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Which? Gardening has tried the most popular growing bags available so that you can provide the best growing conditions for your plants.

Great plants start with great compost and this is especially true when growing vegetables in the summer such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and chillies.

We tried 11 cultivation bags and cucumbers in them. This produces a shoot crop, but these are hungry plants. As a result, we can clearly tell by the number and size of cucumbers that were happy in the bag and have been deprived of nutrients.

We found four of them outstanding Best Buy Grow Bags for you to try.

Peatless growth bags

We were disappointed with the number of mothless growth bags available in garden centers. Most contained some peat and most had a much higher percentage of peat than your average bag of reusable compost. Fortunately, one of the mothless bags was good enough to be Best Buy.

We hope that there will be more peat-free growth bags for sale in 2021 as producers face increasing pressure to reduce the amount of peat they use throughout the compost. The government has asked compost producers, horticultural centers and tree schools to develop a plan to phase out peat from horticulture. Meanwhile, some organizations in the countryside and wildlife are demanding a meeting by 2025.

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How to use growbags

You can use a growth bag in the greenhouse or on the terrace or balcony. If you are growing outdoors, keep your plants indoors after the last frost, usually in mid-late May.

Gently roll the bag up to inflate the compost and then cut cracks in the soil so that excess water drains off. At the top of the bags are labels at the top that show where to cut to plant the vegetables. You usually bet three tomato eggplant or pepper plants and two cucumber Plants.

Tomato and cucumber plants should be supported by strings tied to the greenhouse ceiling or a bamboo pole. So use this when you are planting.

Most growing bags only have enough food for a few weeks, so you need to add fertilizer. This can be a Controlled release fertilizer Added when planting or liquid feed mixed in liquid every two weeks as soon as fruit is formed.

Irrigation is important. Growing bags dry quickly as your plants get bigger and the summer heats up. During the summer, you may need to water twice or even three times a day, so you may want to set up an automatic watering system. These attach to external faucets and use a timer attached to the hose and drips. There is a large selection in the garden center, but figure out how many drippers you will need before you buy.

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