A.M. Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Saw (A700): Product Review

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Curved saw that has a lot to do and needs improvement.

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What tools do you use when it comes to cutting haircuts beyond the capacity of hand cutters or large 2-inch loppers?

What about sawdust? Not just any saw, but a folding saw – something that fits in your pocket and cuts large branches. We tested the AM Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Saw (A700) to test its performance.


  • Adjustable blade density for handling: Yes (with Phillips screwdriver or flat-blade screwdriver)
  • Easy to cut: Good
  • How clean is the ditch: Clean
  • Cutting speed: Medium
  • Special features: Lanyard or hook hole at the end of the handle
  • Cutting direction: Drag a stroke
  • A knife to deal with tolerance: Very good
  • Leaf locking equipment: Thumb
  • total length: 15 inches
  • Folded length: 9 inches
  • Sheet content: Japanese carbon steel
  • Leaf coating: Chrome plated
  • Straight or curved blade: Bent
  • Canine design: Triple grinding geometry (AM Leonard calls it their Tri-Edge)
  • Interchangeable blade: No people were found during this review.
  • Weight: 6-1 / 8 ounces.
  • Can be sharpened with a knife: Yes, but it is not recommended. Getting the right tooth angle is extremely difficult and improper grinding will damage the blade.


Watch the video below where Jack goes through several features of the AM Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Saw, including the Japanese steel blade, incredibly sharp teeth and the folding equipment. He also shows the breaking story used.


The saw came in a box and survived the journey without turning or bending. The product packaging is a cardboard plate on the back with a clear plastic window that slides over the poster.

AM Leonard folding story packs

The story was neatly wrapped in clear plastic on the front with a poster.

Curved handle with exposed knife was not for me

I immediately liked the “tri-edge” teeth when the blade was in the closed position. Even with gloves on, the design is potentially harmful. I even got my gloved fingers on the saw blade without trying. It was especially dangerous to get the story in your pocket.

Other manufacturers offer the same visible blade with a curved handle. I’m just not a fan of this based on my experience above. I highly recommend using a pair of leather gloves when using this saw (or a competition brand saw with the leaves exposed).

AMLeonard folds hand saws with exposed front teeth

I did not like the exposed front teeth in the closed position. My fingers were on the paper when I pulled it out of my pocket.

SAGURINN offers solid endurance

One of the things I like about it is the tight tolerance on the handle of the handle blade. This part of the saw is well constructed, like the adjustable tension ball that holds the saw blade by the handle. I managed to apply exactly the right pressure so that the saw blade opened almost no “game” (the saw blade swung in the open handle). The thumb for locking the blade in the open and closed position has a beautiful, high profile and is easy to activate.

Adjustable voltage that is easy

A ball slides through the handle and blade at the point of rotation of the blade. I like that you can adjust the saw blade with a straight saw blade or Phillips screwdriver to deal with the tension. No special tools are required.

AM Leonard A700 adjusting screw for folding hand saws

The adjusting screw adopted either a slotted screwdriver or a screwdriver.


I really like the rubber handle. Grooves molded into the handle add strength to the grip, which was a nice touch. Plus, the hook on the end of the handle is high enough to make a good purchase with my little finger – no slip here. As with all the board stories I’ve tried, this one has a hole in the back of the handle to put a string or hang on a hook.

AM Leonard Foldable handsaw handle with rubber handle

The handle is one of the better ones I have tried.

Easy to carry

When folded, the saw is only 23 cm long. It is easy to carry in your back pocket. Depending on the depth of your back pocket, the saw may shift slightly, but I had no trouble falling out. However, I prefer increased safety and comfort when carrying it in the front pocket.


The Japanese are admired for their excellent metallurgy – just think of samurai swords. AM Leonard uses high quality carbon steel to create triple saw teeth. Triangular teeth are typical of most carbon steel folding saw blades on the market. In fact, the teeth are three times sharper in precise angles, creating a cutting technique that is twice as fast as a traditional hand saw. The A700 tooth geometry is designed to cut with the traction stroke.

AM Leonard folds hand saws

The blade is made of high quality Japanese (world famous) steel


Think of carbon as a material that makes steel hard. Carbon steel is the preferred material for triple saw blades. Because the material is so hard, the blade stays sharp for a long time. The A700 uses carbon steel so the blade will be sharp in hundreds if not thousands cut.


  • Easy to cut: Easy
  • How clean is the ditch: Clean
  • Cutting speed: Medium

This is the second AM Leonard Tri-Edge sawmill (A700) I have reviewed. The first saw that was sent to me was tightly bound during editing. The production batch turned out to be bad. AM Leonard kindly sent me a replacement story for testing. It chops without tying. The cut is clean, but the cutting speed is only moderate compared to some other stories I have tried. I’m not sure why that is. The teeth are moist. I thought the saw would cut faster than him.

Curved knife against. BEINT BLAD

Of all the stories I have tried, the A700 is one of two with a curved saw blade. (The second story is Corona RazorTOOTH 7 inch folding sawSo why a curved blade versus a straight blade? Curved blades cut better when used above the shoulders or below the waist. Straight blades are ideal for cutting the abdomen.

When trying to trim the trunk of the body with a curved blade, the blade tends to move up and down the limbs or a branch that is being cut. In many cases, due to the angle at which you pull the saw, only the front and back of the saw get into the wood. Lack of full contact is due to abnormal torque on the arm in rocking motion against direct tensile stress. However, shoulder surgeons can receive circular motions when they are cut above or below the waist. Although a curved blade cuts into the trunk of the body, it is not as effective or efficient.

Read more about curved and straight sheets in ours The best stories To lead.

Both straight and curved blades have an ideal angle (based on the physiology of the individual). Choose the sheet that best suits your application.

AM Leonard folding hand saw A700 straight and curved blade

Curved and straight blades are designed for a variety of editing applications.


The saw blade is chrome-plated to prevent rust and the accumulation of juice and resin. However, chrome plating can wear out after prolonged use, especially around the front teeth. The chrome coating is a nice bonus, but not bulletproof.

Watch the coating. You can tell when the chrome breaks. You will see a faint leaf color compared to the shiny, brand new leaf color. As soon as the chrome disappears, the saw will rust.

I like to take care of my tools so that they last longer. By lubricating the saw blade and a small amount of lubricant in the area where the ball passes through the saw blade and the handle, your saw and locking device will be in top shape. My favorite lubricating oil is Three-flow

Do not leave the story outside overnight (where it is covered with morning dew) or where it is exposed to snow or rain.


Wear an eye protection. We advise Wiley-XSafety glasses prevent any eye damage, including sawdust or eye drops. They also protect you from flying metal if the saw blade breaks. This can happen if the saw blade is bent at an extreme angle. Wear good gloves too. These journals are extremely applied. One ticket and you’re probably on your way to the hospital. Full leather gloves offer you the best protection. Be sure.

Further precautions and instructions on the correct use of a jigsaw can be found here >>


AM Leonard offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. They also offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


AM Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Saw (A700) has very beautiful features such as excellent handle, adjustable screw on blade and eye-catching thumb. On the other hand, some work needs to be done to make the story safer. Redesigning the saw so that the saw blade is fully seated in the handle prevents a possible cut when the saw is closed.

Based on the superiority of Japanese carbon steel, I thought it would shoot down faster. The triple teeth feel super sharp, so I was surprised by the “middle of the road” in the cutting speed tests.

I’m a huge AM Leonard fan. They are excellent tools and we have tried many of them. Unfortunately, I found that this saw did not meet the safety and performance capabilities I had expected from a centuries-old company (founded in 1885) known for high quality products.


You can buy AM Leonard Tri-Edge Folding Saw (A700) from Amazon

It is also available at BEN Leonard for $ 32.49 + ($ 12.99 shipping).

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