BatBnB Review: Pest Relief Nature’s Way

Would you be interested in if something else could get rid of a lot of your pests at night? This was my first thought when I came across this BatBnB review, if only because the idea sounds particularly appealing. In my area, two different dominant fly species are active around the clock. A large number of moths lay eggs on my plants, which naturally hatch into maggots that swallow my garden. Between the two, the natural pest control of nature sounded wonderful.

But when we talk about clubhouses or clubboxes, there is so much to choose from that one has to wonder if there is any good reason to invest in BatBnB. After all, the amateurs seem to be nothing more than a clubhouse designer. What makes this one so much better than the others?

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about bats first. Then we will explore the clubhouse in general. Finally, we are going to dive into why you should invest in BatBnB over one of the cheaper Amazon or DIY model clubs.

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Bats: The natural extermination of nature

BatBnB rating

There are nearly 1,400 species of bats in the world, ranging from small bumblebees to giant flying foxes with a six-foot wing span. But the majority of those who settle in a club box or clubhouse are insecticides.

Hungry little things, these bats get most of their protein from the insects that eat them. A mosquito is on the menu, but it is not just mosquitoes that attract their attention. They also prefer various other insects.

Japanese beetles, Grasshopper The morale of the military Cucumber beetle, foul-smelling bugs and much more are picked from plants or from the air by our Chiroptera friends. The pest problem is greatly reduced in areas where bats live, which improves the longevity of our gardens and the joy of gardening.

Most clubs are not blind, but the eyes are optimistic for very dark conditions. You can see perfectly in a pitch black environment. They usually use echoes to find their food, make a sharp sound, and then focus on the faint echoes coming back from their prey.

Because they work best at dawn, dusk, or all night, they often retreat to a quiet gorge during the day. Bats can live under the eaves of a house or in the rafters of a shed. Caves or trees are other places where you can literally find them. But they are safest when they are safe in a clubhouse.

It is estimated that pest control will save them billions annually in agriculture. Research puts a low value of club protection at around $ 3.7 billion a year, with some estimates, including pest control, up to $ 58 billion.

Best of all, they are great neighbors. Nearly 40 natural species in the United States that consume insects avoid natural contact with humans. They do not bother to live in the area, especially if you have a simple food supply. And of course, as gardeners, we often have plenty of pests to eat.

Why do you need a bat compartment?

BatBnB on the wall

Now that you know a little more about bats, you can see how precious they are in your yard. But why invest in it?

Giving your batsmen a place to sleep is a great way to relax. Most bats tend to move to a beautiful and warm summer place that is full of insects and then return to another place during the winter months.

In warm climates, where bats live all year round, it is relatively easy to encourage bats to get in and out. But we who have colder winters need to find a way to entice our flying friends on a summer vacation on our property. This is especially true in an urban environment where it is not easy to find a suitable place to sleep.

When a club finds your club at home, they will probably return year after year and bring their friends and family on summer vacation. When you add a simple offer like this, you can get natural pest control every year. They will help if you give them an easy and safe place to call home.

As if that were not enough, even though these are not pets and people should keep a respectful distance, it is fun to watch these wild animals at sunset. Their acrobatics are pleasing to the eye, with diving and diving when insects are picked up in the sky. Your bats are also a great source of natural entertainment!

Tired of the zap-zap sound from you Electric flyYou may be tired of adding more bait to you Mosquito trapsBats are much quieter.

While this is probably the most useful component to say the least, guano bat is a very powerful fertilizer. If you collect your rubbish below where you put your house, you can throw it on the compost heap and add value to your whole pile.

What makes BatBnB so special?

Of course, you can create a bat compartment. People create DIY bat boxes all the time. But if you want to encourage your pest control service to visit year after year, you need something that appeals to your club. Their natural habitat offers special key features that a simple rectangular box cannot provide.

In designing the BatBnB clubhouse, BatBnB teamed up with Merlin Tuttle, a club defense with over 55 years of experience. Tuttle wrote the perfect book on club building and has determined over time what qualities most clubs look for in a safe place to sleep.

Features offered by BatBnB

BatBnB double view side view

Ventilation is primarily a major problem. Your bats need fresh air to breathe and when the weather is warm they enjoy a slightly cooler airflow around them. Among the DIY houses we create are not ventilated. BatBnB has front ventilation for a single-compartment clubhouse and double-sided side compartments for two-compartments.

Speaking of rooms, you want spacious rooms that can accommodate lots of bats. The average club compartment has space for less than 20 clubs. BatBnB offers two options: a spacious box with one room for up to 40-50 people or a larger box with two rooms for 100 to 120 people. The more bats you have in BatBnB, the more pest control is available to you.

When building a clubhouse, most people do not consider the most important aspect of club comfort: good grip. If the club does not reach inside the box, they do not catch. Inside the BatBnB, there are cutting machines every inch that are perfectly positioned for the rack to hang comfortably on.

But all of these things add to your BatBnB’s main goal: protection. This is not just protection against predators, although it is an additional measure. Your flying friends will also enjoy a good, dry place to retreat from the rain, or a place that provides good shelter from the wind when the wind blows. In their natural habitats, they find cracks that they can crawl into and offer the necessary protection.

After all, quality is an important factor that BatBnB took into account when he built his clubhouse. Like I said, it’s possible to hit a bat box fast, but how long will it take? Your rack B and B is attractive, looks good in the yard and appeals to human aesthetics. It is designed to last, completely enclosed and with a sloping roof for added protection. The wood itself is made of western red cedar wood and is durable. Live quality silicone seal helps to make it weatherproof.

History of BatBNB: Why did they do it?

Since the winter of 2007-2008, millions of bats have died from a new disease in the United States called white nose syndrome. Due to a fungus that thrives in cold, humid places such as caves, it infects the nose, nose and wings during hibernation.

White nasal syndrome spread rapidly and is now found in 33 states in the United States and 7 Canadian provinces. Since it all comes from drained, cold sleeping areas, it is a high risk for insecticides in North America.

Until now, BatBnB has been a home at least 500,000 clubs and their number is constantly increasing. They have also worked to educate the public about this growing problem by promoting their clubhouses. Shark Tank, a popular TV series, was one of many ventures they used to promote. The Shark Tank was one of the earlier models, but they have continued to improve their BatBnB products since then.

But it’s not the only place they showed their clubhouse. Shark Tank, NPR, CBS ‘Innovation Nation, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and others have focused on their vital mission to provide safe hiding places for batsmen.

With the purchase of BatBnB, you offer another safe hiding place and enjoy natural pest control at the same time. Their goal is to make bat protection as popular as rescue, which has become the bee movement, and this is just one step in that direction.

BatBnB models to choose from

Double compartment BatBnB style

Of course, no review is complete except to discuss the entire product range.

My personal favorite are the BatBnB units with two rooms. This offers enough space for 100 to 120 clubs to sit down. Three styles are available: Seneca Meramec, or Carlsbad Models.

If you just want to drop one box, the Meramec has a nice rounded landing pad at the bottom that looks great. When a pair fits on the same wall, Seneca and Carlsbad create a perfectly synchronized set. And if you want to go for three, 1 of each style can add a great decorative look to the wall of your shed or house while hosting an entire colony.

These three models usually sell for $ 250 each. If this seems excessive, do not despair. For the money you spend, you get a high quality home on the market. Each one is designed with craftsmanship to make it look amazing and at the same time ensure that it goes beyond functionality.

Are you looking for something small? They also have a single compartment box. This series contains Sonora foss, and Arroyo Models. Each box has 40-50 clubs and can be used individually or in pairs to be visually appealing, just like the doubles. These usually sell for $ 120. So if you are budget conscious they are a great option.

To complete the collection, you have mammothAs the name implies, the mammoth is truly a gigantic clubhouse that can easily hold 200 to 240 clubs. This giant box costs $ 418 and ensures you have a great colony year after year

How to set up your BatBnB

BatBnB across the park

There are very few BatBnB ratings, let alone how and where to install them. So let’s talk about installation and location.

You have two options, depending on your climate: side-by-side buildings or freestanding mail. Either way, you want something safe and secure that will not be torn by the wind. In cooler climates, the side of a building is always best as it offers extra warmth.

Your location should be at least 6 feet from nearby trees. Tree-covered clubhouses often leave predators such as hawks or owls waiting for a nearby branch and are ready to sink into your club population when they appear. In addition, trees often give your clubhouse too much shade.

Speaking of shade: you want your clubhouse to be in full sun for at least six hours or more a day, even in hot climates. In cooler climates, more sun is better.

Finally, your clubhouse should be at least 3 to 3 feet above the ground. 15-20 feet is better. This will reduce the risk of predators reaching BatBnB and putting it in an easy place to ensure a safe landing for your bats.

Installing BatBnB could not be easier. There are pre-assembled blocks on the back. Mounting bracket and Phillips head screws included. Screw the bracket to the wall you want, make sure it is level and at the correct height. Once installed, the blocks on the back of the home should slide neatly onto the mounting bracket. Secure the base with the last screw with the supplied metal fastener.

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