole about 2 to 4 feet high, depending on the type and intended use.

On top of the pole is the burner. The burner uses fireworks to ignite the gas that get rid of the storage tank and convert it into energy that heats your patio.

Most freestanding models have a shock absorber. You turn on the gas, press the push button and the heater comes to life. Some models have production settings that allow you to select the temperature according to your environment.

Freestanding models are more expensive but they are comfortable and portable.

In electric models, heaters use large elements that generate heat when an electric current flows through the coils. They are not as efficient as propane or gas heaters, but they emit moderate heat. Wall heaters are better suited for indoor use than for outdoor use.

Unlike indoor heaters used in rooms in your home, outdoor heaters do not have fans to distribute air. Instead, outdoor models rely on radiant heat to heat the patio area. Most freestanding appliances heat the air at 360 degree intervals around the heater.

When buying your patio, keep in mind the technical details. The manufacturer usually states how far the heat from the appliance extends around the appliance. However, you can also rely on our BTU and Watt measurement methods described in detail above.

After you have unpacked and assembled the new patio, it’s time to try it out. Some models may be equipped with fuel tanks; B. Propane bottles. Other models may need to be purchased separately. After gassing your bottle with propane or natural gas, put it in the machine and make sure that the regulator does not leak.

What fuel systems are there for central heating?

Unless you use an electric model, most freestanding patio heaters will require you to use the natural gas plug as a power supply. Which fuel source fits your central heating? Let us consider the benefits and advantages of using each fuel source.

Propane patio heating

Propane is one of the best fuel options for the new patio. Propane is available in all states and is an affordable fuel source for your patio.

Buy propane tanks in different sizes to suit your needs. Some heaters have tanks included. However, if you bought a model that requires you to buy the tank separately, be sure to get a tank that fits in the storage base.

Your propane heater is easy to install anywhere and the tanks are relatively easy to move, but heavy enough to add weight to the bottom of the heater. Propane heaters also light up for the first time and have a lighter that allows you to ignite fuel easily.

Propane is an affordable fuel, but not as cheap as natural gas.

Heating of natural gas

Geothermal systems are the cheapest outdoor heaters. If your house already has gas supplies, you can connect your heating to the main line and enjoy tank-free use.

Tankless use is convenient and you never have to worry about lack of fuel. However, tankless systems are also less portable and you can not move them around.

Electric heating on the terrace

If you have a semi-enclosed patio, you need to go for an electric model. The propane or temperature with natural gas forms too much vapors which can be harmful to your health and your guests. For super clean air on your patio and electric model is the best understanding.

Electric heaters are the cheapest option to run and they are incredibly energy efficient, especially if you are buying a new model. However, you need to connect this heater to the mains and it needs the help of a professional craftsman.

What distance do I need around the terrace?

Patio heaters are a powerful device. You must respect the heat they can create and be sure to set them up right on your patio.

Installing a free-standing patio heater against a wall is not only a waste of energy, but also a fire hazard. Failure to follow the warning regarding the installation of a gas-fired indoor heater patio can result in life-threatening CO3 poisoning on your hands.

Therefore, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Part of the proposals involves removing heating from objects. If you have a 40,000 BTU heater, which is common, you need to have it at least 30 inches from the next object, such as a B. wall, keep away.

With smaller table heaters, you can reduce the distance to the heater to at least 20 inches. Always be sure to keep your heater away from flammable objects. Do not attach your heater to objects such as thatched roofs.

An effective action of the temperature of the device should push the heat down and towards you. Therefore, you may find that the sweet spot for heating is only a few meters away from the appliance instead of standing nearby. Experiment with your installation and make the changes you need to heat your patio effectively.

Frequently asked questions about patio heating

In this section, we answer some common questions we encountered when searching for the best patio.

Can I have a propane heater in an enclosed space like my garage uses?

Under no circumstances should you use propane heaters indoors. When the gas burns, it leaves deadly carbon monoxide.

CO3 has no smell or taste and you do not know that it is inhaled into the lungs and saturates the bloodstream. There is a good chance that you will let go and never wake up. Better to invest in an electric heater if you need to heat a room in your house.

Can I use my patio heater in windy weather?

Yes you can. If you live in a windy area in the United States, consider investing in a non-flying version. Pilotless patio heaters ensure that your heating never goes out. As a result, there is no need to press the start button as a blast has blown out the pilot. However, very windy weather can reduce the efficiency of the heater and limit the heating area.

What is the better choice for fuel, natural gas, propane or kerosene?

All of these fuels have their advantages. If you are looking for fuel that is available, then propane and natural gas are your best choice. Check your trash can to find a propane or natural gas dealer near you before you buy your heater.

Petroleum stoves are efficient and powerful, but kerosene is difficult to find in many hardware stores and is not as commercially available as propane and natgas.

Will my patio heater produce odors?

Natural gas and propane burn clean, but they emit little odor if your tank or system leaks. If you notice a gas odor on the patio, turn off the heat and return it to the manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer a warranty for heaters. Send them for repair or replacement.

The verdict on the best central heating

Now you should have a good idea of ​​the best patio heater to fit your yard or business. If you are still struggling to make a final decision, why not use our top tips. Our options are all range from reliable manufacturers.

Our top choice, the Golden Flame, is a great choice. It has enough power to cover most decks and you do not have to worry about the flight light going out in windy weather.

Pamapic patio heaters are a great choice for businesses. This solid and strong system heats up in a 360 degree area and is the best choice for heating plants, workshops and restaurants.

If you have a budget, the AmazonBasics model is very economical, with affordable prices and great performance. It’s all you need to keep on your porch and make your friends feel at home.

Choose the model that suits you. Maybe you prefer an electric model? In this exam there is a heater that is suitable for all climates and living rooms.